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Missin’ Zayn Malik

It’s 25th of July, so it’s 5 months since Zayn Malik quit One Direction. When I think about it, I didn’t feel very upset for very long when he left. Maybe, just maybe because I didn’t like the bad as much as I did three years ago. But, I was heartbroken.

I haven’t seen them in concert, and probably never will, but Zayn Malik left, before I could even have a slight chance to see them. So, yes I was heartbroken. I have to admit I even cried for like five minutes.

When I was listening to one of their old songs and Zayn Malik was singing, I think I realized how bad I actually felt back then in March. My all time favourite band had lost one member and now I know I couldn’t deal with them losing another member or breaking up before I’m old enough to manage myself emotionally.


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Puffy Eyes

I keep reading how people get ‘red, puffy eyes’ after crying a lot. And I’ve never really understood it. I mean, what are puffy eyes? So yesterday, when I had finally finished my 9 episode marathon of Grey’s Anatomy, for the first time, I realised what red, puffy eyes really are.

I’m home all alone for three days so when I started my marathon yesterday I had complete and full freedom to cry, and cry ALOT over my favourite character’s death. I probably choose the 9 worst episodes ever for a marathon that ended at 2:30 AM the next morning. My evening was literally filled only with tears and tissue papers and ice cream.

Spoilers if you haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy Season 5

So my favouritest character in all of TV world, George O’Malley died, and Izzie Stevens almost died. I was a wreck. It sounds funny and artificial to sob over fictional characters death, but it was so heartbreaking!

Now I FINALLY know what it really means when you have puffy eyes cause I slept at 3:00 AM and woke up at 5:00 AM for college and all I had were sad, puffy eyes because George O’Malley died and I’m a sucker for TV shows.

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Shivani is awesome;

No, this blog post does not talk about how awesome I am. Seriously. Not so self-obsessed after all.

So this post is about Shivani! She’s an amazing person and she has an even greater personality. She’s my actual internet friend, and she helped me through some problems last month, and I’m eternally grateful.

Also, she’s younger to me so going to her with my problems does seem a tiny miny bit unfair. But she’s so great and she doesn’t know how much she ended up helping me.

Honestly, I think everyone should become friends with her because I’m dead serious when I say people like her are rare. Thank you Shivani, keep being awesome!

She’s a blogger too and she has an amazing, amazing blog, so all you peeps go follow her!