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The Book List: Part Four

Five more books I’ve competed this year yayayayayayayyyyyy!

16) Never, Always, Sometimes by Adi Alsaid
This book was really good in the middle and I really liked the ending as well, but overall if I had to rate the book, I’d probably rate it 6/10. It was too much high school drama, way too much for my liking. The book talks about two best friends who are in their senior year at high school and decide to do everything that they’d penned down in their list of things not to do ever at high school. This also includes never falling in love with your best friend – and these two are in fact in love with each other. The book is an okayish read.


17) The Litigators by John Grisham
Another book om my journey to re-read all John Grishams! His books never fail to amaze me, and they’re even thousand times more interesting when I can actually understand the legal parlance in them. This book revolves around a small firm made by three individuals lawyers which includes David Zinc, a Harvard graduate who’s tired of life at his old gigantic corporate firm. This book isn’t as good as some of his other works, but if you are keen on reading John Grisham, do not skip this one.


18) Agatha Christie: An Autobiography
Loved, loved, LOVED this! It documents her life from her childhood, to her first marriage and her second one and everything you could ever think of. Reading this book brought me such immense joy, I’m not even kidding. There are pages where she’s describing how she came up with characters, and plot lines and reading these and knowing what she’s talking about, is THE best feeling in the world. When Agatha Christie was a young girl, her elder sister said, “You don’t have what it takes to be a mystery writer.”
Please, go read this book!


19) Two Years, Eight Months, Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie
Complicated and brilliant – these are definitely the two words I’d use to describe this book. It talks about an ancient goddess and her children spread out all over the universe and how they’ll come together to defeat evil. The book is very complex and needs a ton of patience if you really want to understand and enjoy it.

20) Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid
A thousand times better than the other book I read by him. This is his debut novel, and so so good. The book follows a young girl as she goes on a road trip around the United States, meeting different people and impacting their lives in a million different ways. There are heartbreaks, and tears and adventures; the book ends on a happy note and there’s not much else you can really ask for. In all honesty though, I didn’t really like the protagonist and there were many times when I felt like hitting her head through a wall.

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The Boy In The Elevator: Part III

Part One

Part Two

(I promise you guys will love it!)

After two hours of the economics lecture were finally over, she took a deep breath and opened the small piece of paper she had been clutching since what felt like forever.

The paper had a few words scribbled on it followed by a phone number.

This what it. This was what she’d wanted since the time she lay eyes on him. In a spilt second decision, she flipped open her phone and punched in the number from the piece of paper. The line barely rang and he picked up.

“Hello?”, she could feel her heart beating so loudly when she heard his voice.

“Saif?”, she half-whispered into the phone.

“Elevator girl.”, he replied, a smile creeping on his face, “So, tell me your name now at least.”

She smiled into the receiver, “Reyna.”

“So, Reyna, care to accompany me to the bookstore around the corner?”


“Today. What time do your classes end?”


“Four it is, then! See you later, elevator girl.”

As Saif said goodbye, Reyna felt herself smiling widely. She could get used to this happy, giddy feeling. She could definitely get used to it. As the next lecture started, more than ever, Reyna couldn’t wait for classes to end.

The clock struck four, and Reyna started feeling panicky. What if he found her boring? What if he never showed up? She sighed and walked out and then stopped dead when she saw him standing there, scrolling through his phone.

She walked over to him, “Hi.”, she drew in a sharp breath as he looked up and smiled beautifully at her. “Reyna! Finally! Let’s get going.”, he said, pushing his phone in his pocket and motioning her to follow him.

“What are you studying then?”, Saif asked her as she fell into place next to him. “Double major in Economics and English Literature. And you?”

“Majoring in Mechanical Physics. I’ve never understood a single word of Shakespeare.”

“I’ve never understood a single word of Newton.”, Reyna replied, nudging him sideways.

They walked in silence for the next three minutes and Reyna treasured it more than anything she had ever treasured in life. “How did you break your hand?”, she asked him suddenly.

Saif turned sideways to face her, “Well, uh, my girlfriend and I, we had gone cycling and while trying to impress her, I let go of the bars of the cycle and quite literally, went tumbling down the hill.”

Reyna chuckled softy, “Really?” “Really. Well, except she’s now my ex-girlfriend.”, Saif replied staring straight at Reyna’s eyes with those deliciously beautiful brown eyes of his making Reyna go weak everywhere.

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The Book List: Part Three

Back with five more amazeballs books I’ve finished this year 😀

11) Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala:
This book is a memoir of the author’s life before, during and after the 2004 tsunami that hit South Asian countries. (Google it if you don’t remember). Sonali Deraniyagala lost her husband, her two sons and her parents in the tsunami and came out as the only survivor in her family. This book is heartbreaking and terrifying as she describes seeing her family members for the last time before they were swept away. 90% of the book talks about how she dealt with her life after the tragedy, and it will bring tears to your eyes. The tsunami happened so long ago that until a few years ago I hadn’t even realized how many people’s lives it had affected. This book is beautiful and a must read!

12) Cometh The Hour by Jeffery Archer:
Sixth book in the Clifton Chronicles and as gripping as the first five. This book moves as a much fast pace than it’s predecessor and that makes it even more exciting. Since it’s the penultimate book, many of the sub plots in the series start ending and forming a full circle. Jeffery Archer will always be one of my favs, go read the series please.

13) Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky:
And the movie is nothing compared to this! The pure and raw emotion in the books will make you so attached to the book that you’ll want to read it again and again and again. The writing is easy and simple and definitely worthy of all the praise it has received. For those who don’t know, this book tells the story of Charlie who starts his first day of high school and is terrified of not fitting it or making any new friends. The book has it’s fair share of sad and heart-hurting things but never has anything been written in such a beautiful manner. MUST READ.

14) The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai:
Man Booker Prize winner for the year 2007, this book centers around the lives of two Indians – Sai, living in North India with her grandfather (who’s a retired Judge) after the death of her parents and Biju, an illegal immigrant living in the United States and trying his hardest to get his father there as well. The book is based during the time when India was still ruled by the Britishers and deals heavily with how their lives affected those of the Indians. Good Indian authors are rare, very, very rare and this is just Kiran Desai’s second novel and for anyone looking for good Indian authors, she is it.

15) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling:
Re-read another Harry Potter this year! :”)
Harry Potter is, always has been and always will be my most favourite book series in every lifetime and thus I re-read it whenever I get time. This book takes me back what feels like centuries, and make me miss 11-year old Harry, Hermione and Ron all over again.