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Made In Heaven

Made in Heaven is the new amazon prime original that I am completely in love with. It follows the story of two weddings planners running a company called Made in Heaven – every episode has a new wedding and every wedding has something off going on (for example, the groom’s parents ask for dowry just before the wedding actually happens). The show also regularly follows the private lives of both these main leads and the problems they are facing on a daily basis. Usually, every wedding is successful but not without one of the planners getting their way.

The show has nine episodes and in my personal (but completely biased opinion), this show is great. The producers do not hold back in showing a lot of things and not much is censored and censoring usually takes away a ton of the fun. The stories of most weddings are exciting and unique and though some are cliché, the crazy twist in the episode makes up for them.

I’ve realized that ever since amazon prime started streaming in India, they’ve made some extremely kick ass content (Example: Breathe) and Made in Heaven just falls under that!

4/5 definitely. 

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