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Ron walked home quietly. As he walked, everything that had happened during the past hours with Liam flashed in his head. It seemed only an hour ago, they both had been cooking together and now suddenly he lay dead in the hospital. Ron always had trouble remembering things, but these sixty minutes were now etched in his memory forever. They had been cooking a mushroom ravioli with walnuts and butter, and then suddenly he had collapsed. For the first ten seconds, Ron had no clue about what he was supposed to be doing. Liam collapsed, and his head told him to move but his legs would not. He felt faint and his body felt weak. But he willed himself to remain strong. He reached for the counter and bent down next to him. At that time, Ron had no clue that Liam was already gone. He looked so peaceful, exactly how he looked when he was sleeping next to him. Ron remembered bending down and checking Liam’s pulse. And despite of everything, he couldn’t remember if he had felt his pulse or not. And then suddenly his head had snapped back into focus. He remembered pacing around the kitchen for the ten minutes it took the ambulance to arrive. He had felt his breath grow shorter when they told him he was already gone. Now as he was walking back home, he struggled to remember how old Liam had been. Already too old to die of a heart attack? He honestly couldn’t remember.