Matt dumped his bag on the floor and fell back on his bed. He had barely closed his eyes when his phone started blaring up. Even without picking up he knew it was his best friend, Dan. No one else ever called him, apart from his tutor, or the daycare where he left his sister.

“Dan, we just talked fifteen minutes ago. At school.”, Matt heard some shuffling and then Dan’s slow and shallow breathing. Matt suddenly tensed and sat up on his bed, “Dan? Are you there? Are you okay?” Dan sighed loudly before finally speaking, barely above a whisper, “I’m here. I’m not fine.” The words had barely left Dan’s lips, and Matt was already racing back down the stairs with his bag.

“What’s up, buddy? Talk to me. I’m always here, you know that.”, Matt spoke as he climbed onto his bike and started cycling towards Dan’s foster home. Matt waited patiently as he again heard Dan sighing followed by low sniffling. Matt’s heart broke when he heard his best friend breaking down. True, Matt had only met Dan six months ago, and for most of those six months Dan had been quite and reserved and Matt had practically forced his friendship upon the boy – but Dan meant more to Matt than any other friend had ever. Counting his father and sister out, Dan was the only other human being Matt cared about. Matt and Dan had a weird friendship. Almost when Matt had given up on trying to get Dan to step out of his comfort zone, Dan had taken a plunge out of it and opened up to Matt in a way Matt had never expected him to.

Matt still remembered the first time they had gone swimming together. Dan had complained all throughout the ride to the lake about being a terrible swimmer and when Matt decided they would race from the shore to the depth limit, Dan had beaten him by more than a minute! Fair and Square! Matt was so shocked and so excited that day, so much so that when Dan was changing into fresh clothes Matt had jumped him from behind all to the shock of poor Dan who tried very hard to cover up his arms before Matt could see anything. But Matt had seen it. Matt had seen everything. The scars on his wrist and the blue bruises extending all the way up to his shoulders. Before Matt could have said anything, Dan had angrily pulled his sweatshirt over him and stormed away. It took Matt two whole weeks, a million text messages, innumerable calls and uncountable visits to Dan’s house to get him to finally start talking to Matt again. And when Dan did start talking again, it took all of only five minutes of spending time with Matt for him to start crying and telling him everything.

“Daniel. Dan, you’re still there, aren’t you?”, Matt was trying his best to hide the panic laced under those words as he cycled with all his might to reach Dan. After the line being completely silent for two minutes, Dan suddenly spoke up and Matt almost burst into tears on hearing his voice, “I, I can’t do this anymore.” Matt took deep breaths before replying, “Talk to me, Dan. What are you doing? What’s going through your head right now?” Matt patiently waited for an answer, and his heart almost failed when he heard Dan’s answer.

“My foster father takes sleeping pills, one per night. If I took maybe twenty one might, I wouldn’t have to do this anymore.”

Matt’s head was going into overdrive. He put all his life into peddling as fast as he could. “Dan, listen to me. Remember that day, at the movies? We heard that song that both of us actually liked! We heard it, and we both liked it instantly! C’mon, I know you remember.” “Yeah, that symphony song.”, Dan muttered, almost inaudible.
“Yeah! Symphony song. Remember what I said to you about the symphony song, Dan?”
“You told me to listen to it whenever I felt bad.” “And, what else? I said something else too, I clearly remember.” Dan was completely crying now. Matt could hear it across the receiver and it took everything in him to not break down as well. Matt was mere seconds away from Dan’s house now. But with every second of Dan not replying, Matt was coming closer to a panic attack. Matt threw his bike on the curb, barged into the house and raced up the stairs to Dan’s room, praying with everything that the room was unlocked.

“You said, you said to wait for you. Because you’d always come.”

Tears raced down Matt’s face as he ran over to Dan curled up on the floor with the bottle of pills spread out on the bed above. Matt wrapped his arms around Dan’s body tightly and kept lightly rocking him till Dan moved his own arms to hug Matt back. Matt took a huge sigh of relief as his heart started beating back to normal. “Thank you for always coming.”, Dan whispered as Matt hugged him tighter.

The Boy In The Elevator: Part III

Part One

Part Two

(I promise you guys will love it!)

After two hours of the economics lecture were finally over, she took a deep breath and opened the small piece of paper she had been clutching since what felt like forever.

The paper had a few words scribbled on it followed by a phone number.

This what it. This was what she’d wanted since the time she lay eyes on him. In a spilt second decision, she flipped open her phone and punched in the number from the piece of paper. The line barely rang and he picked up.

“Hello?”, she could feel her heart beating so loudly when she heard his voice.

“Saif?”, she half-whispered into the phone.

“Elevator girl.”, he replied, a smile creeping on his face, “So, tell me your name now at least.”

She smiled into the receiver, “Reyna.”

“So, Reyna, care to accompany me to the bookstore around the corner?”


“Today. What time do your classes end?”


“Four it is, then! See you later, elevator girl.”

As Saif said goodbye, Reyna felt herself smiling widely. She could get used to this happy, giddy feeling. She could definitely get used to it. As the next lecture started, more than ever, Reyna couldn’t wait for classes to end.

The clock struck four, and Reyna started feeling panicky. What if he found her boring? What if he never showed up? She sighed and walked out and then stopped dead when she saw him standing there, scrolling through his phone.

She walked over to him, “Hi.”, she drew in a sharp breath as he looked up and smiled beautifully at her. “Reyna! Finally! Let’s get going.”, he said, pushing his phone in his pocket and motioning her to follow him.

“What are you studying then?”, Saif asked her as she fell into place next to him. “Double major in Economics and English Literature. And you?”

“Majoring in Mechanical Physics. I’ve never understood a single word of Shakespeare.”

“I’ve never understood a single word of Newton.”, Reyna replied, nudging him sideways.

They walked in silence for the next three minutes and Reyna treasured it more than anything she had ever treasured in life. “How did you break your hand?”, she asked him suddenly.

Saif turned sideways to face her, “Well, uh, my girlfriend and I, we had gone cycling and while trying to impress her, I let go of the bars of the cycle and quite literally, went tumbling down the hill.”

Reyna chuckled softy, “Really?” “Really. Well, except she’s now my ex-girlfriend.”, Saif replied staring straight at Reyna’s eyes with those deliciously beautiful brown eyes of his making Reyna go weak everywhere.

The Boy In The Elevator: Part II

When I wrote the first part, I never thought there would be a second part. I remember writing the first one and being extremely proud of myself. Yesterday, when I was re-reading it(yes, I do that!), I had a brilliant idea about a second part and thus here I am! Now obviously, you NEED to read the first part that I wrote last year to understand this second one, so here you go: The Boy In The Elevator (This is what I call shameless self publicity, high five!) 



She mentally cursed the watchman. Honestly, she attended this college everyday. He saw her everyday! Why did he have to ask her for her Id card today of all days? She groaned as she started emptying out the contents of her bag. She stole a glance at the clock on her phone. 8:07 AM. She hated being late for her favourite professor’s lecture.

When she finally handed him the required card with a triumphant look on her face, she heard a soft laugh next to her. She turned around sharply to see who it was. But it couldn’t be! It was him! It had been three months. How could it even be him? She just stood there, staring at him as he continued giggling at the mess she had made. She tried clearing her throat to get his attention but clearly her body wasn’t functioning like it ought to.

It was then he looked up. And when their eyes met, it was like two worlds had collided. No exaggeration. She saw the beautiful brown-eyed, former broken-handed stranger’s pupils widen and then saw his phone crash to the floor with a thud. None of them moved to pick it up, and then finally another kid passing by picked it up and gave it to them, breaking their eye contact. She shook her head and started throwing all her things into her bag. He just stood there watching her.

When she was done, she turned around and was surprised to see still him standing there. “I’m awfully late for class.”, she muttered as she started moving towards the elevator. “I’ll walk you to class.”, he announced. She had never realised how unbelievably slow the elevators at the university were. This one just refused to come down! The three minutes she spent waiting for it, were the longest three minutes of her life. None of them spoke a word, but she could silently feel his eyes running over her again and again. “I can feel you staring.”, she whispered, loud enough only for him. “Just like you were staring at me outside that conference room?”, he whispered back sending a jolt through her body.

As the elevator reached her floor, she practically raced out of the box. “Why didn’t you ask for my name?”, he asked loudly, following her. She shut her eyes, ignored him and continued walking ahead. She could still clearly remember it. All parts of it. The chemistry they’d had and the way when she was talking to him and she’d felt at home. But she also remembered the disappointment. “You could’ve asked for mine.”, she replied softly, without slowing down or turning to look at him. When he didn’t reply, she turned around. And he was nowhere to be seen.

She felt her heart panic. Had she lost the beautiful stranger again just because she was stubborn? Was this really happening to her? She looked around frantically for a minute or so, and then resigned herself to the fact that she was now definitely not going to see the beautiful stranger again. Three months, and she felt her heart getting crushed at the thought of losing him again. “I didn’t ask for yours because I felt it inappropriate.”, she turned around and saw him standing there, ever so beautiful, with two cups of coffee in his hand, and one outstretched towards her.

“I didn’t ask for yours because I saw your girlfriend.”, she spoke between sips of the warm coffee. He looked straight at her with those brown eyes and she felt more at home than ever. He gulped down the remaining bits of his coffee, opened his bag, removed a stray piece of paper, hastily scribbled something down and handed it to her without a single word. “You have a class to get to.”, he remarked as he took her empty cup from her hand. As he said those words, she zapped out of her trance, smiled slowly at him and watched as he started walking away. “I’ll see you around.”, he called out and she knew, she knew he was smiling that beautiful smile she found herself grinning at.


So I had this up on my wattpad account, and for the past month I’ve been feeling really sad and more sad because I miss the boy I like(and I haven’t seen him in a year), and I just would really like to see him again.
And here’s the link to my wattpad account:

Isabella sat waiting under the huge banyan tree. She looked around at the place she had called home for ten years before going away. She had missed it. It was a beautiful city, with beautiful people and she had had a beautiful life. She had missed it so much. She had missed him.

Isabella looked down at her wrist watch. It was just over 8:00 in the evening. She remembered all those evening walks they had taken, and all those times they had sat down under that very tree. She felt her eyes fill up and she wiped the tears away. “Isabel?”
She looked up at him. His eyes bore down at her and she felt guilt like she never had in the past three years. “Steven, Hi.”, she muttered as she sat down next to her. They sat quietly for a while and she could feel him tensing up next to her. She held back tears. When was the last time he hadn’t been comfortable around her?

“How have you been? How’s Marissa?”, she asked, slightly wincing at the last word but not looking up at him. “Three years, Isabel. You left. And you want to know how’s Marissa ?”, he said almost shouting. Isabella looked up at him. Ever since she had left the city, left Steven, she had apologized a million times. She knew it wasn’t enough. It was never going to be enough. “I’m sorry. Really. More than you’ll ever know. I was a kid. I panicked, and I know no apology will ever be enough okay? But I’m here now, and I know I don’t deserve a second chance, all I really want is to apologize for one last time.” “Last time?”, he asked looking straight at her with his deep blue eyes. But they had no love, no sympathy. And it hurt more than she had ever imagined. Just sitting there and looking at him, knowing he had zero love left for her, hurt every single bone in her body. “Yeah,”, she replied quietly,”I just came back to talk to you. I’m leaving for my new job day after, in London.” “Okay”, he said nodding.

“Dad!”, Isabella looked up to see an adorable kid with brown hair run towards them. She raced over and sat in Steven’s lap. Steven kissed her forehead lightly and she looked towards Isabella with those same deep blue eyes. “Hi! I’m Isabella!”, the kid said looking over at Isabella. And Isabella felt her world collapse. She wanted to grin back but there was a lump in her throat. She stared at the girl and she stared at Steven. And this time she couldn’t stop the tears. They rolled down her cheeks softly. Steven whispered something in his daughter’s ears and she raced off towards the building.

“I loved you. You know I loved you. I would have done anything for you.”, he spoke quietly. She nodded wiping her tears off. She had loved him too. Isabella looked up at the sky. Three years ago she had had a perfect life. She had a boyfriend she loved and a job she loved. Its what she had always wanted. But she had left. Left it all behind. And now as she sat next to him, she couldn’t remember why. She shook her head slightly,”I’ve got to go, Steven, I need to go.”, and with that she got up. He looked towards her with those beautiful eyes,”Don’t be a stranger.”, he whispered, and with a kiss on her cheek, he let her go.

6:45 AM

Hello everyone! I first posted this on my wattpad account, but for the first time I felt I had written something genuinely good, so here it goes 😀
(PS-This is the first and the last time I shall self praise, I promise!)

Quinton was literally running across the street to get to the subway station. He couldn’t afford to miss the 6:45 train. All the others always made him late. He heaved a sigh of relief as he managed to get in just before the doors shut.
He sat down just near the doors and pushed his earphones in. He sat listening to the the soft tunes of Coldplay’s Yellow. Suddenly the electricity in the whole train went off and the train halted with a thud. Quinton felt someone almost fall over his legs and helped the person stand up straight. “I’m so sorry!”, he heard a beautiful, extremelybeautiful British accent and looked up to see a brown haired boy staring down at him. “I’m Abraham.”, he grinned sitting down next to Quinton. And Quinton just stared at him. He was lost for words. This boy was stunning. He snapped out of his dream and extended his hand,”I’m Quinton.”, he whispered.
“So how long do you reckon we’ll be stuck here?”, Abraham asked. Quinton still couldn’t get himself to reply properly. And so he just shook his head in response. Abraham started humming to himself and Quinton looked towards him with surprise. It was Coldplay’s Yellow. This was it. This was Quinton’s chance to talk to him. “They’re my favourite.” Abraham looked up to look at him,”Coldplay.”, Quinton quickly explained. Abraham smiled at him,”Maybe when we get out of this train we can, you know, get together and listen to them.” Quinton was shocked by this. Was he really flirting with him? Quinton blushed very hard,”Okay”, he nodded smilingly.
The electrical team soon evacuated everyone and got them up to the station. Quinton turned around to look for Abraham and felt himself panicking when he couldn’t see him. “I’ll see you again soon, right?”, he spun around at the voice. Abraham stood behind him grinning with a piece of paper in his hand. Quinton smiled at him and took the paper. When he looked back up Abraham had disappeared but Quinton had his number and that was all that mattered.

The Boy In the Elevator.

She stood yawning in the corner of the elevator. She despised early morning class. It was completely against the laws of nature. As the elevator conductor waited for the tiny box to fill up, she looked around to see who else was riding with her.

It was then she saw him. He had a broken hand tied up in a plaster covered with get well soon messages. She looked up to see one of the cutest faces she had seen in a very long time. He had beautiful brown eyes, beautiful to the extent that she couldn’t stop staring. He laughed as his friend riding with him shared some joke with him. She found herself grinning at his beautiful smile.

She sighed. She was never going to see this beautiful stranger again. As they reached the 6th floor, she expected he was going to get off(all the cute boys came from the management course of the university). And suddenly, the elevator halted with a loud thud and the whole box went black.

“Woah!”, she heard someone bang their head hard into hers as the elevator halted. For a moment, all she felt was dizziness and the feeling of her world blacking out. Then light hit her eyes and she struggled to stand up straight. “I’m so sorry! I did not see you there!”, she placed a hand on her head and slowly opened her eyes to see the brown-eyed, broken-handed stranger flashing his phone’s torch in her face. “Are you okay? My hand hit your head pretty hard.”, he looked at her with concern. “I’m fine. It’s no problem.”, she smiled weakly at him.

The elevator conductor announced that it would be half an hour before a technician reached them. She sighed and looked over at the watch on her wrist. “Dammit!”, she muttered. “What’s wrong?”, brown-eyed, broken-handed stranger asked her. “My exam starts in half an hour.”, she shook her head. He looked at her with empathy. “Missed few myself.”, he replied pointing to his broken hand. “How did that happen?”, and with that they were talking.

She found herself talking extremely comfortably with him. He would smile that wonderful smile and she could feel her insides melting. And then the half an hour was over. They were back in the open and he wished her a best of luck for her exam and headed off. For two whole minutes she just stood there. Taking in the beautiful stranger’s presence and his everything. That’s when it hit her. She had to know his name! She turned around the corner he had just gone, and felt her excitement levels rise when she saw him standing, looking so beautiful outside the conference room. She was that close to walking over to him when she saw a tall, pretty girl walk over to him and kiss him.

She held back tears and she didn’t even know why. She didn’t know this stranger! But as she turned around to walk away, she looked up one last time and could’ve sworn she saw him look right at her with tears and sadness.

It was all Yellow.

“And what is this balloon filled with?”, my ten year-old nephew asks me as I hand the balloon vendor a ten rupee note. “Helium. It’s a gas that makes your balloon stay up in the air like that.”, I reply pointing to the balloon tied to his tiny fingertip as it bobs over our heads. “That’s cool!”, he exclaims, clearly showcasing the language he’s slowly learning from his father(my kid brother). I smile at him and it doesn’t stop(he’s an adorable kid), he motions his hands up towards me silently asking me to pick him up. As we make our way towards the garden, he doesn’t stop asking questions about the balloon. I reply all his questions, his fascination outlining that of my own son. “When does Roger return from school?”, he looks at me, reading my mind. “Oh, not for another three months Frank.”, I sigh. He senses my loneliness and softly lays a kiss on my cheek,”You have me Aunt Moira”, he grins and then jumps down from my lap and races off as he sees the playground in the distance. 

The playground is all different today. It’s all yellow. Or maybe that’s just the colour I end up seeing because it was Joey’s favourite colour, and thus Roger’s favourite too. What’s your favourite colour Aunt Moira?, Frank has asked her once years ago. Yellow, she has quietly replied, why so?, he’d ask. It was your Uncle Joey’s favourite colour, her brother had replied before she had the chance too. Looking up at her brother she had seen something she has never seen before. Hurt. Joey and Marvin had grown so close after meeting for the first time, and through all her pain, and all her suffering, she had conveniently forgotten how much her husband’s death had hurt her little brother. 

Frank comes running back,”There’s a pond on the other side that is covered with yellow flowers!”, he exclaims with excitement. “Covered with what?” “White flowers! Hurry up please Aunt Moira” I close my eyes momentarily and then follow his blonde head racing off in the crowd. The Helium balloon is still bobbing over his head. The reflection of the balloon in the pond seems, yellow? And I’m quite convinced we had bought a blue balloon. 

“What’s for dinner today?”, Frank asks me without looking away from the ducks swimming in the pond. “Pasta.”, I reply looking down at the back of his head. “Yay! White sauce or yellow?“, he asks with a giant grin on his face. My eyes widen with surprise, “Uh, what is yellow sauce pasta?” Frank looks at me funnily, “I don’t know. I want white sauce pasta!” “Yes yes kiddo okay.”, I replied quietly. 

“Do you know what my favourite fruit is? Its strawberry, because it’s yellow!”, Frank tells me on the way back home. I stare at my nephew holding my hand and walking next to me. “Strawberries are pink, Frank.”, I tell him. “I know Aunt Moira, that’s what I said.” I shook my head and wondered what was up today. 

As we reach near the gates of my building, Frank runs upto Riley(our guard) and his labrador, Dan. “Look Aunt Moira, Dan’s looking so yellow today!” “Frank,”, I look at him, “What does that mean?” “Aunt Moira, you don’t know what happy means?”, he looks at me worried for a while, and then moves on. 

After dinner, I sit down with my brother after we put Frank to sleep and Lily goes off to shop, “You will not believe the afternoon I’ve had.” “What’s up?”, he asks without looking away from his PS4. “Everywhere, the only colour I saw today was uh, yellow.”, I say quietly. He pauses his game and looks at me as I fiddle with my hair. “You know what you’re doing?”

‘Setting fire to your insides for fun, to distract your heart from ever missing him’

I frown at my kid brother, “Can you not quote Daughter?”, “All I’m saying is that you’re constantly trying not miss him, which is wrong, miss him all you want sis. You’re entitled to.”, and he gets back to playing his game. I get up and go to ‘our’ bedroom which is now filled with his pictures, and pictures of us together and pictures of the three of us together. Maybe my brother was right. Was I really trying not to miss him? No. 

I’m forever missing him.