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What it Really Means when your dream college rejects you.

To start with, it’s a crazy had feeling to deal with. When you dream college rejects you, you suddenly started thinking that maybe you didn’t really deserve it. That you weren’t good enough. Or that you don’t really get the things you actually want.

It’s such a crazy hard feeling.

And that’s why its okay to cry. And okay to think about how you’ve lost the only thing you’ve dreamed about for a whole four years. And completely okay to think about how you didn’t deserve the only thing you really, really wanted.

My best friend told me yesterday that maybe not getting my dream college is a good thing. That maybe it means something better will come later in life. That the only sensible way to think about this is knowing that you actually always attract what you deserve.

Losing your dream college feels like such a big deal, that the only way to get past it is to realise that its not really a big deal.

That every rejection in life is almost always a door opening to something greater, something better. The only way to make it stop hurting is to realise that its not worth hurting over.

Losing your dream college hurts, until it doesn’t.


“I feel like people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination. We always think that someday we’ll be happy. When we get that car or that job or that person in our lives who will fix everything. But happiness is a mood and it’s a condition. Not a destination. It’s like being tired or hungry. It’s not permanent. It comes and goes and that’s OK. And if people would think that way, they’d find happiness more often.”
– Julian Baker, One Tree Hill


“We do our very best, but sometimes it’s just not good enough. We buckle our seat belts, we wear a helmet, we stick to the lighted paths, we try to be safe. We try so hard to protect ourselves, but it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. Cause when the bad things come, they come out of nowhere. The bad things come suddenly, with no warning. But we forget that sometimes that’s how the good things come too.”
– Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy


“Now I realize that there is no righteous path, it’s just people trying to do their best in a world where it is far too easy to do your worst.”
– Castiel, Supernatural


“When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all… Grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.”
– Elton Pope, Doctor Who

Favourite quotes from Favourite Tv shows.

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Shazam! (2019)

Shazam is a DC movie. A superhero movie, in fact. Now before my brother showed me the first teaser released for this movie, I only knew one Shazam – that crazy music app that identifies what music is playing.
Shazam at the outset seems like a children’s movie. It also seems like a big joke and not really a DC superhero movie.

It is.

Shazam is a children’s movie because Shazam, our superhero, is a child. But Shazam is also a really good movie with a great script and some really good dialogues.

Shazam (not-so-secret citizen name: Billy Batson) is played essentially by two actors, both of whom do complete justice to the superhero. Zachary Levi is Shazam and Asher Angel is Billy Batson (and is so adorable!).

This movie, surprisingly has everything. It has humour, sarcasm, action sequences and love. The basic story line revolves around Billy Batson who runs away from every foster home he’s placed it in search for his birth mother. When he finally lands in a decent group home, various circumstances lead him to a mysterious cave where he inevitably becomes Shazam.

The movie progresses at a decent speed and has quite a good ending (with two post credit scenes so don’t miss out on that!).

Overall, Shazam packs a punch in the good way and is definitely a watch if you thought the DCU was getting nowhere.

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Since I graduate exactly in three months, I obviously need great graduation quotes for the million pictures I will take (these pictures have been planned since the past five years) – keeping in spirit of that, here are some cliché graduation quotes!

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 11.39.16 AM

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 11.41.23 AM

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 11.39.28 AM

P.S – I really do need great captions for graduation pictures so PLEASE feel free to suggest absolutely anything.


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High School and Netflix –

Netflix has a crazy, huge range of shows based in high school, and despite being in college for the last five years – I am completely not ashamed to say that I LOVE my high school shows. The drama content is so high that there is no way you won’t get addicted to all of it.

Over the last year, I’ve watched SO much Netflix and a lot of it has been sappy and intense high school drama and I have loved (and cried for) every bit of it. Here are three shows I have binge watched over the last year and then couldn’t stop thinking about!

  1. Everything Sucks – Everything Sucks is a Netflix original based in the 1990’s. The show was sadly cancelled after one season but the one season it does have is absolutely great. The show actually made be really obsessed with Elton John’s Rocket Man. The show follows the lives of students at Boring High School but the show is no close to boring!
  2. Greenhouse Academy – Greenhouse Academy is an elite school made especially for really exceptional students. The school is divided into two rival clubs that the two main leads of the show get sorted into. I absolutely fell in love with this show because it goes way beyond just having drama, romance and fights and has a completely crazy mystery behind it. The best part about the show is that it seems like you can trust no one because every episode makes a new person a small part in a huge conspiracy. Greenhouse Academy has two seasons and I know that after that second season finale, everyone is waiting for the third one.
  3. Degrassi: Next Class – I randomly came across Degrassi and started watching it and then inevitably fell in love and binge watched four seasons in a span of three days (it is completely worth it, I promise!). Degrassi is a huge franchise with various different shows starting from way back in the 1980’s. Degrassi: Next Class is based after events of Degrassi: Next Generation and includes a lot of the main characters from the last two seasons of Next Generation (including my absolute favourite couple Miles and Tristan). Degrassi definitely has the highest level of drama from all the shows I’ve watched and I am an absolute sucker for it. It got cancelled after the fourth season, but to be honest the season four finale is really worth it.

The best part about all these shows is that they all have 25 minutes episodes and with zero heavy content make for really easy binge watching material.

Go watch! (Then we can cry together)

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Made In Heaven

Made in Heaven is the new amazon prime original that I am completely in love with. It follows the story of two weddings planners running a company called Made in Heaven – every episode has a new wedding and every wedding has something off going on (for example, the groom’s parents ask for dowry just before the wedding actually happens). The show also regularly follows the private lives of both these main leads and the problems they are facing on a daily basis. Usually, every wedding is successful but not without one of the planners getting their way.

The show has nine episodes and in my personal (but completely biased opinion), this show is great. The producers do not hold back in showing a lot of things and not much is censored and censoring usually takes away a ton of the fun. The stories of most weddings are exciting and unique and though some are cliché, the crazy twist in the episode makes up for them.

I’ve realized that ever since amazon prime started streaming in India, they’ve made some extremely kick ass content (Example: Breathe) and Made in Heaven just falls under that!

4/5 definitely. 

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New music is here!

Its been quite a good start to my March (especially because Jonas Brothers). Suddenly my playlist has a ton of new songs and I am so excited about listening to them over and over again!

  1. Into You by Julia Michaels (Literally the whole of her new album!)
  2. Sucker by Jonas Brothers
  3. I’m so Tired by Lauv and Troye Sivan
  4. Saturday Nights by Khalid
  5. Bones by OneRepublic and Galantis

If you haven’t heard one of these (or any of these – you REALLY need to)