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Music Shadowhunters gave me

Its so crazy how much Shadowhunters suddenly means to me. The show has given me SO  many new things to obsess over and SO many new things to feel. Here’s a list of amazing new music that Shadowhunters has given me and that I listen to almost daily because I can:

  1. Where’s My Love? – SYML
  2. Bridges – Aisha Badru
  3. Lovely – Billie Ellish feat. Khalid
  4. Wide Eyed – Billie Locket
  5. Fear of the Water – SYML
  6. War of Hearts – Ruelle

Go listen to these amazeball songs and then you can thank me.

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Avengers: Endgame scenes that made me ugly cry!

After watching the movie twice and still crying at so many parts, I decided to make a list (this is a normal list making obsession,) – To be honest, I cried a lot in this movie. This is however just a list of scenes that made me like crazy cry, bawl my eyes out and use extra tissues cry.

  1. Natasha and Clint go to get the soul stone.
    Really, did you NOT cry in this scene? First, Clint Barton is my baby. Second, Natasha is his. It hadn’t even hit me that someone was going to have to be sacrificed to get the stone. And when it did hit me, I realized why these two had been sent together. Right from the moment they came to know about the sacrifice up till the moment Widow sacrifices herself, I was crying. Literal tears were continuously rolling down with every new dialouge because these two were being huge tear-jerkers.
  2. Tony Stark’s death and funeral.
    I’m not sure there are actually people who didn’t cry for this. Right from ‘I am Iron Man’ to that super emotional funeral, I was sitting there and crying. I knew going into this movie that either Iron Man or Cap were going to die. As I had to make peace with this, I decided I wanted Cap alive. But watching Tony Stark actually die – I did not anticipate the emotional mess it made me. Whenever I’m rewatching old movies now, and I see Tony Stark: I’m sad all over again.
  3. Peter realizes his Gamora isn’t back.
    Watching Gamora tell Peter Quill that she has never loved anyone as much as she’s loved him and then seeing them separated made me SO angry. What is it with superhero movies and love stories? Let them be happy for once! So when 2014 Gamora saves Peter in Endgame, you can see his eyes become light and happy. And it sucks because you know that this Gamora doesn’t even know he exists. And then you see him knowing it too. This scene was so small and random and also had Nebula’s funny comment, but it made me cry so much.
  4. Bucky says goodbye to Steve before he goes to put the Stones back.
    I love Bucky. And I love Bucky and Steve together. When Steve decides to be the one to return all the stones to their original places, he’s supposed to be back in five seconds. Before leaving, he tells Bucky, “Don’t do anything stupid till I get back.” and Bucky replies, “How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you.” – that is when I started crying. Their friendship is so underrated, especially considering that Steve was ready to give up everything for Bucky. Steve is supposed to be back in five seconds and still Bucky says goodbye like they will never meet again. When Steve stays and lives out his life, the only thing I kept thinking about was – Steve didn’t have Bucky. 


Other than these scenes, I was crying for majority of this movie. I watched it twice and I was still crying for majority of the movie.


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What the Hell did Supernatural just do?

Supernatural aired its Season 14’s finale a few days back and I watched it two nights ago. Needless to say, it was a crazy shocker. Supernatural has been my numero uno show for years now: and yet Season 14 didn’t hold my attention as well as every other one has. The finale, however killed me and now I can’t wait for the final season.


The episode starts with Jack out of the box Dean and Sam trapped him and obviously, angry. The rest of the episode then is a race to find Jack (and kill him – I did NOT approve). Amidst all this, Cas stumbles upon none other than God (Chuck, played by Rob Benedict) making his first appearance since Season 11’s finale. I won’t lie, the minute God entered, I was ecstatic. Finally, they could have a real shot at saving Jack.

But then God comes up with a plan to kill Jack (Its your grandson you shameless character!). Not surprisingly, Dean agrees, Cas doesn’t. (Side Note: I have absolutely hated how the storyline in the last three episodes has created this rift between them. No.)

So with Dean all ready to end Jack (and himself in this process because that is how God’s weird gun works), and Cas and Sam struggling with this reality, we reach the last fifteen minutes of the episode. That is when things get really crazy.

Dean points at Jack.
Jack kneels down in front of him, apologizing and accepting that he deserves this.
Sam and God reach the scene.
Cas is begging Dean to not do it.
God is enjoying it all.

And then, Dean doesn’t shoot. Because really, he can’t. Jack is family, and nothing matters to Dean Winchester more than family. At this point, I rejoiced and cried good tears.

At this exact point, I like to think that the directors completely lost their mind and decided to do whatever the fuck they wanted to.

When Dean refuses to shoot, God loses it. The crazy man starts talking about how this isn’t the story and not how he’s written it. Then Sam loses it and blames God for treating their lives as a TV show and playing around with it. With everyone shouting at God, God decides he’s had enough and with a snap of his stupid fingers, he kills Jack. Once, that is done and dusted, he disappears (that’s usual) but before going says,
“You want the end? This is the end.” 
And all kinds of rubbish occurs and the episode ends with Dean, Sam and Cas surrounded by zombies coming to kill them. Good times.

CW announced in January that Season 15 is infact the last season and will probably air around October, 2019. I am excited and devastated.

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New Weekend Music –

Last night, I listened to three new songs and overall I’ve had a good start to the weekend with new music from some of my absolute favourites!

  1. Shawn Mendes – If I Can’t have you.
  2. Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber – I don’t care. 
  3. Zayn and Zhavia Ward – A Whole New World.
  4. James Arthur – Falling like the Stars. 

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Series Finales v/s Never ending shows

With Shadowhunters series finale airing tonight (but tomorrow for me and all international fans), I’ve suddenly found myself wishing that I was still following shows that were ongoing, or maybe shows that didn’t seem to be ending in any recent future. Since before Shadowhunters I was mostly watching various shows that were releasing new episodes every other week, and would continue doing this for the next few years (Eg: Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, How to get Away With Murder).

With Shadowhunters ending, I’ve begun thinking about how I haven’t felt this way in a long time – how I haven’t dealt with something I love ending in a really long time. To be honest, I am scared. I am also excited because an ending means it’ll be 90% happy, and that I can sleep with. I remember looking at this meme years ago: this was when Supernatural had just finished airing its 7th season and I’d have to wait months for another one. This was the first time I was experiencing this crazy feeling and then I found a random relatable meme –


The thing was I knew Supernatural would be back and this feeling wasn’t permanent but suddenly Shadowhunters is permanent. I was sitting in my room and thinking, “I’m not ready for this. I know my favourite couple will be happy, but God, I’m not ready.”

I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love with shows that are absolutely gut-wrenching but mostly never ending (Eg: Again, Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy, also One Tree Hill for many years) – Shadowhunters is absolutely gut-wrenching but completely temporary. However, there is SO much I’m grateful for with this show – music, adorable dialogues that make me question the lack of love my in life, brilliant acting, a new book series, a new favourite TV couple that I will carry to my grave, and the million crazy emotions this show has put me through.

Fittingly, the show runners most used hashtag is #ShadowhuntersLegacy.