The Blogger Recognition Award

I’m exactly 168 hours away from my Trimester end exams and yet here I am accepting awards and blogging away. (And I’ve eaten 5 Hersey’s Kisses in the past two minutes)

I was nominated by Pretty, Plus and Proud for this award and I’m super grateful! Her blog is fascinating and completely amazing. My absolute favourite thing is the name of her Blog and that often makes me wonder why I wasn’t this creative while coming up with mine!
Go check her blog out!


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How my blog started:
I started this blog back in 2010, when I was thirteen. Thus its name earlier was shivani13’s blog (a very, very, very obvious rip off of my best friend’s blog at the time). In all honesty, my earlier posts when I had just started out weren’t exactly good I’d say. They were quite random, and also quite long.

My blog’s never really had a theme, and probably never will. I think the best part about writing here is that no one that I know personally ever reads anything here which gives me complete freedom to write about anything and everything. I think limiting myself to a theme would pose quite a few hurdles, and thus I freestyle and write about whatever inspires me the most at that time – Books, movies, some exciting life event.

Its been seven years and I’ve to say I’m quite happy with how far I’ve come. I can write MUCH better than I did back when I was thirteen and I think writing here as been a huge part of my teenage years and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

My advice to people just starting out would be;

  1. Write about whatever YOU want – this means and includes you wanting to write a long essay on why you love pizza. Writing about what you want to write about is exactly how you’ll keep on writing.
  2. Don’t stress about the fact that you don’t have followers, writing here is for you and not necessarily for tons of people to read. Down the line, you will definitely end up with loads of followers because you’ll clearly be great at this blog writing thing.


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Fair Warning: Nominating People and linking their blogs will take 61423647 hours.

The Book List – Part Eight

January’s the month with exams and thus I lay off reading. Its sad and annoying but those novels can get way too distracting.

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS, I ate pizza at New Year’s Eve and thus can say safely that I bought in the new year happily, here’s hoping you guys did the same!

Now I ended 2016 with 46 books! That’s sixteen more books than I read in 2015 (self high-five!) And here’s five more books that I read last year:

36) When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi:
Last year I decided to start reading more of non-fiction and focusing a tiny bit more on autobiographies. When Breath Becomes Air is the autobiography of a neurosurgeon diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. It goes all the way from medical school, to his successful career and just when he’s at the height of his career and his personal life, he gets diagnosed. The book was published posthumously in January, 2016 and thus thee ending is quite clear. This book is heartbreaking as the author describes his journey from doctor to patient. Made me cry little bit.

37) Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie:
This was my third book by Salman Rushdie and by far the best one I’ve read as yet. The Man Booker Prize Winner in 1981 and the Best of the Booker winner in 1993 and 2008, this book is amazingly addictive. Once you start, you cannot and would not want to put it down. The book is narrated by Saleem, a boy who’s born in India on the eve of India’s partition on 15th August, 1947. Several other children like him are born all over India and Pakistan, thus named ‘Midnight’s Children’ and are special in their own way. The book alternates between Salem’s childhood, and his current life. This book is definitely a must read for anyone who enjoys reading.

38) The Absolutist by John Boyne:
One of my absolute favourite categories of books to read is books based in the World Wars or post-World Wars. This book is based in September, 1919 and follows the story of Tristan Stadler who goes to visit the his old friend Will’s sister. Will is dead and Tristan has letters that Will kept with him during the war which he takes to deliver to his sister. The book is sad and happy, brilliant and heartbreaking. Tristan’s journey right from his training, to war and to coming back to visit his best friend’s sister is enough to keep you from not putting this book down. Fair warning though: Nothing will hurt more than the ending of this book.

39) Mortal Fear by Robin Cook:
We made an impromptu trip to my grandfather’s house in the Diwali vacations and thus I was without any of my books, all of which I left back home. I found Mortal Fear in the basement of the house and decided to read it. This is a book published back in 1988 and focuses on patients of Dr. Jason Howard who end up mysteriously dying even after being given a clean bill of health just a month prior.
This book wasn’t really as interesting as I thought it would be and was one of the low sides of my reading in 2016.

40) 11//22/63 by Stephen King:
This was my first book by Stephen King and I have to say, I was extremely and completed not disappointed. Little warning before you read on: This is a novel with over 700 pages, takes quite a bit of patience and time.
The book narrates the story of a High School English teacher Jake Epping who ends up going back in time to save John F. Kennedy from being assassinated. The book is an absolute joy as a man living in the 2000’s adjusts to life in the late 1950’s. The book lives up to everything I’ve heard about Stephen King and is completely absorbing.

The Book List – Part Seven

2016’s almost over and here’s five more books I’ve read this year!

31) The Thomas Berryman Number by James Patterson:
Obviously, I’ve heard TONS about James Patterson. So I was very excited to read this book, also since this was his first book. I have to say though I wasn’t as fascinated by the book as I expected to be and looking back now, I can’t really remember the plot of the book. No more James Patterson for me, I guess.

32) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part I and Part II byJ. K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany:
I know what people have been saying about this, but nevertheless I LOVED this book. It isn’t Harry Potter so to expect that is completely wrong. The book does however mesmerize you at various parts. I had waited for this for very long and thus was very excited about it as well. There were still however some parts in the book that seemed too far fetched or non-Harry Potterish. Also, seeing Harry, Hermione and Ron all grown up isn’t exactly as much fun as thought. This book gives out Harry Potter vibes and in the end just makes you miss Harry more and more.

33)Room on the Roof by Ruskin Bond:
This is Ruskin Bond’s first novel and features a young boy named Rusty who lives in Dehradun, and is also an orphan. The book, like every other book is brilliant and beautiful. Ruskin Bond’s wiring is so simple and magical that it makes you cry and laugh at the same time.

34) Vagrants in the Valley by Ruskin Bond:
This book starts off where Room on the Roof ended. Ruskin Bond writes off a few characters from the first book and that hurt me the most because it meant losing my favourite character of the book. The book is equally beautiful and the end is little heartbreaking.

35) The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller:
This book. I have zero words. This was was my favourite read of this year. I couldn’t have possibly loved any book any more than this. Again, I found  this off a list of books with LGBTQ protagonists, and I’m so thankful my brother gifted it to me.
This book talks about Greek hero Achilles and his lover, Patroclus. The book is narrated by Patroclus  right from the time he first meets Achilles to their respective deaths. This book beautifully depicts their friendship, their love for each other, their bravery and it just a brilliant read over all. I finished the book in one day and cried tons after it. The writing is beautiful and for a debut novel, it is the greatest I have ever read. Ever since I’ve read this book, I’ve quite literally, asked every single person to read it.
This book is amazing and I keep it next to my bed so I can keep going back to it whenever.



The Book List – Part Six

Hi, gosh its been toooooo long since I did one of these! There was one time when I had nothing at all to blog about other than these books and I kept postponing it because I wanted to write about something else. And then suddenly there were only other posts and no Book Lists!

So now here’s five more books I’ve read and loved this year!

26) More Than This by Patrick Ness:
This book was another book that I found in a list of books with LGBT protagonists. But wow, this book was SO much more than just the protagonist, Seth’s sexual orientation. The book begins with Seth drowning. Seth commits suicide and he’s just 17. He drowns and then suddenly, he wakes up. However, he wakes up in a completely different place than where he’s lived the past ten years of his life.
This book goes from being slightly confusing as neither Seth nor the Reader know whats going on, to being absolutely brilliant and mind-blowing. The book follows Seth’s journey in this mysterious place and slowly shows why Seth decided to end his life.

27) Carry on by Rainbow Rowell:
Possibly the sixth book I’ve read this year off the list of books with LGBT protagonists (not sorry!). This book talks about Simon Snow, who studies at a wizardry school. If you just read the brief synopsis given at the back, the book seems a tiny bit weird and too mystical for a 19 year old. But, thats just how it seems. This book describes Simon’s life at school, his relationship with his roommate who’s a vampire, and who also hates him and focuses on a much, much bigger plot that Simon is a part of.
The book does give out Harry Potter vibes and ended up being one of my favourites this year!

28) The Partner by John Grisham:
Another one of my books on my journey to rediscover John Grisham this year. This book is the story of a Partner in a big law firm, who takes tons and tons of money from his partners, fakes his death and then disappears off to Brazil. The book is a dream come true for anyone who’s tired of working their ass off as a lawyer and suddenly finding a way to make quick and big money. The book follows him all the way from the United States to Brazil and then back to life.
The ending of the book will leave you flabbergasted. I guarantee it.

29) Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra by Ruskin Bond:
I don’t think I’ll ever stress on reading Indian authors as much as I stress on reading Ruskin Bond. Honestly, just start!
This book is an autobiography written as a set of short stories that have various stories from his childhood, to becoming to a writer, to family and every single person that has inspired him and left an impression on him all clubbed into one beautiful book. A complete must read!

30) Taken at the Flood by Agatha Christie:
Agatha Christie will always and forever be my favourite and I still haven’t read all her books! But I’m getting there :”)
This book is brilliant like everything she’s ever written. It tells the story of a family completely dependent on their uncle to die and leave them his inheritance. However, said uncle marries a young woman, invalidating his previous will and then dies leaving everything for her. The book has various complex characters and the ending will, like in every other Agatha Christie book, leave you super speechless.


300 Followers, what!?


Well, guess what? Yes, you’ve guessed correct! I’ve reached 300 Followers! I still can’t believe this because who would’ve ever thought that 300+ people would come across this blog and end up liking something and thus end up following it?



Thank you so so so much guys! Its an amazeballs feeling and I couldn’t ask for anything else!

Fantastic Beasts :”)

This movie. I have no words.

One thing that possibly everyone knows about me is that I’m a crazed Harry Potter fan; and thus when JKR announced this brilliant movie she was planning to make, I flipped out and I’m still flipping out all day.

Spoilers below, but everyone should’ve seen this movie by now it’s so beautiful you’ll cry! 

I admit I was all ready to cry and weep in this movie. This all brilliant and beautiful movie starts with the Warner Brothers Logo and guess what plays in the background? HEDWIG’S THEME. Yes yes yes yes! That beautiful Harry Potter music :”) So yes, that’s where my goosebumps started. The last time I’d heard this music on screen was back in 2011 so you can imagine my emotional state.

Eddie Redmayne is everything all at once – Happy, and funny, and cute, and beautiful and bags full of bubbliness. I had goosebumps atleast a hundred times during the movie including the times when Newt subtly makes a Quidditch reference, when they show the first shot of MACUSA, and my absolute favourite was the part when Newt enters his little suitcase and you see a whole HUGE, HUGE world down there.

The biggest reveal of the movie is by far the fact that Ezra Miller, who plays Credence who everyone widely believes to be a squib is actually the dark force they’ve been hunting! And also, JOHNNY DEPP PLAYS GELLERT GRINDLEWALD YOU GUYS CAN WE JUST CRY AND BE HAPPY AND KEEP CRYING TILL WE SEE HIM AGAIN ❤

Oh and Newt carries around a picture of a girl named Leta Lestrange, someone who he clearly has very strong feelings for. (See the surname!)

This movie is so so so beautiful and amazing and everything I’ve waited and dreamed for since Harry Potter’s last movie and I couldn’t be anymore satisfied and happy. Eddie Redmayne is a dream come true and you’re lying if you don’t crush majorly on him. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will make you cry and jump and dance and if it doesn’t you’re definitely not human!