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The last 4 BuzzFeed Quizzes I’ve taken:

I’m a sucker for BuzzFeed Quizzes because really they’re so ridiculously stupid that you can’t help but enjoy how a breakfast choice can decide who your soulmate will be!
So here are the last 4 quizzes I took on Buzzfeed!

1) The Emojis You Use Most Will Reveal Which “The Office” Character You Are – Find out!

2) Wanna Know What Hogwarts House You Really, Truly Belong In? Tell Us Your Music Preferences To Find Out – Find out yours.

3) Eat As Much As You Want At This Buffet And We’ll Reveal Which Avenger You Are – Are you Thor?

4) Pick Your Favorite Italian Foods And We’ll Give You A Netflix TV Show To Watch – Go watch it!

So if you have absolutely nothing to do, go take these and a million more buzzfeed quizzes and believe me, you shall not regret it.

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FC Barcelona did what!?

Yesterday night, I was feeling really unwell and had a terrible stomach ache and a terrible head ache and thus I decided to skip Barcelona’s Champions League match with PSG because quite honestly, I didn’t think they would be able to win this.

Barcelona had to overturn a 0-4 deficit and everyone (including me) had huge doubts about this happening since it’s never happened!

So, I decided to sleep and wake up in the morning and check the score and pray for a good scoreline. And guess what is the first thing I see when I wake up and check my phone?

FC Barcelona – PSG : 6-1

I’m not going to lie: I legit lost my shit. I then sat and googled and looked through millions, and millions of articles and watched all the goals and cried tons of happy tears. Neymar scored a brilliant free kick and the last goal came in the 90th minute just when everyone thought Barcelona was done and eliminated.

Waking up to that scoreline was the happiest part of my week and it’s quite enough to keep me happy for a long time now!

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3 years, 3 finals, 3 Heartbreaks

Getting up at 5:00 in the morning to watch your absolute favourite footballer play and having his team win?   Priceless.

Getting up a 5:00 in the morning to watch your favourite footballer work, and work, and work throughout the match and then missing his penalty thus essentially making his team lose and seeing him heartbroken?     That feeling you get when a hundred knifes stab you simultaneously.

Argentina made it to their third consecutive final in three years (World Cup 2014, Copa America 2015 and now Copa America 2016), and with Leo Messi on his God-given brilliant form, they were definite favourites.

In a repeat of last year’s final, Argentina and Chile played out a goalless 90 minutes followed by a goalless half an hour, finally leading up to penalties (which are usually the best part of the match unless you’re sitting there shivering, waiting for your team to win)

After Argentina’s keeper saved Chile’s first penalty, it was Messi up for his. And then when the ball went way, way above the bar and Lionel Messi missed; my mom, quite literally, walked over and closed my opened jaw. My dad snickered on my right and every single supporter in the stadium stood stunned.

But none of this, not even one, was anything remotely compared to Lionel Messi’s face. That absolute shock and devastated look that he had was enough to make you want to hug him and tell him that it wasn’t all his fault.

As each shooter stood up to take their shot, the cameras focused on Messi again, and all he could do was stand there, trying so, so hard not to break down.

When Chile won, they celebrated and danced and the Argentina players sat heartbroken on the ground. Messi quietly picked himself up and went and sat in the dugout before burying his face in his hands, possibly thinking the same thing that everyone else was : This was all once again, his fault.

For the past three years, Lionel Messi has captained the Argentina side to three finals, losing all three of them. Despite of winning everything possible in his domestic club career, he has not managed the same consistency with this country. Time and again Messi has been mocked and picked on by the world’s media for consistently failing at the International level. And every time Argentina has lost in the past few years, Messi has had the same heartbroken and devastated look on his face. Argentina has now lost the last 7 finals they’ve been a part of and go 23 years without a trophy. After I switched off the TV and waited for the inevitable, my news app sends this: “Argentina lose to Chile 2-4 on penalties. Lionel Messi missed penalty.” And obviously tomorrow’s papers are going to be filled with reports and articles criticizing him and blaming him for yet another loss.

All in all, nothing, nothing hurts me more than Leo Messi’s heartbroken face, and I wish they’d finally win something so that face would disappear.


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We’re Treble Winners :D

If you know me beyond this blog, then you probably know I’m jumping everywhere with excitement, and guess why?

FC Barcelona created history yesterday when they beat Juventus in the Champions League final, 3-1. They created history as they become one of the few teams to win a treble twice, created history as they now have 4 Champions League trophies in the last decade, and also created history because they become the only team in the Champions League having two players crossing the 10 goal mark in one season(Messi and Neymar).

So proud is definitely an understatement.

I’m over the moon with extreme happiness because we have the treble!

All people did this past season was doubt Barcelona and doubt Luis Enrique(the coach) and doubt every single player, including Messi. Winning the treble hopefully puts that doubt out of everyone’s head(including you two, father and brother!)

FC Barcelona are treble winners 😀

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Love is a polaroid

What is love really? Having a girlfriend/boyfriend? Being married? ‘Staying with someone for the rest of your life?’

Love is whatever you want it to be.
Love is singing even if its just in the shower,
Love is cooking even if you’re burning half the things in the kitchen,

Or blogging, or playing video games all day, or bunking college(yes it is!)

Love is pictures, and photos and videos of loved ones. Posters, and books and shirts of your favourite TV show.
And when this is love,
Love is all you need;

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We’re all just kids who grew up way too fast?

I have two cousins in all. Two elder sisters. But an army of second cousins on both my mum’s and my dad’s side.
I have always forever wanted an elder brother(I have a younger brother, I love him still because I’m awesome that way), one of my second cousins is an elder brother, two years elder to me.

Day before yesterday, my maternal grandfather’s brother passed away(he has five brothers in all). So, this was my mum’s uncle who passed away.

The last time I met him, was back in May 2014 when we attended his 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. Out of all my second cousins on my mum’s side, I have two brothers. And he was both of theirs grandfather.

So I send messages asking them if they were fine and okay and how sorry I was about not being able to be with them.
And all I really wanted was to comfort them. Because I know what it felt like. My paternal grandfather passed away more than ten years ago.

But I couldn’t.

Mainly I think because we didn’t know each other well enough. I barely meet them once a year, and we hardly ever talk. So when we do meet, things are always awkward for the first few hours.

One of my aunt says we were great friends when we were kids. And right now I wish I could be there comforting them and not attending the hell of a college I’m in.

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The Art of Writing


I was sitting looking at another list of “recommended books for 2015” when I came across two really interesting books due for release this year. Two Years, Eight Months And Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler. But the point of this blog post is, that I don’t remember the last time someone actually recommended a book to me, or gifted me a book, or even introduced a new author to me. When I was a kid, one of the most common gifts I’d get were books, or crossword vouchers to buy books. All my parents did back then was instill that ‘reading books is good’ into mine and my brother’s brains. Funnily, I think it’s been at least six years since my parents recommended that I read a book in my free time. I don’t know why or how the concept of gifting books to each other has died over time. Maybe it’s because we have too many tv shows to watch now? Or too many bands to listen to? Too many social networking sites? Or maybe that when I reached 11th grade, I was suddenly hit with the gravity of the question everyone would ask me, ‘what do you want do after you finish 12th grade?’. Maybe the workload of ISC* got too much to bear? And maybe law school does not give anyone a break? Don’t get me wrong, I still read consistently. However, three years ago I’d finish perhaps 30 books per year? Now, I struggle to finish 5 per year. Through the last four years of schooling, we did two texts of Shakespeare-As You Like It and Macbeth, and in the 11th and 12th grade, I didn’t find a single person who did not loathe Shakespeare. Or Emily Dickinson, or William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Edgar Allan Poe. The poems, and the stories that I’ve studied for the past four years have held a special place because it’s the kind of writing a blogger like me can never hope of achieving. But to everyone else, these were just pages full of complicated and sophisticated words that held no meaning in their dictionary. When I think about it, I now know that English as a language has lost the magic it had when people were first introduced to it. You don’t find many people reading blogs, reading novels, or even reading. But maybe it’s because you don’t find them writing either. Yes, new authors come up everyday, but how many people write because they want to? When I was in school, my favourite class was English Language because we had the chance of writing essays. And all throughout school I never met one person who shared that with me. They were always forced to write. Back in 10th grade I told my mum that I wanted to study English honours, possibly from Oxford(every single English buff’s dream) She scoffed, and reminded me that no one could possibly succeed in an English-dominated career. Of course, journalists were just born mother. It’s truly saddening though, that reading and writing had perpetually died as I grew up. And you never want to grow up that way. I didn’t. When was the last time someone gifted you a book? When was the last time you read/posted on a blog? When was the last time you read poetry? Take time out to write, or to read what someone has written after taking time out~

*ISC-Indian School Certificate for Secondary Examination.

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Right Here,Right Now

I walked into school today. Passed our class as usual.
The 9th stds now occupy the place I sat for the last year.
Everyday I used to be the first one to reach class,and switch on the fans and lights and open the doors and windows. As I walked ahead,I spotted someone else doing it.
A slight sadness set into my heart as I realized that it’s all actually over.
Our concert madness,computer classes,the falling steel lunch boxes and the beautiful times spent together.

I had no idea where to go.11th std,new class,new teachers.It’s my school only.The same corridors and the same classrooms. What seemed different was my attitude. I walked less confidently,not really wanting to be a part of a new class after being with ‘the best class in the whole world’ for two whole years.

As I silently passed the 10th standard classrooms,I looked up to see the same old ’10 D’ plate hanging.
I looked inside only to find it occupied by unknown juniors. An involuntary tear trickled down my cheek and hit the floor.

I made my way towards my new class,on the second floor. Some familiar faces and some new. But I realized this was not going to be anything like my old class. Stares from the new-comers made me feel quite uncomfortable,nevertheless I found a seat to occupy. A new face now sat next to me and in front of me-the places once occupied by my three best friends. They made no efforts to become friends,and so I let my words rest too.

A familiar bell sounded to mark the beginning of assembly. I heavily sighed and made my way out of the class. A new girl came over and introduced herself and walked towards assembly with me. The words of the school song had never made me feel so good before. I suddenly remembered an old joke and turned around to enlighten my best friend,only to realize that her place was now occupied by someone else.

I looked around at the faces of my new classmates wishing I could just stay with my old class. Wishing time would stop-right here,right now. When we reached class again,I let out a silent prayer asking Him to make these two years memorable. Not ofcourse as much as with ‘The Perfect Class’. but something of that kind.

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Virat Kohli-India’s new bad boy!

Virat Kohli has had a sensational rise in the world of cricket.
Currently he plays for India in both the limited overs format-50 and 20. He plays as the substitute in the tests.
Virat Kohli plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore owned by Vijay Mallya in the IPL(Indian Premier League) He has had a great career till date. At the tender age of 23, Virat Kohli is set to become one of India’s finest.

Viart Kohli started playing cricket at the age of six when his father used to take him to the Delhi Coaching Academy for coaching. Kolhi has ever since shown interest in the game.

At the age of 18, Virat Kohli captained the U-19 Indian Cricket Team and under his leadership they won the world cup in 2006. Since then there has been no looking back for this young man.

Virat Kohli has played for Delhi several times in The Ranjhi Trophy.One of the most memorable matches for him and all his fans has been the won in which he scored 91 against Kerela despite the fact that he had come to the match with terrible news in his mind. On the night of December 3rd,2006 Virat Kohli’s father passed away at 2:00 in the morning in his sleep. Kohli was in the middle of a very important Rajhi Trophy test match and he had to bat to prevent follow-on. Virat was in two minds whether to play or not. His decision that day to play the match changed him and his life forever,as quoted by his mother Saroj Kohli. Virat Kohli played a brilliant innings of 91 and was wrongly given out. After that he went straight to the funeral. That day Virat Kohli decided to achieve his father’s dream of seeing him play for India.

And today, five years later when India won the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP, Virat Kohli had a great hand to play in it. But the only thing he said in the end of it was that “I wish my dad could see me” Everytime Virat Kohli plays, he plays for his father and that is what makes him so much more attached to the game.
He is often addressed as ‘The Future Sachin Tendulkar’ but i think that they both are completely different people. Virat Kohli plays differently, with a different style and with a different mind-set.

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A bit like me..a lot different

There’s really not much common between us.I’m in the 10th and she’s in the 9th.I’m a computers student and she’s a techinal drawing one.I swim,she plays football.

But the small little things common between us..lead to our friendship.She’s really the most unique person that I have ever met.The one little thing that lead to our friendship was that we were in the same bus in school.

Ever since..our interests have been a little bit alike.She owns a blackberry cruve like me.Her dad works in the Income Tax Department like mine.She’s in the same house as me in school-BLUE.She supports Argentina in football like me.She adores Lionel Messi…just the way I do.And probably the most important factor in our friendship is the fact that she loves Virat Kohli with the same admiration that I do. 🙂

She’s a fun-loving,crazy but a very quiet person.I hope she remains my friend till the very end.