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Happy Holi!

It’s the festival of colours and I’ve just returned back to my hostel after a very, very, very tiring day(s)!

The past three days, our college had its National Debate Competition (for which I was a photography volunteer), and we worked non-stop from 9 AM – 9 PM and it was tiring and crazy. Since today was Holi, first few hours of the morning went in to prepping for the mass attack of colours that we’d be victims of. This thus included painting my nails black, oiling my hair and arms and face and getting rid of all kinds of jewelry. After that, all of morning and afternoon went into crazy water and colours celebration, and pictures and the first half of the evening went into removing all of that colour.

At one point during my shower, I was legit confused as to whether the colour in my hair was the holi colour or my pre-coloured hair. As a result, I have specs of pink all over my auburn hair.

All in all, the last few days have been hectic as hell and all I really need now is a nice, big vacation (going home, maybe?), but on a positive note, HAPPY HOLI GUYS!

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FC Barcelona did what!?

Yesterday night, I was feeling really unwell and had a terrible stomach ache and a terrible head ache and thus I decided to skip Barcelona’s Champions League match with PSG because quite honestly, I didn’t think they would be able to win this.

Barcelona had to overturn a 0-4 deficit and everyone (including me) had huge doubts about this happening since it’s never happened!

So, I decided to sleep and wake up in the morning and check the score and pray for a good scoreline. And guess what is the first thing I see when I wake up and check my phone?

FC Barcelona – PSG : 6-1

I’m not going to lie: I legit lost my shit. I then sat and googled and looked through millions, and millions of articles and watched all the goals and cried tons of happy tears. Neymar scored a brilliant free kick and the last goal came in the 90th minute just when everyone thought Barcelona was done and eliminated.

Waking up to that scoreline was the happiest part of my week and it’s quite enough to keep me happy for a long time now!

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3 years, 3 finals, 3 Heartbreaks

Getting up at 5:00 in the morning to watch your absolute favourite footballer play and having his team win?   Priceless.

Getting up a 5:00 in the morning to watch your favourite footballer work, and work, and work throughout the match and then missing his penalty thus essentially making his team lose and seeing him heartbroken?     That feeling you get when a hundred knifes stab you simultaneously.

Argentina made it to their third consecutive final in three years (World Cup 2014, Copa America 2015 and now Copa America 2016), and with Leo Messi on his God-given brilliant form, they were definite favourites.

In a repeat of last year’s final, Argentina and Chile played out a goalless 90 minutes followed by a goalless half an hour, finally leading up to penalties (which are usually the best part of the match unless you’re sitting there shivering, waiting for your team to win)

After Argentina’s keeper saved Chile’s first penalty, it was Messi up for his. And then when the ball went way, way above the bar and Lionel Messi missed; my mom, quite literally, walked over and closed my opened jaw. My dad snickered on my right and every single supporter in the stadium stood stunned.

But none of this, not even one, was anything remotely compared to Lionel Messi’s face. That absolute shock and devastated look that he had was enough to make you want to hug him and tell him that it wasn’t all his fault.

As each shooter stood up to take their shot, the cameras focused on Messi again, and all he could do was stand there, trying so, so hard not to break down.

When Chile won, they celebrated and danced and the Argentina players sat heartbroken on the ground. Messi quietly picked himself up and went and sat in the dugout before burying his face in his hands, possibly thinking the same thing that everyone else was : This was all once again, his fault.

For the past three years, Lionel Messi has captained the Argentina side to three finals, losing all three of them. Despite of winning everything possible in his domestic club career, he has not managed the same consistency with this country. Time and again Messi has been mocked and picked on by the world’s media for consistently failing at the International level. And every time Argentina has lost in the past few years, Messi has had the same heartbroken and devastated look on his face. Argentina has now lost the last 7 finals they’ve been a part of and go 23 years without a trophy. After I switched off the TV and waited for the inevitable, my news app sends this: “Argentina lose to Chile 2-4 on penalties. Lionel Messi missed penalty.” And obviously tomorrow’s papers are going to be filled with reports and articles criticizing him and blaming him for yet another loss.

All in all, nothing, nothing hurts me more than Leo Messi’s heartbroken face, and I wish they’d finally win something so that face would disappear.


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A Lifetime Seems to have passed in Minutes.

Alan Rickman died yesterday, and for those few who probably don’t know: He played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies, and if you didn’t know Severus Snape, he was one of the greatest characters that anyone ever could write up.

Alan Rickman was just 69, and when I heard about it I remembered the passing of Richard Griffiths back in 2013(and he was 65 or so).

Have we already grown up so much that we’re seeing the death of Harry Potter actors?


RIP Alan Rickman, you and the brilliant character you brought to life are always and forever in out hearts ❤








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Road Trippin’ into 2016

So for New Year’s Eve this year, we went on a road trip! We(mother, father, brother and I), road tripped to this temple in Rajasthan(the state where I’m from). The best part about this trip? We road tripped with 26 other people from our extended family!

Now, I just have two cousins(and I miss them very, very, very much). But that’s not the case with mother. She has over 30 cousins, most of whom have grown up and have their own kids. So though brother and I just have 2 cousins, we have an army of second cousins! And thus we road tripped with our second cousins, and our grandparents, and our uncles(we call them mama here), our aunts(mami’s or mausi’s) and had the greatest time.



So that’s me on the extreme right corner, with the blue top, black trousers and green shoes 😀
The kiddy face right next to with with specs is my brother and this is our road trip family :’)

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Good Hair Days =D

Yesterday was one of the rare days when my hair looked perfect, and amazing and so so so curly! I’ll be honest, I really wanted to go out with my friends and take lots and lots of pictures because my hair was behaving so nicely :”)

Alas, I couldn’t! That however does not mean I did not take pictures *peeks at you from behind my laptop*

Photo on 10-7-15 at 12.57 PM