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Recent Netflix history!

This whole month I’ve spent in front of my TV screen watching netflix all day (or binge-watching one tree hill).

Here’s what I’ve watched over this month!

1) Elite: This is a Spanish show and so I had to watch it with English subtitles (I also tried the English dubbed version but that seems really weird). The show itself is great – Its about an elite school where three new kids get admission through a scholarship. The show has eight episodes and is a flashback to the days the new kids spend in this school which ultimately lead to a murder.

2) Bandersnatch: There are only a handful of people now who don’t really know about Bandersnatch. Bandersnatch is Netflix’s first interactive movie. Though the movie itself seems really pointless, the whole act of sitting there and choosing what your character is doing (right from the cereal he has to eat to whether he should kill his father), the movie is great. I watched for a whole two hours choosing away!

3) Manto: Manto is a Hindi movie based on the life of Pakistani poet Sadat Hassan Manto who on various occasions had been arrested for obscenity in his writings. The movie is beautiful. All throughout, Manto’s poems are recited and the movie follows his life from being in India to moving to Pakistan after partition. In my opinion, it is a must watch.

4) Soorma: Soorma literally translates to ‘Warrior’. Soorma is a movie based on the true life story of an Indian Hockey player who just before playing in the world cup, was injured by a stray bullet while traveling in the train to join the Indian team. This injury then left him paralysed from the waist down at the age of twenty. The movie showcases his life from his childhood, his injury, and his ultimate return to the team as its captain. The movie made me cry at various points and is beautiful.