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Quote Challenge: Day 1

Well first, a huge thank you to for nominating me for the Quote Day Challenge!

So this challenge require the nominee’s to follow the following three steps ;

Post your 3 favourite quotes, one each for three consecutive days.
With each post nominate three bloggers for the challenge.
Recognise the blogger who nominated you.

I’ve always loved quotes by all kinds of people. So many people can use the language in a great, great way and nothing is more commendable.

So here’s my first quote by John Lennon;


So I would like to nominate these great people:

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Last day Friendship

To me, he was always the ‘cute guy’. Right till the first half of the day he was supposed to leave, he was the ‘cute guy’. It was that second half of the day that changed everything.

It was his last day at the internship and our boss decided to give him a little farewell and take all of us out for cupcakes. Before we all went out, my boss, ‘cute guy’ and I, we sat finishing the last bit of our work. It was probably the most fun I ever expected to have at work. We laughed, and joked and then when we went out for cupcakes, we had the greatest time.

So in a space of three and a half hours, he went from being ‘cute guy’ to someone I was joking with and laughing with.

And I think for that last day, we were more friends than I’ve ever been with anyone. Ever.

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We’re Treble Winners :D

If you know me beyond this blog, then you probably know I’m jumping everywhere with excitement, and guess why?

FC Barcelona created history yesterday when they beat Juventus in the Champions League final, 3-1. They created history as they become one of the few teams to win a treble twice, created history as they now have 4 Champions League trophies in the last decade, and also created history because they become the only team in the Champions League having two players crossing the 10 goal mark in one season(Messi and Neymar).

So proud is definitely an understatement.

I’m over the moon with extreme happiness because we have the treble!

All people did this past season was doubt Barcelona and doubt Luis Enrique(the coach) and doubt every single player, including Messi. Winning the treble hopefully puts that doubt out of everyone’s head(including you two, father and brother!)

FC Barcelona are treble winners 😀