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So I had this up on my wattpad account, and for the past month I’ve been feeling really sad and more sad because I miss the boy I like(and I haven’t seen him in a year), and I just would really like to see him again.
And here’s the link to my wattpad account:

Isabella sat waiting under the huge banyan tree. She looked around at the place she had called home for ten years before going away. She had missed it. It was a beautiful city, with beautiful people and she had had a beautiful life. She had missed it so much. She had missed him.

Isabella looked down at her wrist watch. It was just over 8:00 in the evening. She remembered all those evening walks they had taken, and all those times they had sat down under that very tree. She felt her eyes fill up and she wiped the tears away. “Isabel?”
She looked up at him. His eyes bore down at her and she felt guilt like she never had in the past three years. “Steven, Hi.”, she muttered as she sat down next to her. They sat quietly for a while and she could feel him tensing up next to her. She held back tears. When was the last time he hadn’t been comfortable around her?

“How have you been? How’s Marissa?”, she asked, slightly wincing at the last word but not looking up at him. “Three years, Isabel. You left. And you want to know how’s Marissa ?”, he said almost shouting. Isabella looked up at him. Ever since she had left the city, left Steven, she had apologized a million times. She knew it wasn’t enough. It was never going to be enough. “I’m sorry. Really. More than you’ll ever know. I was a kid. I panicked, and I know no apology will ever be enough okay? But I’m here now, and I know I don’t deserve a second chance, all I really want is to apologize for one last time.” “Last time?”, he asked looking straight at her with his deep blue eyes. But they had no love, no sympathy. And it hurt more than she had ever imagined. Just sitting there and looking at him, knowing he had zero love left for her, hurt every single bone in her body. “Yeah,”, she replied quietly,”I just came back to talk to you. I’m leaving for my new job day after, in London.” “Okay”, he said nodding.

“Dad!”, Isabella looked up to see an adorable kid with brown hair run towards them. She raced over and sat in Steven’s lap. Steven kissed her forehead lightly and she looked towards Isabella with those same deep blue eyes. “Hi! I’m Isabella!”, the kid said looking over at Isabella. And Isabella felt her world collapse. She wanted to grin back but there was a lump in her throat. She stared at the girl and she stared at Steven. And this time she couldn’t stop the tears. They rolled down her cheeks softly. Steven whispered something in his daughter’s ears and she raced off towards the building.

“I loved you. You know I loved you. I would have done anything for you.”, he spoke quietly. She nodded wiping her tears off. She had loved him too. Isabella looked up at the sky. Three years ago she had had a perfect life. She had a boyfriend she loved and a job she loved. Its what she had always wanted. But she had left. Left it all behind. And now as she sat next to him, she couldn’t remember why. She shook her head slightly,”I’ve got to go, Steven, I need to go.”, and with that she got up. He looked towards her with those beautiful eyes,”Don’t be a stranger.”, he whispered, and with a kiss on her cheek, he let her go.

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“Derek Is Dead”

Spoilers? I don’t think so, because honestly this episode aired over 19 weeks ago and everyone knows about it, it’s just I watched it yesterday because our TV just aired it.(India is slow, please understand)

This was honestly the worst death ever(But not worse than George O’Malley because he was my fav!) But still, it was devastating!
Derek Shepherd was the cutest, and the hottest and the most romantic man to ever walk on earth. Just after leaving his job, he tells Meredith, “I thought my job was everything. It’s not. You. You are everything.” And if this does not make you want to hug him and cry forever, I have no clue what does.

There was also that one time when he tells Meredith, “You’re the love of my life.”, and I maybe only 18 but I would die if I ever heard anyone say that.

Derek Shepherd was happiness and magic and everyone’s knight-in-shinning-whatever so I think if you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy or even if you just watch like one episode, Derek Shepherd’s death will hurt you in various impossible ways.


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The Book List-Part III

So I’m back and these are four more books I’ve successfully read this year! 😀

9) Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan
The second best book I’ve read this year. And totally and completely deserving of the Man Booker Prize. This book will make you feel and cry and make you wish you could do more for the main characters. The book is written so so well. And for people who get intimidated by the size of the book, you’re missing out on ALOT.

10) Russian Roulette by Anthony Horowitz
This is the eighth book in the Alex Rider series, and the Alex Rider series were one of my favourites growing up. So I loved this book because it’s very teenagish and fictional and has spy stuff. So yeah, Russian Roulette is a great book.

11) And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
So I’m 18 and since I was 12 I’ve loved Agatha Christie. I still haven’t finished all her books(but I shall one day, seriously!) I re-read this book this year, and it still does not stop amazing me, because seriously, who does not want to read a book that has mass murder?

12) Inferno by Dan Brown
Okay, you know people say that don’t judge you by the books you read, but if you don’t read Dan Brown, I seriously judge you. Dan Brown writes fat books that involve a lot of thinking but once you start reading, you cannot stop. Inferno is greatness and there’s a reason people can’t put that book down. So definitely a must-read.

I know you all love these posts(because I write awesome, I know), so I will soon update!