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Obsessive Lyricist Disorder

Over the years of being obsessively obsessed with a number of boy bands and playing tons of songs on repeat; there comes this time where I actually start to understand what the words are saying. Some of these songs have GREAT lyrics – lyrics so meaningful that you keep listening to them again and again!

Here are some of my absolute favourite lyrics from songs that I listen to on a daily basis:

“Thought I’d let a couple years water down what I’m feeling about you” -Back to you, Selena Gomez

“I’ve told a million lies but now I’ll tell a single truth. There’s you in everything I do.” – I bet my life, Imagine Dragons

“Like a drum my heart never stops beating for you.” – Gone, gone, gone, Philip Philips

“I’ll find any way to your wild heart.” – Wild heart, Bleachers

“Lately I’ve been thinking, I want you to be happier.” – Happier, Marshmello feat. Pompeii

“I never knew anybody till I knew you.” – Born to be yours, Kygo feat. Imagine Dragons

“Science and progress do not feel as loud as my heart.” – The Scientist, Coldplay

“You’re the song my heart is beating to.” – All of the stars, Ed Sheeran

“I know this love is pain.” – Lets hurt tonight, OneRepublic

“You were the light for me to find my truth.” – These Days, Macklemore feat. Jess Glynne

“If we’ve got nothing, we’ve got us.” – Something I need, OneRepublic

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An Open Letter

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Cleanse or no cleanse?

Back in April of this year, I decided to go on a social media break. It wasn’t really a complete break because I was still using Facebook (for memes, obviously), and still replying heavily on WhatsApp because how else will I continously send random gif’s to my brother?  Nevertheless, I did and honestly, it helped me.

I stayed away from my phone, I didn’t spend hours stalking my best friend on instagram, and I didn’t obsessively take selfies on snapchat. Since it clearly helped me tons, I decided to do one again.

This time I went off facebook as well and kept only WhatsApp around.  The first thing you notice is that you spend like 75% less time looking at your phone’s screen. Also, you spend none of your time looking at people’s pictures and wondering about their fancy vacations, or fancy jobs or fancy boyfriends.

During this time however, I’ve started using twitter more. I tell myself its only because I still need to be updated about whats happening in the news world. Its been little over a month of my social media cleanse and I plan on continuing it for another month – mainly because I really want to come back on instagram during mama’s wedding and use boomerang and flaunt my outfits.

This whole time has left me thinking, do I really need this social media break, or am I better off just being updated with everyone’s lives? Over all, I’m a much happier person when I’m not switching on my phone everyday with the purpose of checking the latest facebook update by my ex-best friend; on the other hand, it feels like I’m missing out on whats happening in my classmates’ lives because I’m not watching anything at all.