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I finished Bojack Horseman’s season 2 last night and it was so much better than the first one. I was actually surprised by how quickly I finished this second season. This season follows Bojack working his dream job on the Secretariat movie but it also simultaneously follows Diane [working on the same movie], Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd’s new friendship amongst so many other things.

Every episode is fresh and in typical Bojack fashion leaves really great life lessons for you. The finale ends with these exact words and I couldn’t believe how underrated this show is!

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Student Meal 101: Fake Risotto

Being locked up at home as weirdly got everyone cooking. I’ve always been really happy baking, but I’ve never took to cooking, Its always felt like so much more effort than just eating takes. You cook for hours and you eat in minutes, and that was always really annoyed me. But being home all day and ordering food is so terribly expensive, that I’ve got around to cooking much more than I’d prefer.

The crazy thing is that I obviously cannot cook everything and so over the last few weeks, I’ve started experimenting and attempting a lot of random combinations – things that sound so weird but don’t taste half as weird. This is how I stumbled upon what I’ll now call Fake Risotto.

If you don’t know, Risotto is a rice dish made in usually thick, creamy sauce. Masterchef Australia has always called Risotto as its ‘death dish’ because it’s really hard to get right and consistent. And this is where my Fake Risotto comes in.

1) Salt
2) Rice
3) Chopped Vegetables (Corn, Pepper, Carrot,)
4) White sauce (Using pre-made bottle sauce is the easiest thing for a student)
5) Ketchup
6) Mixed herbs, chili flakes, oregano
7) Cooking Oil

1) Boil water in a pan and cook rice enough for one person. [I usually measure with my fist and use two fists of rice but it really depends on how much you want to eat].
2) Once the rice is cooked, drain the water and place the rice in another container.
3) Pour some cooking oil into the pan and let it heat.
4) Sprinkle salt into the oil as much as you want.
5) Take your chopped vegetables and add them to the pan. Sauté vegetables for 5-7 minutes.
6) Take your white sauce and add it to the pan. If you’re cooking for one person then around 1/4th of the bottle is enough. Cook the vegetables and sauce for a while.
7) Now add some ketchup into your pan. Since ketchup can traditionally be sweet, I would suggest adding about 4 spoonfuls. Mix everything well.
8) Add mixed herbs, chili flakes or oregano. Any one of these would also be find or all of them. Mix well.
9) Now add the rice into the pan. Mix the rice well with the sauce. Cook for about 3 more minutes.
10) Serve and enjoy your Fake Risotto!

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2020: 700 Followers!

I hit 700 followers last week – almost like clockwork because every year around the same time, I hit the next 100 which actually is crazy because it means that every year, somehow there are MORE people willing to read this stuff (and I don’t even really write ‘stuff’).

I’ve always been really grateful for having started this blog because its given me so many things. I really love seeing people leave comments once in while over here: all of you are magically supportive and extremely sweet about everything written here, especially since most of it is just tv shows or music I’m obsessed with.

Thanks guys!
Stay safe and wash your hands!

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Binging Shameless and saying goodbye to Fiona Gallagher

I finished Season 10 of Shameless US last night, and let me tell you that if you’re looking for new things to watch and get hooked to – Shameless is it.

Running a total of 122 episodes spanning over 10 seasons (with the final season set to debut in November, 2020), Shameless is a re-make of its UK version on air since 2011. The show spans across the lives of the Gallagher family as their eldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum) raises her five siblings in the absence of their drug addicted mother and their deadbeat father Frank (William Macy).

I’ve thought about watching Shameless all of last year but always thought that 10 seasons was a long commitment and I didn’t want another long show to sit through (Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy). So this year, I debated over two days whether to watch it or not – and this debate with myself began after quarantine had begun. It is now safe to say that starting Shameless was one of the best decisions I’ve made during this time.

Every season has 12 episodes (with the exception of Season 9 with 14), and episodes run for an hour. Every single Gallagher faces various problems throughout the seasons and most seasons have you following a separate storyline for each family member. With a variety of really good supporting actors (Joan Cusack, Noel Fisher), Shameless never disappoints you with anything – dialogues, plot twists, monologues, romance, nudity.

Season 9 ends with Fiona leaving and moving on from her family. Fiona is 28 in this final season and correctly realizes that she’s done everything she could have to raise her siblings. The finale of Season 9 will hit you SO hard – whether Fiona has been your favourite Gallagher or not. The whole episode follows her around debating about leaving and when she does finally leave, you won’t not cry.

I’ve always had mixed feelings for Fiona. Emmy Rossum portrays her complex character to perfection and so many episodes have always left me in awe of her (when she gets a full-time job, when she gets the kids back from child services, when she stands up to the racist neighbour), but I also mostly hated Fiona during various seasons. Its very hard to completely hate her especially seeing all she does for her family and thats why saying goodbye to her is even harder.

If you’re also sitting at home and have a ton of time on your hands, watch Shameless because you will not be disappointed.

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One year on: Malec & Shadowhunters

Exactly an year ago today, I sat and binged through Shadowhunters’ first season and a few days later binged the thing in its entirety and totally loved it. Shadowhunters gave me a lot of new things – new music, new couples to fangirl over, new actors to ridiculously follow and new books to read [because I actually sat and read all the Mortal Instruments books just to see what content got made into the show.]

One year on, I am weirdly proud to say that I still sometimes re-watch a ton of scenes from Shadowhunters, I still listen to the music from the show on repeat, and I still fangirl over Malec.

I’ve actually always been a fan of shows tjat end properly and don’t get cancelled abruptly. As much as I loathe a show ending, a great ending is something I’m always on board for. After Shadowhunters ended, I was not disappointed one bit – mostly because Malec got their much deserved happy ending, but also because the ending was quite good [completely opposite of the books – but good.]

If you’ve also absolutely loved Shadowhunters on some level, here are shows you can watch to deal with Shadowhunters withdrawal:

  1. Merlin
  2. I am not Okay with this
  3. Stranger Things
  4. Supernatural
  5. Teen Wolf

Happy Quarantine Watching!

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The saddest Shameless US episode ever:

Ever since I’ve started watching Showtime’s Shameless, I’ve been hopelessly in love with it. The story follows the life of the Gallagher family with their alcoholic deadbeat father and six kids who have to learn how to live by themselves. Its a remake of the UK version, but this one is SO SO much better.

It has 10 seasons with 12 episodes each and almost every other episode will make your heart bleed. Every single Gallagher member goes through problems of their own and it’ll be a miracle if you don’t end up falling head over heels for at least 2 family members. [I obviously have a favourite Gallagher and a favourite couple and a favourite season].

Season 5, Episode 6 is the most heartbreaking episode I have seen in a drama series in the last five years for sure. Titled ‘Crazy Love’, the episode finds the family and Mickey looking for Ian who’s kidnapped a baby and run away in a car confirming everyone’s fears that he may in fact be bipolar. I read this article that said that Season 5 was Cameron Monaghan‘s season to shine, and shine he does. After being mostly absent from Season 4, Cameron Monaghan brings Ian through in so many ways this season, with the best being in Episode 6 because watching it, you will never believe that Season 5 Ian and Season 1 Ian are the same – and that is exactly what acting is.

The whole episode is nothing but a huge emotional turmoil for the Gallaghers, for Mickey, and for you watching it. With a few other storylines progressing, nothing seems more important than Ian and his disease. The episode ends with the family finally finding him and admitting him in a psych ward and this gives the best Ian and Mickey moment ever since the show has started.

In another great moment, Mickey leaves an unbearably emotional message for Ian that brings along with it the first I love you for Gallavich and you will be kidding yourself if you think you haven’t waited forever for it. In a span of three seasons, Noel Fisher‘s Mickey goes from just beating people up to becoming the three dimensional character you know he can be.

All in all, the 58 minute run is an emotional rollercoaster that will remind you once again why you absolutely love Shameless. Plus, Season 5 is probably one of the best seasons the show’s produced.