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3 years, 3 finals, 3 Heartbreaks

Getting up at 5:00 in the morning to watch your absolute favourite footballer play and having his team win?   Priceless.

Getting up a 5:00 in the morning to watch your favourite footballer work, and work, and work throughout the match and then missing his penalty thus essentially making his team lose and seeing him heartbroken?     That feeling you get when a hundred knifes stab you simultaneously.

Argentina made it to their third consecutive final in three years (World Cup 2014, Copa America 2015 and now Copa America 2016), and with Leo Messi on his God-given brilliant form, they were definite favourites.

In a repeat of last year’s final, Argentina and Chile played out a goalless 90 minutes followed by a goalless half an hour, finally leading up to penalties (which are usually the best part of the match unless you’re sitting there shivering, waiting for your team to win)

After Argentina’s keeper saved Chile’s first penalty, it was Messi up for his. And then when the ball went way, way above the bar and Lionel Messi missed; my mom, quite literally, walked over and closed my opened jaw. My dad snickered on my right and every single supporter in the stadium stood stunned.

But none of this, not even one, was anything remotely compared to Lionel Messi’s face. That absolute shock and devastated look that he had was enough to make you want to hug him and tell him that it wasn’t all his fault.

As each shooter stood up to take their shot, the cameras focused on Messi again, and all he could do was stand there, trying so, so hard not to break down.

When Chile won, they celebrated and danced and the Argentina players sat heartbroken on the ground. Messi quietly picked himself up and went and sat in the dugout before burying his face in his hands, possibly thinking the same thing that everyone else was : This was all once again, his fault.

For the past three years, Lionel Messi has captained the Argentina side to three finals, losing all three of them. Despite of winning everything possible in his domestic club career, he has not managed the same consistency with this country. Time and again Messi has been mocked and picked on by the world’s media for consistently failing at the International level. And every time Argentina has lost in the past few years, Messi has had the same heartbroken and devastated look on his face. Argentina has now lost the last 7 finals they’ve been a part of and go 23 years without a trophy. After I switched off the TV and waited for the inevitable, my news app sends this: “Argentina lose to Chile 2-4 on penalties. Lionel Messi missed penalty.” And obviously tomorrow’s papers are going to be filled with reports and articles criticizing him and blaming him for yet another loss.

All in all, nothing, nothing hurts me more than Leo Messi’s heartbroken face, and I wish they’d finally win something so that face would disappear.


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Now You See Me 2 Review!

When Now You See Me released back in 2013, my main motivation for watching the movie was Dave Franco. Now, however, it is, by far, my favourite movie. I love every single part of that movie.

Now You See Me 2 opens with Thaddeus Bradley ( Morgan Freeman ) threatening the Horsemen for putting him in jail and letting him rot. It soon moves on to show that ex-cast member Isla Fisher is replaced by Lizzy Caplan (and she’s got brilliant reviews for her sassy character, I missed Isla Fisher though!) The minute Lizzy Caplan’s character enters the screen, she relentlessly begins to flirt with Dave Franco’s Jack (and I hated that so much, ugh! These pretty girls can get away with whatever)

All in all, the movie delivers with a stunning cast as all the major actors returned for the sequel. However, Daniel Radcliffe playing the super bad villain doesn’t really sit well: All you really see is grown up Harry Potter doing magic without his wand. The movie runs the same way as its prequel, with the Horsemen exposing frauds and showing the world how their magic really works. For obvious reasons, my favourite part of the movie was Dave Franco and the gigantic amount of screen time he gets in this one as compared to the previous one.


The movie revolves around Daniel Radcliffe recruiting the Horsemen to steal something for him in exchange for their lives out of hiding back. As the Horsemen reluctantly agree and race around Macau, Dylan Rhodes ( Mark Ruffalo ) realizes how much he cares for the Horsemen and has his own personal battle to save them.

Out of all the million tricks and scenes, I have two absolute favourite ones: The first is when Jack Wilder ( Dave Franco ) finally comes back to the streets and performs for the people and smiles so widely that you just want to melt away!


The second one is when Daniel Atlas ( Jesse Eisenberg ) controls the weather! (Yes, he really does!)- Go watch the movie to see what crazy magic he does!


I LOVED 99% of the movie, the only part I hated was a little reveal at the end. Other than that, Now You See Me 2 clicks all boxes and I say if you’re a fan on the first one, you should most definitely watch the second one. If you aren’t a fan, firstly, WHY ARE YOU NOT A FAN? And secondly, just watch it for Dave Franco!


LOOK AT HOW APPEALING HIS FACE IS AND WHAT IS THAT JACKET. Seriously, why would you even need a reason when he’s in the movie!?

8/10 for this fun, happy movie!

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Half A Year Playlist

I’ve had major, major writer’s block for the past two months. It’s annoying and frustrating and I hate all parts of it. So this is something to cheer my sad, uninspired self up!

Every time I find a new song/album/artist that I really like, I spend weeks listening to just them. Since almost half of 2016 is up, here’s 10 songs I’ve listened to non-stop for the major part of these 5.5 months!


  1. Heaven by Troye Sivan
  2. Talk me Down by Troye Sivan (also to save up spots for other artists, just the whole of Troye Sivan’s new album: Blue Neighbourhood)
  3. Everglow by Coldplay
  4. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
  5. When we were Young by Adele
  6. Million Words by The Vamps
  7. Up & Up by Coldplay
  8. Missing you by All Time Low
  9. Take me Home by Jess Glynne
  10. Chains by Nick Jonas