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Every TV show I’ve watched in 2020 rated and ranked! – Part I

For this totally random list that I’ve made over the last few months, I added only TV shows I’ve started in this year – so that means I excluded shows that I’ve been watching for a while and I only watched new seasons of this year (Eg: Queer Eye, 13 Reasons Why, Money Heist, Elite and so, so, so many more), or shows that I’ve re-watched (Eg: Supernatural).

So here is every single TV show I’ve watched this year rated and ranked for you!

  1. Shameless US – Definitely my favourite show from this year. It was filled with laughter, and love, and drama, and so much more: 9/10

  2. Hollywood – This Netflix original blew my mind because the first two episodes had me so confused as to where it was going and then the rest of the episodes put every single thing into perspective and it was just amazing: 8.7/10

  3. Bojack Horseman – I struggled through the first season but everything was worth it in the end. BJ hits you in a way no other show has ever, and delivers life truths in a way you’d least expect: 8.5/10

  4. Hit The Floor – This Vh1 original was a show I stumbled upon really randomly and I’ll tell you upfront – I only decided to watch it because of a power couple I found online. I watched only 3 out of the 4 seasons because I also found out that the couple breaks up in the fourth (and final) season. Other than that this show was full of dance, drama, murder, and love and a great break from regular Netflix dramas: 8.2/10

  5. The Good Place – Kristen Bell stars as Eleanor Shellstrop who dies and ends up in The Good Place (heaven). What follows is four seasons of laughter, drama, crazy twists and a really great finale. I’m not a huge fan of sit-coms but this is pretty much a must-watch: 8.2/10
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Recap: Supernatural Season 5, Episode 3

Supernatural has been my favourite for a really, really long time now (10 years, yup). A while back, I started contemplating re-watching the whole thing; especially since its running on its last season right now. Being stuck at home and watching Netflix has become pretty mundane and so last week, I did finally start Supernatural all over again.

My first time around, Season 5 was my favourite season – I still stand by it, Season 5 is an emotional ride in itself. Over this last week of Supernatural, I’ve realized that I have forgotten bits and pieces here and there. And thats how I realized that I had forgotten what an absolute gem Season 5 Episode 3 “Free to Be you and me” was.

Its the first episode in which Sam and Dean are separated voluntarily after Sam tells Dean that he thinks he should take a step back and Dean agrees saying that worrying about Sam was making him inefficient at the job. The episode sees Cas and Dean team up when Cas comes asking for help in trying to find the archangel Raphael. Cas and Dean have been in each other’s life for almost over a year now, and its so easy to see how much they’ve already impacted each other; how much they’ve changed each other. So when Cas comes asking for help, even though Dean seems reluctant he agrees.

The episode basically is a mini tribute to what Cas and Dean will become for each other in the years to come (especially since you already know). So many firsts happen in this episode. Its the first time Cas impersonates a FBI agent along with Dean by his side.

Its the first time since they’ve known each other that they spend real quality time together – like friends. While waiting on Raphael, when Dean finds out that Cas is a virgin, he takes it upon himself to ensure that Cas does not die a virgin and the two of them take a trip to the local strip club. In a hilarious turn of events, Cas and Dean end up running out of the place with Dean in a fit of laughter and watching it made me realise that I hadn’t seen Dean Winchester laughing in a long time.

The episode also does follow Sam and what he’s been up to, but seeing Cas and Dean team up for the first time, puts everything else in the background. Cas has been looking for his father (God) for a while now and this is what he needs Raphael for. When Raphael strongly suggests that God is dead, Cas looks broken. Dean has never been one for emotional conversations even when he feels every emotion so strongly. He constantly dodges them with Sam, Bobby or anyone else important to him. So believe me when I say, it will melt your heart to watch Dean ask Cas “Are you okay?” and then go on to tell him that he understands what Cas is feeling and if you already haven’t fallen in love with this friendship, you will when Dean gives Cas heartfelt advice to help him keep looking for his father.

Its not hard to miss how much Cas has changed Dean, but its not hard to miss how much Dean has changed Cas too. Just before disappearing again, Cas asks Dean if he’s okay, if he’s doing fine without his brother and in just over a year, Cas has gone from a soldier following orders to a worried friend.

“Free to Be you and me” remind me why Season 5 has always been my favourite – because its just the beginning of a friendship that it going to survive so much more than anything else survives on this show. The episode ends with Cas going back to looking for his father, Sam getting a dream visit from Lucifer who confirms that Sam will be his true vessel, and Dean driving back alone. But the episode is just the beginning.

Rating: 8/10

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My Top 4 Mickey Milkovich lines:

Mickey Milkovich quickly became one of my favourite characters on Shameless purely because of how much he changed over the years, and because so much of that change was either because of love, or for love. This is my list of my Top 4 Mickey lines which when I first heard I melted.

  1. Season 10, Episode 11: “Location, Location, Location”

Noel pours so much emotion in this one line and its over in one second but I love it so much.

2. Season 10, Episode 10: “Now Leaving Illinois”

Just watch the scene and tell me that his raw love in this line doesn’t get the best of you!

3. Season 7, Episode 10: “Ride or Die”

From “Not everyone gets to blurt out how they really feel” to this historic line, HOW can anyone not see how much in love Mickey has always been?

4. Season 5, Episode 6: “Crazy Love”

I was already mostly crying in this episode so Mickey declaring this was one of the emotionally good parts of this episode.

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Quote 1.12

I finished Bojack Horseman’s season 2 last night and it was so much better than the first one. I was actually surprised by how quickly I finished this second season. This season follows Bojack working his dream job on the Secretariat movie but it also simultaneously follows Diane [working on the same movie], Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd’s new friendship amongst so many other things.

Every episode is fresh and in typical Bojack fashion leaves really great life lessons for you. The finale ends with these exact words and I couldn’t believe how underrated this show is!

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Binging Shameless and saying goodbye to Fiona Gallagher

I finished Season 10 of Shameless US last night, and let me tell you that if you’re looking for new things to watch and get hooked to – Shameless is it.

Running a total of 122 episodes spanning over 10 seasons (with the final season set to debut in November, 2020), Shameless is a re-make of its UK version on air since 2011. The show spans across the lives of the Gallagher family as their eldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum) raises her five siblings in the absence of their drug addicted mother and their deadbeat father Frank (William Macy).

I’ve thought about watching Shameless all of last year but always thought that 10 seasons was a long commitment and I didn’t want another long show to sit through (Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy). So this year, I debated over two days whether to watch it or not – and this debate with myself began after quarantine had begun. It is now safe to say that starting Shameless was one of the best decisions I’ve made during this time.

Every season has 12 episodes (with the exception of Season 9 with 14), and episodes run for an hour. Every single Gallagher faces various problems throughout the seasons and most seasons have you following a separate storyline for each family member. With a variety of really good supporting actors (Joan Cusack, Noel Fisher), Shameless never disappoints you with anything – dialogues, plot twists, monologues, romance, nudity.

Season 9 ends with Fiona leaving and moving on from her family. Fiona is 28 in this final season and correctly realizes that she’s done everything she could have to raise her siblings. The finale of Season 9 will hit you SO hard – whether Fiona has been your favourite Gallagher or not. The whole episode follows her around debating about leaving and when she does finally leave, you won’t not cry.

I’ve always had mixed feelings for Fiona. Emmy Rossum portrays her complex character to perfection and so many episodes have always left me in awe of her (when she gets a full-time job, when she gets the kids back from child services, when she stands up to the racist neighbour), but I also mostly hated Fiona during various seasons. Its very hard to completely hate her especially seeing all she does for her family and thats why saying goodbye to her is even harder.

If you’re also sitting at home and have a ton of time on your hands, watch Shameless because you will not be disappointed.

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One year on: Malec & Shadowhunters

Exactly an year ago today, I sat and binged through Shadowhunters’ first season and a few days later binged the thing in its entirety and totally loved it. Shadowhunters gave me a lot of new things – new music, new couples to fangirl over, new actors to ridiculously follow and new books to read [because I actually sat and read all the Mortal Instruments books just to see what content got made into the show.]

One year on, I am weirdly proud to say that I still sometimes re-watch a ton of scenes from Shadowhunters, I still listen to the music from the show on repeat, and I still fangirl over Malec.

I’ve actually always been a fan of shows tjat end properly and don’t get cancelled abruptly. As much as I loathe a show ending, a great ending is something I’m always on board for. After Shadowhunters ended, I was not disappointed one bit – mostly because Malec got their much deserved happy ending, but also because the ending was quite good [completely opposite of the books – but good.]

If you’ve also absolutely loved Shadowhunters on some level, here are shows you can watch to deal with Shadowhunters withdrawal:

  1. Merlin
  2. I am not Okay with this
  3. Stranger Things
  4. Supernatural
  5. Teen Wolf

Happy Quarantine Watching!

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The saddest Shameless US episode ever:

Ever since I’ve started watching Showtime’s Shameless, I’ve been hopelessly in love with it. The story follows the life of the Gallagher family with their alcoholic deadbeat father and six kids who have to learn how to live by themselves. Its a remake of the UK version, but this one is SO SO much better.

It has 10 seasons with 12 episodes each and almost every other episode will make your heart bleed. Every single Gallagher member goes through problems of their own and it’ll be a miracle if you don’t end up falling head over heels for at least 2 family members. [I obviously have a favourite Gallagher and a favourite couple and a favourite season].

Season 5, Episode 6 is the most heartbreaking episode I have seen in a drama series in the last five years for sure. Titled ‘Crazy Love’, the episode finds the family and Mickey looking for Ian who’s kidnapped a baby and run away in a car confirming everyone’s fears that he may in fact be bipolar. I read this article that said that Season 5 was Cameron Monaghan‘s season to shine, and shine he does. After being mostly absent from Season 4, Cameron Monaghan brings Ian through in so many ways this season, with the best being in Episode 6 because watching it, you will never believe that Season 5 Ian and Season 1 Ian are the same – and that is exactly what acting is.

The whole episode is nothing but a huge emotional turmoil for the Gallaghers, for Mickey, and for you watching it. With a few other storylines progressing, nothing seems more important than Ian and his disease. The episode ends with the family finally finding him and admitting him in a psych ward and this gives the best Ian and Mickey moment ever since the show has started.

In another great moment, Mickey leaves an unbearably emotional message for Ian that brings along with it the first I love you for Gallavich and you will be kidding yourself if you think you haven’t waited forever for it. In a span of three seasons, Noel Fisher‘s Mickey goes from just beating people up to becoming the three dimensional character you know he can be.

All in all, the 58 minute run is an emotional rollercoaster that will remind you once again why you absolutely love Shameless. Plus, Season 5 is probably one of the best seasons the show’s produced.

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Elite Season 3

Elite is Netflix’s Spanish original about a private school that is gripped with tragedy and suspense right from Season 1.

Season 3 dropped last night and as I expected from myself, I started and finished in half a day. If you’ve seen the trailer then you know that Polo dies in this season and we’re obviously dying to find out who kills him finally ending the whole Marina disaster.

This season has eight episodes and in my personal opinion, this is the best season that show has produced in these last three years. You will be hooked from the very first episode and every single new revelation will keep you guessing about who actually did it.

There were a few things that I absolutely LOVED about this new season and I was really glad about how they progressed through the episodes.

1) Lu and Nadia’s friendship: This is a friendship I’ve been dying to see happen since the very first time I saw them on screen together. When it finally did happen, it did not disappoint one bit. Lu and Nadia have come so far from when they first met and it shows so clearly in the last episode. (Spoiler: I cried)

2) Samuel and Carla: Only my second favourite couple on this show, Sarla (as I call them), barely have screen time with each other in this season but the few times they do – they are beautiful and they are totally meant to be and all I cared about was the pure hope that ending gave them.

3) Omar tells Ander he’d stay with him for a 100 years: Who am I kidding when I say I’m NOT totally in love with this couple from Day 1. They’ve been through so much and they started so randomly that I cannot help but cheer for every small thing they achieve or overcome together. This season hits them really hard and as always, they come out on top. Daam, I love them.

4) Guzman tells Samuel he never thought he’d be glad to see him: What has this season not given to me? Samuel and Guzman’s friendship did start last season but this season makes them one. They support each other, they stop each other from making stupid decisions and they’re always there for each other.

If you’ve never watched Elite, then PLEASE, just start.
And if you’re waiting to binge the new season, then just do it!

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5 Days, 3 Seasons: Vh1’s Hit The Floor

I stumbled upon Vh1’s Hit The Floor really, really randomly and it really stole the entirety of my heart. Hit The Floor follows the story of the LA basketball team (The Devils) and their dance troupe (The Devil Girls). The show debuted in 2013 and the first season runs for 10 episodes. I zoomed through the first seven episodes because once you start you become insanely hooked.


The show has a stellar caste of actual dancers playing dancers that makes the whole thing SO much more sexy. It has crazy good storylines and quality content that ensures you come back.

I might be a little biased because of how much I enjoyed this show – but all you really need is one episode and you’ll be biased too. More than just dancing and basketball, the show regularly focuses on minor subplots of various family, friendship and romantic relationships within this huge organization itself. (I, obviously have a favourite couple)

What I really loved about this show was how causally it turns a regular conversation between two people into a strong learning point. But if great dancing, amazing chemistry, really good music and plot don’t impress you – just watch Vh1’s Hit The Floor for the SUPER good looking cast: both male and female.

The show ran till 2016 and had a Special come out after that in 2016 itself before getting canceled and then picked up again by BET in 2018. But the 2018 renewal changed many things and many characters and for me personally, the show reached its resolution in 2016’s special (and I absolutely loved it).

So, if you’re wondering what next to watch on Netflix, just leave that and go watch Vh1’s Hit The Floor. 

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Fresh Netflix 2.0: The Witcher (2020)


If you’re watching Netflix’s The Witcher without having ever read the books or played the games (like me) – then you’re in for a crazy treat. Henry Cavill plays a scary looking dude who hunts monsters for a living and (apparently) feels no emotions and honestly, he does a mind blowing job of it.

I’ll admit that the first three episodes felt really slow and it took me some determination to get to the fourth one – but when I did get to the fourth one, I did not stop. The Witcher follows the stories of three individuals whose lives have been intertwined by destiny and every episode leaves you these really small clues to understand it all better. The episodes run a full hour and can get exhausting but believe me when I say the last episode is all worth it.

There’s not much I can say about the episodes without really spoiling them other than the fact that every character is played brilliantly, the story is told so vividly that you can’t help but want to know everything and the pieces of the puzzle fit so perfectly that it really surprised me that this was a Netflix show.

If reviews, books and games are not enough for you, binge-watch The Witcher for Henry Cavill and how good he looks shirtless.