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I finished Bojack Horseman’s season 2 last night and it was so much better than the first one. I was actually surprised by how quickly I finished this second season. This season follows Bojack working his dream job on the Secretariat movie but it also simultaneously follows Diane [working on the same movie], Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd’s new friendship amongst so many other things.

Every episode is fresh and in typical Bojack fashion leaves really great life lessons for you. The finale ends with these exact words and I couldn’t believe how underrated this show is!

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One year on: Malec & Shadowhunters

Exactly an year ago today, I sat and binged through Shadowhunters’ first season and a few days later binged the thing in its entirety and totally loved it. Shadowhunters gave me a lot of new things – new music, new couples to fangirl over, new actors to ridiculously follow and new books to read [because I actually sat and read all the Mortal Instruments books just to see what content got made into the show.]

One year on, I am weirdly proud to say that I still sometimes re-watch a ton of scenes from Shadowhunters, I still listen to the music from the show on repeat, and I still fangirl over Malec.

I’ve actually always been a fan of shows tjat end properly and don’t get cancelled abruptly. As much as I loathe a show ending, a great ending is something I’m always on board for. After Shadowhunters ended, I was not disappointed one bit – mostly because Malec got their much deserved happy ending, but also because the ending was quite good [completely opposite of the books – but good.]

If you’ve also absolutely loved Shadowhunters on some level, here are shows you can watch to deal with Shadowhunters withdrawal:

  1. Merlin
  2. I am not Okay with this
  3. Stranger Things
  4. Supernatural
  5. Teen Wolf

Happy Quarantine Watching!

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Why I'm not ready for LLM to end:

When I started my degree last year, I was terrified. Sure, I was excited but I was way more terrified. I wasn’t ready to meet new people and make new friends all over again. I totally wasn’t ready to live in a whole other country! I spent my first months still being terrified and not really enjoying it as much I imagined I would. I went back home in December and (I thought) that I was happier there.

I now have a week left of LLM classes and by the end of July, I will have my degree! And now, I am not ready to leave.

It’s actually crazy (but also in another sense, very cliche) – I’m only realizing how much I’ve loved it here when its almost done. My one year in Singapore has given me SO much. I’ve met people that I would’ve never met if I hadn’t been here,
I’ve tried new food I would’ve never tried if I hadn’t been here,
I’ve experienced things I definitely would’ve never experienced if I hadn’t been here.

More than just the degree (and some really good teaching), Singapore has given me so much more. I once read somewhere that a lot of things change in life when you stop living with your parents. I haven’t lived with mine for years and yet so many new things changed when I came here. More than things just changing, I’ve had so many firsts in Singapore (my first time dragon boating, my first gin and tonic, my first time cooking a whole meal – and a million more things).

Now that my degree’s almost done, I’m terrified all over again. I’m terrified of leaving this city because its grown on me. I love my country, but these months have made me love this new country so much that I can’t understand why I was so excited to leave it. And so with every submission done and every class getting over, I am totally not ready for this part of my life to end.

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The last 4 BuzzFeed Quizzes I’ve taken:

I’m a sucker for BuzzFeed Quizzes because really they’re so ridiculously stupid that you can’t help but enjoy how a breakfast choice can decide who your soulmate will be!
So here are the last 4 quizzes I took on Buzzfeed!

1) The Emojis You Use Most Will Reveal Which “The Office” Character You Are – Find out!

2) Wanna Know What Hogwarts House You Really, Truly Belong In? Tell Us Your Music Preferences To Find Out – Find out yours.

3) Eat As Much As You Want At This Buffet And We’ll Reveal Which Avenger You Are – Are you Thor?

4) Pick Your Favorite Italian Foods And We’ll Give You A Netflix TV Show To Watch – Go watch it!

So if you have absolutely nothing to do, go take these and a million more buzzfeed quizzes and believe me, you shall not regret it.

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3 Bollywood movies reviewed;

  1. Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan (2020): The best part about this movie is how effortlessly it delivers its core message to you. Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan follows the story of Aman and Karthik who live together in Delhi and suddenly find themselves fighting homophobia from Aman’s family in a small town in India. The movie runs for a little over two hours and without being overly emotional sends you all the correct messages. From quirky costumes, to soulful speeches and kissing, the movie ticks all the boxes that a regular rom-com in India would with but with a gay couple. The dialogues are so good and simplistic that they make it extremely easy for a conversation to start in a regular Indian household. There’s no reason that I wouldn’t watch this movie all over again.
    Rating: 4.5/5 
  2. Pati, Patni aur Woh (2019): A remake of a 1978 movie, this new version follows pretty much the same story – A middle class Indian man is happily married until one day is realizes that he is bored of his life and needs something new and the something new turns out to be a girl. The movie is fun and has some really good dialogues that will make you seriously laugh. Though I was not a fan of any of the leads, Aparshakti Khurana makes it all worth it with his hilarious deliver and crazy good acting. The movie is not bombarded with songs and is a super light watch.
    Rating: 3/5
  3. Thappad (2020): Literally translated to ‘Slap’, Thappad is the story of Amrita whose husband slaps her in the middle of a party they are hosting and the slap leads to her re-evaluating the whole relationship. The movie is so brilliantly made and has such great acting that you cant help but follow it completely. The script moves in one clear direction and you can see this right from the start. The first half might seem a little slow to some people, but the whole process of Amrita realizing what happened and deciding what to do makes the first half so important. Taapsee Pannu makes you cry for her, makes you want to fight for her, and makes you cheer for her. The second half of the movie hits you hard and fast and before you know it, you’ve watched a really great content driven movie.
    Rating: 4/5
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5 Days, 3 Seasons: Vh1’s Hit The Floor

I stumbled upon Vh1’s Hit The Floor really, really randomly and it really stole the entirety of my heart. Hit The Floor follows the story of the LA basketball team (The Devils) and their dance troupe (The Devil Girls). The show debuted in 2013 and the first season runs for 10 episodes. I zoomed through the first seven episodes because once you start you become insanely hooked.


The show has a stellar caste of actual dancers playing dancers that makes the whole thing SO much more sexy. It has crazy good storylines and quality content that ensures you come back.

I might be a little biased because of how much I enjoyed this show – but all you really need is one episode and you’ll be biased too. More than just dancing and basketball, the show regularly focuses on minor subplots of various family, friendship and romantic relationships within this huge organization itself. (I, obviously have a favourite couple)

What I really loved about this show was how causally it turns a regular conversation between two people into a strong learning point. But if great dancing, amazing chemistry, really good music and plot don’t impress you – just watch Vh1’s Hit The Floor for the SUPER good looking cast: both male and female.

The show ran till 2016 and had a Special come out after that in 2016 itself before getting canceled and then picked up again by BET in 2018. But the 2018 renewal changed many things and many characters and for me personally, the show reached its resolution in 2016’s special (and I absolutely loved it).

So, if you’re wondering what next to watch on Netflix, just leave that and go watch Vh1’s Hit The Floor. 

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To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020)

Netflix’s To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You released at 4:00 PM Singapore time and I finished watching it at 10:30 PM Singapore time and all I have to say is that there is absolutely nothing that will disappoint you about this absolutely cute movie.


From Peter Kavinsky saying ‘Break my heart’ to the amazing music playing throughout this one hour, forty-three minute movie, you will fall in love with these two all over again.

If you’ve read the book, the movie does not give you any surprises but I will admit that Noah Centineo will melt your heart away like book Peter can never do. I watched the movie with a big bowl of popcorn and a million scenes made me desperately want a Peter Kavinsky (so I went and bought an ice cream).

The movie ends almost too soon and makes you want to re-watch it almost immediately. Lana Condor does both cute and beautiful so effortlessly that you’re just left mesmerized.  The really crazy thing is that I always wanted John Ambrose to look not as cute Peter as does but Jordan Fisher is so dam cute with his stupid smile and his stupid, stupid jokes that you can’t help but root for him just a little bit before you go back to Peter Kavinsky.

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is such a light-hearted, fresh watch that you can’t help but leave your screen smiling. So if you’re in a really bad mood, or if you’ve been watching really heavy shows, just throw away everything and watch this and make your day brighter!

Rating: 8/10