“Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday,graduating high school,saying goodbye. The feeling that you get at seventeen or eighteen that no one in the history of the world has ever been this close, has loved as fiercely or laughed as hard or cared as much. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday,and yet sometimes it feels like someone else’s ,memory.”
-Lucas Scott,One Tree Hill 5×01

“Sometimes it f…

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“Its all so complicated.”,Shane murmured. “What is?”,his girlfriend Haley looked up. “Goodbye.” Haley looked at him sprawled on the bed. She walked over to him. “Its really not. People say goodbye is forever but I think when someone does say goodbye,in a way they always let you know if you’ll be seeing them again.” Shane watched her as she lay down next to him. He took a deep breath as he got ready to be blown away by the magic of her stories. 

“The first type of goodbye is really simple you know. Its final. When someone dies,its goodbye of soughts because you’re never going to see them again,right?” Shane nodded slowly. 

Louis waited patiently next to his uncle John. It had been over two hours now since his grandpa had been taken to the hospital. He was becoming very restless now. He jumped off the sofa and went into his grandpa’s room. He sat quietly trying to take in the events of the past few hours. His eyebrows furrowed up as he realised that he remembered everything clearly. They had been watching baseball,him and his grandpa. Their team was winning. They high-fived as their favourite player completed another home run. Everything had seemed  so normal. And then without any warning grandpa had started feeling breathless. He collapsed onto the floor almost immediately. Louis had run off to wake his parents up in the next room. Uncle John had been telephoned and the ambulance too. And then Louis had watched terrified as his parents helped them load his grandfather onto the ambulance and left him alone with his uncle. Louis sighed as he got up to go back to his uncle. “I wanna see him.”,uncle John looked up. “Not now,champ. When your parents say so.” Louis rolled his eyes and was about to take off when he heard uncle John’s cellphone vibrating slightly. He spoke briefly into the handset and looked up. “Grab your jacket. Your grandpa’s awake and he wants to see you.” Louis wasted no time,and soon they were in the hospital looking for his parents. “He wanted to talk you to.”,his mom explained. Louis opened the door quietly and walked in. Grandpa looked weak. So weak,and fragile. He sat down next to him. “Hey kiddo.”,his grandpa opened his eyes. “Hi grandpa. I’m glad you’re okay.”,Louis smiled. Louis felt his grandpa choke back tears. “I won’t be for long son. My body is wearing out you see.” Louis wanted to protest. He wanted grandpa to know everything would be fine. But he stayed quiet and let him continue,”I’m proud of you,you’ve achieved so much. And you’ll do great. You’re a great kid.”,he said weakly. Louis felt his eyes water up. He didn’t want grandpa to die. “But this is goodbye kiddo.”,and that was it. The funeral was later that week. Louis grew up soon after that.’

“So thats the first kind. Death is always permanent,permanent goodbye.”,Haley said quietly. Shane looked up at the ceiling. “What else?”,he asked quietly.

‘Lionel Messi was by far the greatest footballer ever. He had trophies and records,and no one took take that away. But everyone knew he couldn’t last forever. It was his time to retire. 20 glorious years and no one could have asked for a better career. He had countless trophies to his name and even more associated with his club. One of the greatest club sides to ever grace the game-Barcelona. What Lionel Messi had achieved was impossible to fathom. No one had seen such a great player,and then when he announced that the last league match against old time rivals Real Madrid would be last,no one wanted to believe it. The fans cried,and the players cried. But Messi seemed calm. He always did. It was a tribute to his legacy. The best footballer ever in Argentina. The greatest Catalan player. The best footballer in the world. It was house full at the Camp Nou stadium. Banners flew everywhere to mark the great man’s goodbye. Fans chanted their songs and the Barcelona team stood quietly ad they bade farewell to a truly great man. The stadium went into a sudden quietness. But that kind of quietness that warmed your heart in a way. Millions of people watched as the Barcelona team walked out to a guard of honour given by their rivals. And one could only wonder how many Lionel Messi had received. He walked as he always did. With the same poise and the figure of a humble man ever grateful to the world. The fans watched him play,like he always did. He didn’t seem a day older than he was when he first set his foot on this ground over two decades ago. It seemed like a dream. And then it ended. Barcelona won 2-0 and Lionel Messi gave the heartfelt speech they all expected him to give. It seemed like a lifetime ago when young Messi played his first game dodging people double his age,playing with the same magic everyone had come to love. He thanked everyone,and then he thanked the fans. They cheered louder than ever. He walked off with his team back inside to pack up his bags for one last time. But everyone knew deep down,this was not the last they would see of Lionel Messi.’

“So thats the second kind. Goodbye to a sport is never really goodbye. They always come back. As coaches,commentators and whatnot’s. They know that,the fans know that and so this goodbye its temporary.” Shane thought about it for a minute. He was surprised had how right Haley would be all time. He nodded towards her. “Okay and what else?”,he asked. “The last one.”

‘Sam and Jack had been friends all through out their lives. There were no other kids in the neighbourhood and they both had always been there for each other. But honestly,they were desperately waiting for college to start. To make new friends. To have a different life. Jack knocked on the door and waited just for half a second before Sam’s tired face opened it. This had literally been their routine since they were five. Either one of them would go to the other’s house and they’d play video games till it was time to go home. And then they would do it all over again the next day. People marveled at their friendship but if you looked deep down to their soul you would probably see the boys dead tired of each other. But they played together. They played and then when it was time to go home Sam saw Jack to the door. “Goodbye,see you tomorrow?”,Jack nodded and then headed off into the night.’

“Thats the third kind. A goodbye which is nothing but a formality. You see these people everyday and sometimes you form bonds. But then soon you die inside. Its like you’re stuck in the same place you were five years ago and the faces don’t change. So you get tired. You get tired of your life and the familiar faces,and goodbye becomes a formality. No emotion.”,Haley got up now. “Its funny. People think death is the worst kind of goodbye but its really the third kind. No one knows,but you’re slowly suffocating and drowning in your life and those special bonds you make with people soon die with time. Its really the worst thing a person can feel.” She got up quietly and went inside the bathroom. Shane wondered where she had found these stories from,and was about to ask her when he heard her sobbing away behind the locked door. He looked at it helplessly and sat down next to it waiting for her.