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A bit like me..a lot different

There’s really not much common between us.I’m in the 10th and she’s in the 9th.I’m a computers student and she’s a techinal drawing one.I swim,she plays football.

But the small little things common between us..lead to our friendship.She’s really the most unique person that I have ever met.The one little thing that lead to our friendship was that we were in the same bus in school.

Ever since..our interests have been a little bit alike.She owns a blackberry cruve like me.Her dad works in the Income Tax Department like mine.She’s in the same house as me in school-BLUE.She supports Argentina in football like me.She adores Lionel Messi…just the way I do.And probably the most important factor in our friendship is the fact that she loves Virat Kohli with the same admiration that I do. 🙂

She’s a fun-loving,crazy but a very quiet person.I hope she remains my friend till the very end.