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Guess what just happened?

You guessed correct! I reached 600 followers which in hindsight seems crazy, because why are 600 people reading what I write!?  (Also, how are they liking it?)


I feel so grateful about this because honestly its a super great feeling to know that there are people around who give time to what I have to say and my thoughts and that always makes me feel not alone in the world.

Thank You.

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What it Really Means when your dream college rejects you.

To start with, it’s a crazy had feeling to deal with. When you dream college rejects you, you suddenly started thinking that maybe you didn’t really deserve it. That you weren’t good enough. Or that you don’t really get the things you actually want.

It’s such a crazy hard feeling.

And that’s why its okay to cry. And okay to think about how you’ve lost the only thing you’ve dreamed about for a whole four years. And completely okay to think about how you didn’t deserve the only thing you really, really wanted.

My best friend told me yesterday that maybe not getting my dream college is a good thing. That maybe it means something better will come later in life. That the only sensible way to think about this is knowing that you actually always attract what you deserve.

Losing your dream college feels like such a big deal, that the only way to get past it is to realise that its not really a big deal.

That every rejection in life is almost always a door opening to something greater, something better. The only way to make it stop hurting is to realise that its not worth hurting over.

Losing your dream college hurts, until it doesn’t.

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Birthday Wisdom –

Around two weeks ago, I turned 22. *cue Taylor Swift* – To be completely fair to 2018, my year from 21 to 22 has been not that bad. Sure, there were tough days and long nights, but overall it was quite a good transition.

Here are a few things that I’ve learnt in this last year:

  1. Grudges should be temporary: As I’m getting one step closer to graduation every day, I’ve slowly realized that absolutely nothing can be gained from holding grudges over people. Anything that has already happened cannot be changed, and rightfully so. Its very important to learn to move on from people and fights.
  2. Don’t force your opinions on people: No matter how hard this hits, it is the truth of life that 90% of time, people will not agree with you. You will always find that one person who says completely opposite of what you say. The trick to a happy day is learning to let these people be. They need their opinions.
  3. Skin care is the best care: Take it from someone who has had HORRIBLE skin – nothing in life will make you smile as hard as amazing skin will. Take care of those cheeks!
  4. Connection is a two-way street: Staying in touch with people is so important, but really you cannot do it alone. It has, and always will be a job for both sides. If you feel someone isn’t putting as much effort as you are into a friendship or a relationship or partnership, really just let them go.


So this is the older and more wiser me –

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An Open Letter to 2019,

It feels like the cliche thing to say, but 2018 went by in a flash! I feel like I can still feel Christmas 2016 around me.

To say that I am excited about you would be a major understatement. You, 2019, is all I’ve thought about since 2014. A part of me wishes I had some grand philosophical reason for this, but I really I just wanted to graduate. I wanted to so badly get to you and finally hold that degree in my hand that I was working day and night for at a place I despised.

Its not that I’ve changed my mind. I am still excited. I’m still counting off the days and thinking about you (and that convocation day). I have this weird feeling in my gut where I know that you are going to be a big change in my life.

Brooke Davis once asked Lucas Scott if he could feel it passing by. Feel what passing by, he’d asked. That moment, she said, where everything changed.

You, 2019 will be my that moment. You will change everything – and I know it’ll be for the better.

2018 was a happier year than 2017 was. There is a part of me hoping that I could stay in 2018, stay in this last year of college life and not get to adulting, or stay in that mini vacation with school friends: but then there is part of me begging me to finally get done with college (five years takes a exhausted toll on you), begging me to move on.

You, 2019, you will be my moving on, and for the first time you won’t be just a regular moving on from another boy moving on; you’ll be moving on with a college degree in my resume, you will be a moving on and my brother entering his last teen year, you’ll be a moving on to my parents’ twenty fifth wedding anniversary, you will be a moving on to the greatest things – this I am a 100% sure of.

If I have one wish for you, it would be that One Direction finally have that reunion!

And if I have one wish for 2018, it would be that you let me leave myself there next to you because 2019 has to make me into a different person that has outgrown you.

Yours sincerely,

A really excited young adult.

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Cute Marwari Shaadis:

One of the only perks of having a long extended family in the depts of Rajasthan, India, is that you get to attend a ton of weddings! Marwari weddings are unlike any other ever – there are a million small and tiny pujas, there are innumerable functions and the shaadi itself happens at super odd hours (my mama (“uncle”) had his wedding ceremony at 4:00 AM in the morning!)

Inspite the hectic-ness of the whole thing, attending wedding functions at home is a lot of fun. Its almost like a mini reunion of a long list of relatives that you havent seen in a long time.

It had been a while since I took a whole week off for a wedding and thats why when my grandfather told me that my mama’s shaadi had been finalised – I was really excited (Plus, the dates fell bang in the middle of my semester break!)

I ended up inviting a few of my friends as well and since the wedding was in my home town, we did a ton of sightseeing and ate a LOT of local fried food and clicked a trillion pictures (obviously).

All in all, my mama got married and I had a much needed mini vacation!

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Festive Vibes!

After 21 years of being here, I have throughly concluded that Diwali is my favourite festival!

Diwali is essentially a Hindu festival celebrating the coming home of God King Rama after defeating the Demon King Ravana and successfully getting his wife back. More importantly, it is a festival of lights and colours (also of one week holidays when I can come home!)

Diwali is categorised by houses flooded with diyas and lights, and verandas coloured with rangolis. There is nothing to not love about Diwali.

Its been a while since I celebrated Diwali properly, and to ensure that I make the most out of the festival this time – I’m diving head first into the festivities;

Here’s my attempt at a rangoli (colours used to make beautiful patterns)

Happy Diwali Guys❤️

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Cleanse or no cleanse?

Back in April of this year, I decided to go on a social media break. It wasn’t really a complete break because I was still using Facebook (for memes, obviously), and still replying heavily on WhatsApp because how else will I continously send random gif’s to my brother?  Nevertheless, I did and honestly, it helped me.

I stayed away from my phone, I didn’t spend hours stalking my best friend on instagram, and I didn’t obsessively take selfies on snapchat. Since it clearly helped me tons, I decided to do one again.

This time I went off facebook as well and kept only WhatsApp around.  The first thing you notice is that you spend like 75% less time looking at your phone’s screen. Also, you spend none of your time looking at people’s pictures and wondering about their fancy vacations, or fancy jobs or fancy boyfriends.

During this time however, I’ve started using twitter more. I tell myself its only because I still need to be updated about whats happening in the news world. Its been little over a month of my social media cleanse and I plan on continuing it for another month – mainly because I really want to come back on instagram during mama’s wedding and use boomerang and flaunt my outfits.

This whole time has left me thinking, do I really need this social media break, or am I better off just being updated with everyone’s lives? Over all, I’m a much happier person when I’m not switching on my phone everyday with the purpose of checking the latest facebook update by my ex-best friend; on the other hand, it feels like I’m missing out on whats happening in my classmates’ lives because I’m not watching anything at all.