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Music for this season –

I’ve been discovering so much new (old) music because I spend at least half an hour on Youtube before I sleep and I keep watching so many random videos of every fictional couple I fall in love with. It’s all good though because here is my list of current favourite music :

1) Knee Deep in my heart – Shane Filan;
2) Certain Things – James Arthur;
3) I wanna love you but I don’t – Ben Platt;
4) Playdate – Melanie Martinez;
5) Surrender – Natalie Taylor;
6) Should I stay or should I go – The Clash;

You’re welcome.

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Parks and Rec series finale.

At the beginning of this month, I finally finished my long haul of watching Parks and Recreation on Amazon prime video. I started this show long, long back and since my brother had already watched it (and loved it and highly recommended it), we would only watch 1-2 episodes with dinner or whenever we could squeeze some time in.

Parks and Recreation follows the life of the Parks Department in small town Pawnee, Indiana. With a stellar cast and amazing puns and catchy songs, it’s a wholesome sitcom and one of the better ones I’ve watched.

The show ends with a two-part episode showing us little glimpses into every character’s future. It is heartwarming to watch (and know) that everyone will be okay. There is no one you can hate in this show: I mean it – right from Amy Pohler’s Lelsie to Chris Pratt’s Andy, every person will have a special place in your heart and if you don’t cry at least once in this two-part series finale, you are lying.

I’ve often found comedy shows to not be my cup of tea, mostly because there is never one major plot that the episodes are working towards and with every standalone episode I’ve not found enough to stay and watch. That’s not the case with Parks and Recs. Every episode is either fun-filled, pun-filled, or just emotional to watch. With super funny quotes, regular guest appearances that you’ll adore (Kristen Bell, Paul Rudd), Parks and Recs turns out to be the perfect dinner time watch and with just 20 minute long episodes, it’s a must watch!

Rating: 8/10

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eARC Review: Love All Year – A Holidays Anthology!

You know how you read a very wholesome holiday romance and you think ‘dam, why is everything so cute’ and then you inevitably fall in love with the whole thing? I’m a sucker for holiday romances and before I read Love All Year, I’d never even realised that holiday romances could happen AT ANY TIME and not just Christmas.

With seven super adorable, eye-roll-cute-stuff worthy, Love All Year is an anthology that will leave you smiling right from the minute you dive into the first story.

There were so many things I loved about this book and it’s worth mentioning that the diversity is so heartwarming – I’d never even imagined that I could read about someone falling in love during Durga Puja or the Lunar New Year. My favourite thing about these stories was how much they made me Google things – with every page, I learnt something new and then I just had to find out everything about it! (did you know there was a Black Love Day? Nope, not me).

One thing I devour with holiday romances is how I know that I’m reading towards a happy ending and each of the stories in here give such ‘awwwww’-worthy happy endings that I couldn’t stop grinning. Every single story delivers references that will make you pump your fist in the air and you’ll find at least two characters across these seven stories that you can wholeheartedly relate to!

I was so grateful to get this eARC from one of the authors and reading this adorable book pretty much made my week! I spent ten minutes in between work reading and smiling away as well!

Head over to Twitter, Amazon and Instagram to find out more! 💗

Rating: 4/5

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Mom’s food instagram!

A while ago I convinced my mother to start an Instagram account documenting some of her recipes. The lockdown last year served everyone in the house super well because we were blessed with mom feeding us pretty much anything we wanted! From cheesecakes to lasagnas and to super yum oats recipes, mom has killed it with providing us every single cuisine at home.

So I convinced her to start her page and she’s been posting healthy but absolutely delicious recipes for everyone to try and fall in love with. Through her healthy donuts, pizza bases and multiple rice-related recipes, mom has shown us that healthy doesn’t mean not tasty and honestly I’m really worried about how I’ll ever get used to eating anything other than mom’s food! Go follow her and be blessed with easy, yummy and healthy recipes!

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Anniversary Month!

I woke up to this notification today:

From my favourite books, music, movies and tv shows to my least favourite feelings and sport losses, this blog has pretty much documented everything! (Even my vacations). I’ve enjoyed being here so much that I still constantly try to do it and I’ve discovered some GREAT blogs (and people) out here and that is the most wholesome part of this whole process.

Happy anniversary month to me! 🎉

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Re-reading The Song of Achilles!

Last week I finished my re-read of Madeline Miller’s debut novel. Published in 2011, I first read this beautiful book back in 2016. Needless to say, it was my favourite read of that year.

The Song of Achilles follows the story of Greek hero, Achilles and the Battle of Troy. Narrated by Patroclus right from his childhood to meeting Achilles and falling hopelessly in love, this book is written so beautifully that you can’t help but want a happier ending for these two.

The first time I read this book, I was blown. I’d never read a novel with romance undertones that moved me so much and that I’d go around recommending to everyone after I was done. Madeline Miller took ten years to write this and I’d say these were ten years super well spent. Her research is impeccable and re-reading it I realised how many hints she leaves around for the readers to pick up on.

If you know of Troy, you know how this book ultimately ends. But knowing that in no way takes away the journey Achilles and Patroclus take you on. Greek history is sad and happy all at the same time and The Song of Achilles is a total must-read.

Rating: 10/10

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The Last Letter From Your Lover (2021)

Netflix is constantly creating wholesome content and that’s what this new movie is. The Last Letter From Your Lover is a story of two love stories – one that starts in 1965 and one happening now as you’re watching it.

Running for a little less than two hours, this new Netflix movie is a super comforting and romantic watch: perfect for you to watch by yourself in awe of the dialogues, the clothes, the acting and the story.

The movie starts with Jennifer coming back home in 1965 London with an acute memory loss as she tries to figure out what her life has been. In the present time, Ellie works as a journalist and as a favour for running out on her friend’s birthday she agrees to work on the story he was assigned. While researching for said story, Ellie finds a love letter signed only as ‘Boot’.

Ellie goes on a journey to find out more about these letters and Jennifer tries to find out more about her life. Slowly, the movie turns into a beautiful watch and is so heartwarming that you’ll end up rooting for pretty much every main character in here.

Solid 10/10!

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Super Flaky Crust Brownies!

I’m such a big time brownie lover that I’m always on the hunt for a great recipe that can give me the best of all I want – fudgy, chocolately and a super flaky crust! A few weeks ago I hit the perfect recipe and after a few tweaks I present my yummmm brownies!

Here is my recipe for you guys!

Ingredients: 2 blocks of dark chocolate, 1/4 cup coconut oil, 3 eggs, 1/4 cup sugar + 6 spoons of stevia, 1 cup flour, 1/4 cup cocoa powder, salt to taste.

1) In a microwave, melt the chocolate and then mix in the oil to the melted chocolate.

2) In a bowl, take eggs, sugar and stevia and mix till everything is dissolved.

3) Add flour and cocoa powder and your salt to the egg mixture and please, PLEASE use a spatula to mix! The batter will be so thick and yummy looking that it will mess up your whisk.

4) Now whisk in the chocolate mixture as well and once everything is combined, spread out on your baking tray! Top with chocolate chips.

5) Bake for 25 minutes or till your toothpick comes out with a bit of batter still stuck. Cool your brownies under the fan for half an hour and watch in magic as you get a flaky crust slowly :’)

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Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: Book Review

Lori Gottlieb’s book is a book like no other. She’s a therapist, a single mother, a best friend, and a royal mess. The almost 500 page book alternates between Lori’s patients – mostly three very different patients, and Lori’s own therapy sessions with Wes.

Maybe you should talk to someone is funny, heartbreaking, comforting, and super witty at the same time. The lives of every person in the book soon become like your own best friend’s life and you’re invested and you’re rooting for everyone to find happiness.

Lori Gottlieb is a brilliant writer: the book flows so seamlessly that you can’t put it down and unlike mystery novels where you are waiting forever the inevitable killer reveal, Maybe you should talk to someone makes you wait (and wait and wait) for everything to finally work out.

When the book does finally end, you’ve met and known these people for a whole year of their lives and you are left so much for the better. I’d say that Maybe you should talk to someone is definitely a must-read and a major comfort read whenever life feels like it’s going off the rails.

Rating: 4.5/5