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Yesterday night was The Global Citizen Festival in Mumbai. Back in September when tickets were being sold, my dad and I tried are hardest to get them but couldn’t and I was completely and fully heartbroken. And then on Tuesday of this week, I won tickets to the festival! All throughout when I wasn’t going to go I tried to convince myself saying that Coldplay will probably just perform a few songs, or perform for a few minutes, but in reality, I knew If I didn’t end up going I would cry and die and then cry again.

But I went for it! And it was the greatest experience of my life. A life changing experience. A once in a lifetime kind of a thing. An experience I strongly believe everyone needs to live through atleast once in their lives, and then twice, and then thrice and then spend all your life’s earnings on it.

The Festival started at 1:30 PM and Coldplay came at 8:30 PM, but God I’d be lying straight if I said it wasn’t all worth it. There were a few other artists and performers that I was super excited about, but no one that could compare to Coldplay.

The Vamps performed as well and I LOVED watching their cute little faces all over again. My three favourite members of The East India Comedy performed and I love seeing their faces again as well! And then Coldplay performed and my life can’t honestly get any better.

They sang for two hours. TWO HOURS. They gave us a proper concert and I cried at various parts some of which included when Fix You ended, when Chris Martin sang in Hindi! (went to Heaven and came back!), and when they sang A Sky Full of Stars.

I jumped and sang and screamed and recorded and took pictures and LOVED, LOVED it to another level. 90% I have no words to describe the feeling this brilliant feeling that this brilliant band gives me every single time they sing. I knew I would cry and I cried. And I was right when I said I couldn’t go without not watching them live and them breaking up. I’d rather die than watch Coldplay break up.

They sang every single song I’d dreamed of listening to live and I can’t wait to go again. My only single regret was that my brother couldn’t come because I would’ve given anything to make him experience this with me.

Nothing in my life will ever live up to a Coldplay concert which why I strongly think everyone on this planet needs to watch them. And if you’re not a Coldplay fan I don’t know why you exist, go review your life choices.

I had the best, best, best night of my life and I don’t think I’d even forget it.




Overcrowded Spaces and Happy Music!

Hi you guys! I had such an amazing night yesterday I think I’m going to cry while reliving it!

I went to watch The Vamps performing! (They’re one of my favouritesssssttttttt bands)

So, recently The Vamps collaborated with this Indian music producers duo called Vishal-Shekhar and released a song called Beliya (which I LOVE), please go listen to it and love it along with me :”)


After the release of this song, they made the best decision any band I love could ever make: They decided to come to India!

So, The Vamps are here, in the same city as me, breathing the exact same air and living in the very same timezone that I live in! (I don’t sound like a 20 year old any longer)

And thus I went and saw them! They performed at his place called The Hard Rock Cafe in Andheri(W) and I went by myself, but God, I had such a great, great, great time! Once they came and started singing, I was transformed into a squealing 13 year old hormonal girl and I have zero apologies for that.

The performance wasn’t as long as I’d want to see their perfect faces for ( ideally, all my life ), but but but, it was beautiful! I sang and screamed and took pictures and was so so content and proud of myself for going. Towards the end of their performance, James took of his shirt and blessed us all with his beautiful bod. Heaven x 69

Here are some of the pictures from my amazeballs night! ❤






Half A Year Playlist

I’ve had major, major writer’s block for the past two months. It’s annoying and frustrating and I hate all parts of it. So this is something to cheer my sad, uninspired self up!

Every time I find a new song/album/artist that I really like, I spend weeks listening to just them. Since almost half of 2016 is up, here’s 10 songs I’ve listened to non-stop for the major part of these 5.5 months!


  1. Heaven by Troye Sivan
  2. Talk me Down by Troye Sivan (also to save up spots for other artists, just the whole of Troye Sivan’s new album: Blue Neighbourhood)
  3. Everglow by Coldplay
  4. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
  5. When we were Young by Adele
  6. Million Words by The Vamps
  7. Up & Up by Coldplay
  8. Missing you by All Time Low
  9. Take me Home by Jess Glynne
  10. Chains by Nick Jonas

Happy Birthday Chris Martin!

Happiest birthday to the greatest person ever created because if Coldplay didn’t exist and make beautiful music, the music world would be a shitty place.

Also if Chris Martin didn’t write perfect lyrics and make everyone cry with his words, where would we get all those pretty words as captions on a million, trillion pictures of anything and everything?

Happy 39th Birthday Christopher Anthony John Martin, thank you for all the magic ❤

Edward Christopher Sheeran!

Since today is 1st October, it’s been exactly 7 months since I saw the greatest human being on earth A.K.A Ed Sheeran in concert! And yes, it was the best night of my life. If you peeps want to know how awesomely great that night was, go read my old post *secretly trying to publicize my own post*:


Now every time I see people crying over how they haven’t been able to see Ed Sheeran in concert, I internally laugh at them because that’s just how I am :”)
Here’s to the bestestest night everrrrr

Hello, happiness <3

Hello, happiness ❤



Missin’ Zayn Malik

It’s 25th of July, so it’s 5 months since Zayn Malik quit One Direction. When I think about it, I didn’t feel very upset for very long when he left. Maybe, just maybe because I didn’t like the bad as much as I did three years ago. But, I was heartbroken.

I haven’t seen them in concert, and probably never will, but Zayn Malik left, before I could even have a slight chance to see them. So, yes I was heartbroken. I have to admit I even cried for like five minutes.

When I was listening to one of their old songs and Zayn Malik was singing, I think I realized how bad I actually felt back then in March. My all time favourite band had lost one member and now I know I couldn’t deal with them losing another member or breaking up before I’m old enough to manage myself emotionally.


Time’s forever frozen still; Ed Sheeran.

Ed-Sheeran21st March,2015. Best day of my life? Best day of my life.

Back in the 11th grade, my best friends and I made crazy plans that involved touring the whole world to watch our favourite bands performing, because let’s face it, no artist we appreciated was ever going to land in this country.

“Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?”
“Not when this is the result”

On my birthday, my best friend called up to tell me that Edward Christopher Sheeran was coming to our big yet insignificant city. Best gift ever? Yes. Because if Ed Sheeran’s music doesn’t make you want to run in slow motion throw a meadow, I doubt you’re human.
Ed Sheeran was the first person in our list of “Concerts we want to go for but can’t because we live in an insignificant part of the world” So if Ed Sheeran was coming, we were not missing it. So my best friend(Let’s call him A), A and I, we booked our tickets. But we were missing something. My other cute best friend(Teddy, because he’s as cuddly as a bear.) Teddy’s studying business management in London, and so though it was Ed Sheeran, and though it was bound to be the best night of our stupid uneventful lives, we really(really,really) missed Teddy.

So Ed Sheeran came on 1st March,2015 and we reached at 6:00 PM, and he came to sing at 7:30 PM. We used to fangirl so much back at school, but never did we fangirl as hard as we did on Sunday night.
While we were waiting for Ed Sheeran’s perfect concert to start, we were discussing what songs will be the end of us if he sings them.
A’s buddy,”If he sings I’m A Mess, I’ll die.”
A,”So will she.”
Me,”And photograph. If he sings photograph I will defs die.”

And he opened with ‘I’m a mess’. It was nothing less than perfect. We sang, and we screamed, and we recorded almost everything he sang and said. He wore a blue kurta and he looked so super adorable. He asked us to sing along and said these exact words,
“Its my first time in India and I’m in love with it, the people here are so friendly!”

He sang drunk and lego house and said he was surprised that so many miles away from UK we knew the words to his songs.(perfect songs, I say)
After a few songs, he started stringing on his acoustic guitar. The three of us(Me,A and A’s buddy) took turns to guess the song. And he started singing the lines of ‘Photograph’. And yes I had the freakiest fangirl reaction ever. I looked at A and his buddy and well obviously he read my mind and said,”Yes, yes recording.”
That song was so much of perfection that I was literally on the verge of tears. The ending of the song says “And on the way,I will remember how you kissed me, under the lamppost back on 6th street, hearing you whisper through the phone, wait for me to come home.” And the way he sang it, wow. Just wow. I always wondered what it would be like to hear Ed Sheeran singing live. Incomparable to anything else ever.

When he began Take It Back and You Need Me I Don’t Need You, I think everyone in the ground died forever. He was rapping, and he isn’t even a rapper. And no one could sing along because he was singing with so much of perfection, that we all just listened. For A-Team, he made us hold up the light in our phones, and by now everyone knows it looks sublime.

He told us about how he always feels awkward at hip-hop concerts because all people do is bounce and jump(I share that feeling), but admitted it looks amazing when everyone does it in sync. So for the chorus of bloodstream he asked all of us to raise our hands and bounce when the beat drops. Yes, I hate doing all of that, but when Ed Sheeran asks you to do something you don’t say no.

He sang around 17 songs and he sang for two hours, and believe me when I say it was perfection. Its been a few days now and he’s long gone from our city, but : We saw Ed Sheeran live, and we’re never ever going to get over it.