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Comfort characters.

I read somewhere once how fiction is so special because it helps you to imagine so much more than you ever thought you could. I think that’s very important – knowing that you have the ability to do that. Its one of the reasons I enjoy books so much; reading always makes you feel like you can do so much more than you’ve ever thought you could. But it’s not only reading that does that. Tv shows and movies and anime and k-dramas, they all can form this little corner in your life and you can just feel yourself being getting better, getting happier just immersing yourself in this experience.

I spent most of the second half of 2020 on my laptop screen. I consumed so much content online that I could start giving off recommendations for every kind of genre now. But it’s been during these times that I’ve realised how important fictional content is; how important it is to see something very pure and happy on your screen and let yourself follow their journey. This is what makes comfort characters so ridiculously important.

What I’ve really understood from comfort characters is that they’re just these regular fictional characters that bring you immense amounts of happiness and everything they do just makes you adore them more and living vicariously through them just makes you feel all gooey. I think everyone ends up having comfort characters is most of anything they watch. You might not know it and suddenly that one character is your comfort character. The crazy thing is that they can just be a really minor character or not the hero and yet everything related to them will make you feel excited. Every back story, every development arc and every new thing introduced for them to tackle will have you rooting for them like you’ve never rooted for anyone else. Comfort characters are so important and just acknowledging that someone fictional entity is your comfort character is rewarding.

So I decided that I could here list a few of my favourite comfort characters and then everyone reading this can think about their own perfect comfort characters!

Koshi Sugawara: Haikyuu!
Castiel: Supernatural
Mr. Peanutbutter: Bojack Horseman
Nate Archibald: Gossip Girl
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Goodbye, Dean.

I’ve been watching Supernatural since 2010, I’ve loved Supernatural since 2010 and I’m pretty sure I’ve shipped Dean and Cas since 2010. Supernatural aired it’s third last episode yesterday. I think I was always dreading it – I knew that Cas would mostly die, so I knew I’d cry but a part of me was maybe a little bit ready. I’ve always known there aren’t many ways to end Supernatural other than a lot of death.

Episode 18, titled ‘Despair’ was worse. Cas has died five times already, and now that I’ve looked back at it, all five times have been for Dean. Honestly, what hasn’t Cas done for Dean? If you’ve shipped anyone as long as I’ve shipped Destiel, I feel that maybe you get what I’m going to say now.

Cas made a deal a few seasons ago, something I hoped would never come into play – but why would it be a thing if Supernatural wasn’t going to break our hearts with it? This deal was simple – whenever Cas achieves true happiness, he will die and be sent to a pretty bad place. A huge, huge part of me has always believed that Cas’ true happiness is Dean. A huge part has also always believed that CW would never make Destiel a thing so maybe Cas would be okay.

Episode 18 made Destiel a thing. Imagine knowing that you’ve wanted to see something happen for almost 10 years and you’ve also know it probably won’t, so you’re content with what you get – and then it happens. But hey, it only happens for a minute and you lose it all over again. Now this sucks because all these years you’ve survived without it and now how can you when you’ve glimpsed how life would be with it?

Dean and Cas are trapped by Death who’s coming to kill them. Cas, sweet, amazing, selfless Cas then lets Dean in on a secret – that he made a deal and this deal can potentially save them now. Cas then proceeds to give the most romantic monologue on Supernatural, on tv, on CW; probably anywhere else. Cas first tells him that he always wondered what his true happiness would look like because he thinks that he what he truly wants, he can’t really get – I know, and if you were watching this you’d also know – he’s talking about Dean. Cas then tells Dean everything that he’s been afraid of hearing for many, many years. That Dean is not the angry, broken down person he believes he is. That Dean is the most caring person here, and that Cas will never meet another human being who is more sincere and loving than Dean is.

I think my favourite part is definitely when Cas tells Dean that he’s changed him. It’s actually pretty obvious how much Dean and Cas have changed each other but having Cas acknowledge it is amazing. And then Cas says something which I could probably write down forever on every surface – “I cared for the whole world because of you”

Dean, he’s so confused. I think he starts off by not understanding where anything is going but it doesn’t take long for him to understand. He asks Cas why all this sounds like a goodbye and Cas says because it is. And then he says I Love You. I’ve seen so,so,so many I love you’s and nothing will ever mean as much as Cas finally saying it to Dean meant. Dean, he can barely get four words out before Cas is gone.

The thing is I know, I’m pretty sure actually that Dean feels the same – has felt the same for years. But in a space of barely three minutes his best friend tells him that he loves him, that he’s changed him for the better and that he’s going to die. If I was Dean, I wouldn’t have even fathomed what exactly was happening.

Then Cas is gone and Dean is left once again to put himself back together again. The episode ended with Dean just sitting and sobbing: sobbing like Dean has never sobbed before. And Dean, he’s lost so many people that he’s loved, he’s lost Cas so many times but nothing like this. Dean sobbing like he’s lost everything is enough to know what he feels, even if he doesn’t know himself yet.

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How Grey’s Anatomy gave Alex Karev a ridiculous ending;

Season 16, Episode 16 released a while back but I just got around to watching it. Nevertheless, I already knew how the episode was going to go – widely advertised as Alex Karev’s farewell episode, “Leave a Light On” effectively destroys Justin Chambers’ character before he joins a long list of Grey’s Anatomy characters that have been wronged.

As if already knowing the crux of the episode wasn’t enough, I few days ago I found out that Alex Karev disappears long before his farewell episode – with this only being a voice over goodbye to his most important relations.

The 40-minute episode is actually made really well and you will probably tear up if you have loved Alex Karev as much as I have over the years. Its a mini tribute to everything he was and everything he’s been. It shows you precisely how he has changed, grown and undoubtedly become a much, much better version of himself. What makes this ending totally ridiculous is the ending itself. After supposedly being in Iowa with his mother for the last 7 episodes, “Leave a Light On” finally reveals where Alex has really been – not Iowa, which both Jo and Meredith had guessed.

Alex sends four letters that are read out over the course of this episode, one each to Meredith, Jo, Bailey and Richard Webber – possibly the four most important people in his life. In this letter, Alex explains that he will not be coming back, that he has left Seattle, his wife, his job and everyone and everything for good – that he is now the father of twins with Izzie Stevens.

The episode is an emotional ride as the letters being read are supplemented by moments from the last 16 years of Alex’s life. But there are so, so many things wrong with this. Alex mentions in his letter to Meredith that he found out that Izzie had used her eggs and his sperm that they had frozen years ago just around Meredith’s trial but decided to not tell her. But the thing is, all Alex and Meredith have had for the past 5 years is each other and there is no way that Alex would keep this from her. If that isn’t enough, in his letter to Jo he tells her that he loves her but cannot come back and face her. From being someone who constantly ran away from people, problems and love, Alex grew into a fighter. When things got increasingly difficult with Jo and her mental health problems, he never gave up, never ran away – and this makes it very hard to believe how that he wouldn’t come back atleast to leave her properly. Because this is not the person that Alex has grown into, and the fact that they show him as someone who would do this effectively erases all the development his character has had over the years.

What surprises me most is that he does every single thing without having Meredith with him every step of the way. Meredith is his best friend and he is hers. They know each other in and out and support each other unconditionally. The person that Alex is now is not a person who would not involve Meredith in something this big. Alex may have started off as a person with trust issues, someone who had to do everything alone but he hasn’t been that person for really long, and Grey’s sending him right back to that person he was years ago was devastating to watch.

Alex Karev was one of the reasons I stuck with Grey’s for so many years – years after they’d killed off George, Derek and done away with Christina, Arizona and countless amazing characters. Seeing what this season did to him is pretty bad considering that his story and personal growth is definitely that best in the show’s history.

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Every TV show I’ve watched in 2020 rated and ranked! – Part IV

16) 24 – 24 follows Jack Bauer as a Counter Terrorist Unit running around LA stopping terrorist attacks. Each season has 24 episodes that depict 24 hours of one day that Jack spends thwarting a ridiculous amount of threats. 24 is fast-paced, full of crazy plot twists and a million character deaths. Plus, Kiefer Sutherland is really cute at various points. – 6.5/10

17) Space Force – With a pretty stellar cast, Space Force follows Steve Carell constituting a new Space Force to send a habitation mission to the moon. With only 10 episodes, the show is good but a lot of hype was created before it aired and I think that kind of made it a bit boring. – 6/10

18) The Politician – Ben Platt plays a determined candidate running for student body president of his high school but what follows him around are supporting family and friends who are equally determined. Every cast member acts so well that at times you feel its too much. But The Politician gives you unbelievable drama. – 6/10

19) Criminal:UK – Criminal has three episodes that run for 40-50 minutes. Each episodes consists of one suspect being interrogated for a crime they’re hell-bent on saying they didn’t do. I only honestly wanted to watch this because it had David Tennant in the first episode, but the show is gripping. It is definitely slow and is filmed mostly only in one room, but watchable. – 6/10

20) The Fall – Netflix only had two seasons of this super creepy show. 50 shades of grey star Jamie Dornan plays a family oriented man who breaks into young, successful women’s houses and kills them. The British-Irish show is directed pretty well but watching him sneak into houses with such efficiency gave me the creeps for sure. – 6/10

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Schitt’s Creek Series Finale: Happy Ending.

I finished Schitt’s Creek a few days ago and now every time I open Netflix I have serious withdrawals because it makes me so sad that theres no more Schitt’s Creek to watch.

Created by Dan and Eugene Levy, Schitt’s Creek follows the life of the Rose family thrown into chaos after losing basically everything. Over six seasons of pretty good acting and amazing humour, every member of the Rose family grows in insurmountable ways. (Spoiler Alert: Alexis’ Rose’s growth is my favourite – and you will cry when you realise that its your favourite too)

The series finale is named Happy Ending, quite aptly too as the show finishes off really happily. There is not a single character with an ending that is disappointing, half-hearted or that makes you want to throw things.

Other than just giving the Rose’s perfect endings, Schitt’s Creek also gives every other major character a super well-deserved ending. Spoiler Alert: I absolutely loved how Alexis and Twyla said goodbye because nothing said best friends more than them in the show.

Schitt’s Creek is a beautiful show and definitely way too underrated. A 1000000000% recommend for anyone who needs something really happy in their life.

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Every TV show I’ve watched in 2020 rated and ranked! – Part III

11) Assassination Classroom – 2 seasons of kids in a classroom with the mission to kill their teacher is what this anime is about: and believe me, you’ll love the kids and you’ll love the teachers. The amount of times this anime surprised me was crazy. I was so hooked and with every new episode, I couldn’t fathom how the whole thing was going to end. (Plus, I had fav characters too!): 7.4/10

12) The Witcher – I couldn’t believe how good Henry Cavill could be till I saw him in The Witcher. Based on comics and video games of the same name, The Witcher follows the story of three separate individuals whose destiny is interviewed in pretty crazy ways. If you’ve already played the game then you obviously know where the story is taking you, but even going into the show completely blind; The Witcher is a treat. The story is compelling and makes you want to watch more and more: 7/10

13) Your Lie in April – I’ve consumed a ton of anime this year and I think I’ve been pleasantly mesmerized by all of them. Your Lie in April is the story of a 13-year old pianist who has not much to play for after his mother passes away till he meets a violinist who changes a lot for him. The story is so simple and sweet but at the same time is pretty heartbreaking. The music and a lot of the things talked about in this anime are hard-hitting: 7/10

14) Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – Two seasons of complete chaos and weird things, but everything is connected. Dirk Gently is a man with astonishing abilities to solve crimes and after forcing Todd into a friendship with him, what follows is a crazy ride of a lot of inexplainable things. Dirk and Todd look to solve a murder and solve a kidnapping case and though a lot of things look like they make zero sense, the show makes everything make sense by the end of it: 6.9/10

15) Girlboss – The story of the owner of popular website NastyGal and how she rose from doing nothing to making a successful business. The show is a light watch but a bit frustrating to watch at times. I can’t even count the number of times I couldn’t believe the choices she was making and her idiotic rationale behind making them. You can’t help but feel mesmerized at times because Girlboss is a story of rags to riches, but definitely just a one-time watch: 6.5/10

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5 reasons why Dean and Cas are endgame.

Supernatural introduced Castiel in the first episode of Season 4 and no character has impacted the show (and the fans) as much as Cas has. Right from the first time you see Dean and Cas meet each other, it is pretty clear that they’re going to become something super special and Destiel has never, ever, ever disappointed. Here are 5 reasons why I strongly believe that Destiel is the kind of endgame we all want with someone in our lives:

  1. They are each other’s weak spot.
    I wish I could find just one instance to show this but Dean and Cas so repeatedly can be seen as each other’s weak spots, that it is so difficult to just choose one. Example, Season 13 starts with Cas dead and Dean angry at pretty much every thing and everyone: where at one point he tells Sam, “I just need a dam win” and almost the next moment they get Cas back from the dead and Dean is smiling again and proceeds to say, “I said we needed a win. We got Cas back: thats a pretty dam big win”. ENDGAME.

  2. They constantly worry about each other.
    Again, no one instance because Dean and Cas have been worrying about each other since they met each other. Season 4 Cas tells Dean, “I’d give anything to not have you do this” when Dean is forced to relive his horrible time in hell. Season 11 Dean refuses to let Sam use Cas’ body in battle while Lucifer is still possessing him and says,”Its not an ‘it’ Sam, its Cas. Cas is family.” If anyone ever tries to argue that this is not quality best friend material, they’re wrong!

  3. They’re ready to do everything and anything for each other.
    Cas enters Supernatural by rescuing Dean from hell. Granted, this is an order from Heaven but it doesn’t take knowing Dean for more than a few days for Cas to completely turn his world around for him. Season 5 Cas says, “I’m hunted, I’ve rebelled, and I did all of it for you.” Season 8 Dean says, “I’m not leaving here without you” when the two of them are stuck in Purgatory.

  4. They’ve changed each other monumentally.
    This is by far my absolute favourite reason. Who doesn’t want someone who changes you in all the right ways? Dean has no kind of faith or belief in anything even remotely related to Heaven. He’s often made fun of Sam for praying and it takes him only knowing Cas for 3 years to start praying to him. Season 8 Dean almost makes me cry when he says “I prayed to you Cas, every night”. Dean, on the other hand has made Cas stronger and has taught Cas to fight for what he believes in. Season 12 Cas says “The things we’ve shared together have changed me. You’re my family.”

  5. They always come back to each other. Dean and Cas don’t always agree on everything. They’ve had some serious fights and betrayals as well. But no matter what happens or where they go, they always come back to each other. What is that if not absolute amazing endgame behaviour?

If you’ve never watched Supernatural, believe me that Destiel is the reason to.

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Every TV show I’ve watched in 2020 rated and ranked! – Part II

6. Dark – This German Netflix original has literally been everywhere and almost everyone is always talking about it. But for good reason because this show is mind-blowing. There’s nothing to even say about it without revealing plot points except that every episode will either confuse you, surprise you, or make you feel like you’re losing your mind. But the three seasons are totally, totally worth it: 8/10

7. I am not okay with this – This really random show follows a quiet girl who discovers that she might have some crazy powers. In many ways this show feels like a regular high school show but then you realise its really not. Stan is my favourite character of super small season. Oh, and fun fact – the last episode blew my mind SO much that I sat staring at the screen for a while. Plus, the episodes are only 20 minutes long so very, very, easy to watch: 8/10

8. Erased – I found this anime really randomly. It follows the life of this 29 year old manga artist who watches disasters happening in front of him and then goes back in time just before the disaster to successfully prevent them. And thats how he ends up coming back home one night to find his mother dead and that takes him back 18 years so he can try to stop it. It was such a great concept and I fully enjoyed it. The ending made me a bit upset though: 7.9/10

9. Alexa and Katie – Alexa is a middle-schooler with cancer and Katie is her super enthusiastic, super optimistic and super supportive best friend. Despite being a show with cancer in the back ground always, this show is so light hearted and fun that you can’t help but absolutely love this friendship. The show has many amazing characters and you hate and love everyone simultaneously (but its so hard to hate Katie): 7.5/10

10. Gossip Girl – I feel so weird to not have watched this show in my teenage years because the amount of drama this show has given me to watch is just amazing. I love following Blair and Serena go through pretty much everything and come out stronger. Obviously, I have favourites and I have characters I absolutely hated. For drama, romance, and weird schemes, Gossip Girl is a total must watch: 7.5/10

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Every TV show I’ve watched in 2020 rated and ranked! – Part I

For this totally random list that I’ve made over the last few months, I added only TV shows I’ve started in this year – so that means I excluded shows that I’ve been watching for a while and I only watched new seasons of this year (Eg: Queer Eye, 13 Reasons Why, Money Heist, Elite and so, so, so many more), or shows that I’ve re-watched (Eg: Supernatural).

So here is every single TV show I’ve watched this year rated and ranked for you!

  1. Shameless US – Definitely my favourite show from this year. It was filled with laughter, and love, and drama, and so much more: 9/10

  2. Hollywood – This Netflix original blew my mind because the first two episodes had me so confused as to where it was going and then the rest of the episodes put every single thing into perspective and it was just amazing: 8.7/10

  3. Bojack Horseman – I struggled through the first season but everything was worth it in the end. BJ hits you in a way no other show has ever, and delivers life truths in a way you’d least expect: 8.5/10

  4. Hit The Floor – This Vh1 original was a show I stumbled upon really randomly and I’ll tell you upfront – I only decided to watch it because of a power couple I found online. I watched only 3 out of the 4 seasons because I also found out that the couple breaks up in the fourth (and final) season. Other than that this show was full of dance, drama, murder, and love and a great break from regular Netflix dramas: 8.2/10

  5. The Good Place – Kristen Bell stars as Eleanor Shellstrop who dies and ends up in The Good Place (heaven). What follows is four seasons of laughter, drama, crazy twists and a really great finale. I’m not a huge fan of sit-coms but this is pretty much a must-watch: 8.2/10
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Recap: Supernatural Season 5, Episode 3

Supernatural has been my favourite for a really, really long time now (10 years, yup). A while back, I started contemplating re-watching the whole thing; especially since its running on its last season right now. Being stuck at home and watching Netflix has become pretty mundane and so last week, I did finally start Supernatural all over again.

My first time around, Season 5 was my favourite season – I still stand by it, Season 5 is an emotional ride in itself. Over this last week of Supernatural, I’ve realized that I have forgotten bits and pieces here and there. And thats how I realized that I had forgotten what an absolute gem Season 5 Episode 3 “Free to Be you and me” was.

Its the first episode in which Sam and Dean are separated voluntarily after Sam tells Dean that he thinks he should take a step back and Dean agrees saying that worrying about Sam was making him inefficient at the job. The episode sees Cas and Dean team up when Cas comes asking for help in trying to find the archangel Raphael. Cas and Dean have been in each other’s life for almost over a year now, and its so easy to see how much they’ve already impacted each other; how much they’ve changed each other. So when Cas comes asking for help, even though Dean seems reluctant he agrees.

The episode basically is a mini tribute to what Cas and Dean will become for each other in the years to come (especially since you already know). So many firsts happen in this episode. Its the first time Cas impersonates a FBI agent along with Dean by his side.

Its the first time since they’ve known each other that they spend real quality time together – like friends. While waiting on Raphael, when Dean finds out that Cas is a virgin, he takes it upon himself to ensure that Cas does not die a virgin and the two of them take a trip to the local strip club. In a hilarious turn of events, Cas and Dean end up running out of the place with Dean in a fit of laughter and watching it made me realise that I hadn’t seen Dean Winchester laughing in a long time.

The episode also does follow Sam and what he’s been up to, but seeing Cas and Dean team up for the first time, puts everything else in the background. Cas has been looking for his father (God) for a while now and this is what he needs Raphael for. When Raphael strongly suggests that God is dead, Cas looks broken. Dean has never been one for emotional conversations even when he feels every emotion so strongly. He constantly dodges them with Sam, Bobby or anyone else important to him. So believe me when I say, it will melt your heart to watch Dean ask Cas “Are you okay?” and then go on to tell him that he understands what Cas is feeling and if you already haven’t fallen in love with this friendship, you will when Dean gives Cas heartfelt advice to help him keep looking for his father.

Its not hard to miss how much Cas has changed Dean, but its not hard to miss how much Dean has changed Cas too. Just before disappearing again, Cas asks Dean if he’s okay, if he’s doing fine without his brother and in just over a year, Cas has gone from a soldier following orders to a worried friend.

“Free to Be you and me” remind me why Season 5 has always been my favourite – because its just the beginning of a friendship that it going to survive so much more than anything else survives on this show. The episode ends with Cas going back to looking for his father, Sam getting a dream visit from Lucifer who confirms that Sam will be his true vessel, and Dean driving back alone. But the episode is just the beginning.

Rating: 8/10