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Right Here,Right Now

I walked into school today. Passed our class as usual.
The 9th stds now occupy the place I sat for the last year.
Everyday I used to be the first one to reach class,and switch on the fans and lights and open the doors and windows. As I walked ahead,I spotted someone else doing it.
A slight sadness set into my heart as I realized that it’s all actually over.
Our concert madness,computer classes,the falling steel lunch boxes and the beautiful times spent together.

I had no idea where to go.11th std,new class,new teachers.It’s my school only.The same corridors and the same classrooms. What seemed different was my attitude. I walked less confidently,not really wanting to be a part of a new class after being with ‘the best class in the whole world’ for two whole years.

As I silently passed the 10th standard classrooms,I looked up to see the same old ’10 D’ plate hanging.
I looked inside only to find it occupied by unknown juniors. An involuntary tear trickled down my cheek and hit the floor.

I made my way towards my new class,on the second floor. Some familiar faces and some new. But I realized this was not going to be anything like my old class. Stares from the new-comers made me feel quite uncomfortable,nevertheless I found a seat to occupy. A new face now sat next to me and in front of me-the places once occupied by my three best friends. They made no efforts to become friends,and so I let my words rest too.

A familiar bell sounded to mark the beginning of assembly. I heavily sighed and made my way out of the class. A new girl came over and introduced herself and walked towards assembly with me. The words of the school song had never made me feel so good before. I suddenly remembered an old joke and turned around to enlighten my best friend,only to realize that her place was now occupied by someone else.

I looked around at the faces of my new classmates wishing I could just stay with my old class. Wishing time would stop-right here,right now. When we reached class again,I let out a silent prayer asking Him to make these two years memorable. Not ofcourse as much as with ‘The Perfect Class’. but something of that kind.