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The Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)

After being a huge fan of the books, I obviously already knew what exactly was going to happen in this final installment of the movie series. (Spoilers: I was going to witness the brutal and sad and heartbreaking death of my favourite character)

Despite knowing how the movie would end, I was still silently hoping that by some random miracle the Director would’ve decided to actually keep my baby (Newt – Played by Thomas Brodie Sangster) alive. The movie starts off where the previous movie ended – Thomas and his friends deciding to rescue Minho and save a ton of other kids. Though the main storyline and crux of the movie is the same as the book, there are major changes; the biggest being that Newt figures out all on his own that he isn’t immune to the virus.

The movie is full of plot twists for people who haven’t read the books and by far is the best movie of the franchise. It also has a gut-wrenching letter that Newt writes to Thomas and by far the saddest part of the movie is when Thomas reads it. The movie is exciting and fun and happy and super sad all at the same time. The biggest low point of the movie is the fact that Minho barely has any role at all – which is completely opposite to the book.

On a whole, The Death Cure made me cry loads (for obvious reasons) but really is quite worth watching for anyone looking to end the series 45% happily.


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Call Me By Your Name (2017)

I’m going to start off this movie review with four words – “Watch this movie now.”



Call Me By Your Name is essentially a love story. Its a love story between 17 year old Elio who’s spending his summer vacations at his family house, and 24 year Oliver who’s interning with Elio’s father.

This movie has everything. No exaggeration. It has brilliant acting by Timothée Chalamet so much so that he was nominated for an Oscar. It has a beyond brilliant soundtrack (my personal favourites are Mystery of Love and Visions of Gideon), and it has mind-blowing chemistry between Elio and Oliver – believe me, you will cry. The movie is based on a book by the same name and won the Academy Award for the Best Adapted Screenplay (so fucking well deserved)

The movie is just over 2 hours long and is beautiful and gut-wrenching, and I’ve re-watched my favourite scenes ten times. Call Me By Your Name is so beautifully simple that it sneaks into your heart and then messes with your mind at every step. Apart from the leads, Elio’s father is played by Michael Stuhlbarg and is by far my favourite character of the movie.

I’ve seen a ton of gay romance movies. And a ton of gay characters on a ton of different tv serials. I will say this. Call Me By Your Name is by far the best gay romance movie I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Granted, the movie is a little slow and without any action sequence that usually keeps the audience engaged, but the movie is so much more. I watched the movie two days ago and I really have no words to actually describe how the movie made me feel (warm, and fuzzy and happy and sad and teary-eyed)

My favourite part of the movie is when Elio’s mother translates a story for him and his father about a love struck man and quotes the following: “Is it better to speak or to die?” – the impact that this line has on the rest of the story line is monumental and won’t let you stop thinking about it.

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Jack sighed as he sat down on the park bench. He had no clue how things had reached here. No, scratch that – He knew exactly how. What he couldn’t comprehend at all was how Amy had just assumed that he hadn’t tried. Who was she to make that assumption? Who was she to come up to him and say that he wasn’t trying? If only she knew how much he was really trying.
And what was that question, “Do you want me in your life or not?” Of course he wanted her in his life! What would he do without her constant advice and brilliant solutions? No matter what he did, no matter what he said, no matter what he tried, he end up hurting Amy; and that had really never been his intention. Why would it be? Granted, he wanted to put some distance between the two of them, but purely for her benefit. Jack knew first hand how hard it was to be around someone whom you had unrequited feelings for. He did not want that for Amy. He knew he was the reason for at least 90% of Amy’s tears. Hell, she’d even told him about how stressed he made her day after day, and to be honest, anyone could see it on her face.

Jack stubbed his cigarette out and started scrolling through his messages. Their last fight had been the last straw. Jack had no energy whatsoever left to fight her, or anyone else for that matter. It was about time to let things take their own turn. Jack closed his eyes just for a minute and when he opened them again, he saw Trevor walking towards him. Trevor was Jack’s best friend. Trevor had tried everything to get Amy and Jack back to what they used to be. Trevor had simultaneously been on Jack’s side and on Amy’s side. There was no way Jack would’ve survived without Trevor. Trevor sat down and put his arm around Jack’s shoulders. They sat side by side like that for a few minutes before Jack spoke, “Amy and I fought.” Trevor hummed in response but didn’t say anything. Jack snorted, “You have nothing to say?”

Trevor removed his hand and turned to face him. “I think both of you should just move on. Stop fighting. Stop letting other people dictate the relationship between the two of you. So what if your roommate hates her? So what if her friends don’t talk to you? All of that is background noise. What really matters is that she’s been there for you when you needed her. Just give her space and give yourself some space and everything will be okay. You guys will go back to normal.”
Jack took in Trevor’s words and unlocked his phone. He typed out word to word of what Trevor had just said and hit send. He locked his phone and placed it in the empty space between their legs. In almost two minutes the phone vibrated and both of them looked down at the screen together.


“We’re okay.”