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Dear Sirius Black,

Dear Sirius Black,

What are words when I want to describe what you’ve meant to me? 
You made me so angry when I first read about you. You made me feel like even the greatest of friends would ultimately always let you down. And then suddenly, I changed. 
I read about the real you. I read about your loyalty. I read about your love. I couldn’t believe I had ever been angry at you. I couldn’t believe how biased I was to you. 
With every page, I wanted to know you more.
I wanted to understand you.
I wanted to understand your anger.
I wanted to understand your friendship. 
I wanted to understand your family.
I wanted to understand what made you different from your family. 
I spent so much time with you and yet it was so little. 
When you died, I refused to believe it. I read it over and over again. I had to make sure that it was real, didn’t I? 
How could I accept that after everything you had done for everyone but yourself, life would play this cruel joke on you? 
I somehow still accepted it. 
I turned every page looking for a sign of you. Looking for anything that would remind me of how important you have always been.
It took me a while but I realised that I didn’t even need a sign. 
I always knew how important you were.
I always knew how kind you were.
I always knew how brave you were.
And I always knew how faithful you were. 
You were named after a constellation and now matter how many decades go by without you, it is clear that every look at the stars – it reminds me of you. 
You taught me that even when life throws you face first on the ground, you can rise up. 
You taught me that family can be chosen.
You taught me that fierce friendship will always prevail over anything else. 
And you taught me that no matter where you are, your wise words are always there at the back of my mind.


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My top 10 Harry Potter movie quotes of all time – Part 1.

Its true that a lot of content has been changed, or altered or shortened from making the books into a movie. However, the movies are pretty great. I’ve grown up watching them and I absolutely LOVE re-watching them. Here are my top 10 movie quotes spanning over the eight movies:

  1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
  2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:
  3. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:
  4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
  5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
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Happy Birthday Harry Potter ~

Dear Harry Potter,

You came into my life one random afternoon when I was sitting at home playing truant from school. I devoted hours of my childhood to you. Then I devoted hours of my teenage-hood to you. And funnily, my twenty-two year-old self still devotes hours to you.

I am not kidding when I say you shaped my childhood. You swept me away like you swept Ginny Weasley away. Even now when I close my eyes I can see you. I can see you giving your triwizard money to Fred and George. I can see Sirius telling you that you’d be a proper family when everything is over. I can see you choosing Gryffindor. You have taught me so many things. To be honest, you are still teaching me new things everyday.

From the first day I met you, you showed me what it is to be courageous in the face of great danger. You showed me that family goes beyond blood. You showed me loyalty and you became my go-to person for everything. When I was happy, I’d watch you. When I was devastated, I’d watch you. I grew every year, and every year I desperately wanted you to not grow. I wanted you to stay frozen as I remembered you – an eleven year-old trying to catch letters addressed to him because no one had ever addressed a letter to him.

Sometimes when I look back it baffles me how long it has been since you met Hagrid for the first time. I consider myself so lucky to have grown with you. After so many years of loving you and crying with you, I now know that no matter how strong that Obliviate charm might be, nothing could make me forget you. You have always been a part of me and I know that fourty year-old me will still consider Hogwarts her home.

Happy Birthday Harry Potter.

A potterhead for life.

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Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Whom?

I had to wait a whole 10 days before I watched the new Fantastic Beasts movie after its release here. For obvious reasons, I’d stayed away from in dept reviews and youtube channels analysing every single scene. Inspite of all of this, I’d come across various reviews and restricted myself to just reading the titles of these. Most reviews conflicted me greatly. Some people loved the movie, some people hated it, and there were none in between. And so when I finally went for the movie, I was SO excited but also a tiny bit worried – I didn’t want to not like it after having loved the franchise for so many years.

The title of the movie is Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindlewald – to be completely honest though, not much happens in the movie related to his actual crimes? More so, it feels like nothing actually HAPPENS in the whole movie. Everyone is running around looking for Credence (Ezra Miller – He’s alive, yes!) and Credence himself is running around to figure out who he really is. The first half of the movie goes terribly slow with the plot not really adding any value.

The movie introduces a ton of new characters and most of them do absolutely nothing! Nagini, a pretty girl (Voldemort’s future bestie, yes;), Leta Lestrange (who I completely fell in love with before they just killed her off!!??), Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law lives up to all his hype but AD literally does nothing in the whole two hour run), Nicholas Flamel (Why, why is an absolutely old man who cant even shake hands with you there in this movie? What is he doing? Who is he talking to? What’s happening?)

Funnily, by the end of the movie, a few things happening around seem to be predictable and I think it was mostly because of this predictability that the movie closes with a mind blowing plot twist that I fail to understand how JKR is going to incorporate in her vast Potterverse.

The movie isn’t great, but I’m hard wired to not hate Harry Potter related things and thus I didnt really come out disappointed. There were moments I completely loved – like when they zoomed in on Hogwarts and played the familiar Hedwig’s theme (my heart melted), or when they showed the Ministry of Magic, and when they showed Newt (Eddie Redmayne) and his brother hugging their hearts out. Personally to me, this movie felt more of a filler movie that has been pushed out to continue the storyline barely, but having said that, I’m now desperately waiting for the next one.

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Now you know how much I like Harry Potter!

Last year, I went off to this tattoo parlour here in Mumbai and got myself inked, again!

Now, my first tattoo was a tribute to my family and so obviously, my second tattoo is a tribute to my best childhood memory and my favourite book series of all time.

Lo, and behold!
Photo on 12-3-17 at 8.49 PM

Yes, yes, yes! THAT’S MY NEW DEATHLY HALLOWS TATTOO (scream on cue)
I’m so excited and so happy I don’t even have words – my tattoo is beautiful and amazingly pretty looking :”)



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Fantastic Beasts :”)

This movie. I have no words.

One thing that possibly everyone knows about me is that I’m a crazed Harry Potter fan; and thus when JKR announced this brilliant movie she was planning to make, I flipped out and I’m still flipping out all day.

Spoilers below, but everyone should’ve seen this movie by now it’s so beautiful you’ll cry! 

I admit I was all ready to cry and weep in this movie. This all brilliant and beautiful movie starts with the Warner Brothers Logo and guess what plays in the background? HEDWIG’S THEME. Yes yes yes yes! That beautiful Harry Potter music :”) So yes, that’s where my goosebumps started. The last time I’d heard this music on screen was back in 2011 so you can imagine my emotional state.

Eddie Redmayne is everything all at once – Happy, and funny, and cute, and beautiful and bags full of bubbliness. I had goosebumps atleast a hundred times during the movie including the times when Newt subtly makes a Quidditch reference, when they show the first shot of MACUSA, and my absolute favourite was the part when Newt enters his little suitcase and you see a whole HUGE, HUGE world down there.

The biggest reveal of the movie is by far the fact that Ezra Miller, who plays Credence who everyone widely believes to be a squib is actually the dark force they’ve been hunting! And also, JOHNNY DEPP PLAYS GELLERT GRINDLEWALD YOU GUYS CAN WE JUST CRY AND BE HAPPY AND KEEP CRYING TILL WE SEE HIM AGAIN ❤

Oh and Newt carries around a picture of a girl named Leta Lestrange, someone who he clearly has very strong feelings for. (See the surname!)

This movie is so so so beautiful and amazing and everything I’ve waited and dreamed for since Harry Potter’s last movie and I couldn’t be anymore satisfied and happy. Eddie Redmayne is a dream come true and you’re lying if you don’t crush majorly on him. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will make you cry and jump and dance and if it doesn’t you’re definitely not human!


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A Lifetime Seems to have passed in Minutes.

Alan Rickman died yesterday, and for those few who probably don’t know: He played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies, and if you didn’t know Severus Snape, he was one of the greatest characters that anyone ever could write up.

Alan Rickman was just 69, and when I heard about it I remembered the passing of Richard Griffiths back in 2013(and he was 65 or so).

Have we already grown up so much that we’re seeing the death of Harry Potter actors?


RIP Alan Rickman, you and the brilliant character you brought to life are always and forever in out hearts ❤