2017’s Done!

Here’s ending the most emotionally draining year of my 20 year old life with a really realistic quote;IMG_4252

Can’t wait to start a happier 2018!



Quote: Dead Poets Society

I haven’t been here since way too long. Mostly because I’ve been at home (eating A LOT of mother’s cooking) and thus having no time to open my laptop once in a while. But also mostly because I’ve had nothing at all to write about.

But, college resumes on the 10th of July, 2017 – just for everyone to keep up: this starts my fourth year at law school. And in the spirit of that, here’s one of my all time favourites from a must watch movie.


Dead Poets Society is a brilliant, simple movie that stays with you long after you’re done watching it. Yes, I cried. And yes, you will cry. But this movie is so good, you should not be not watching this movie.

Robin Williams plays an English professor at an all boys’ school and he plays it with such finesse that it will leave you wishing you had him as your professor. He comes to this school to teach teenagers and has a greater impact on them than the Headmaster asks for. Oh and also, he has a greater impact on you, that you asked for.

I’ve been away!

It’s been way more than a month since my last post and I feel completely and fully terrible about that! All of February I was back home and interning as college was on a break ; it started again just yesterday and thus I’m back in the same, sad, old place.

Anyway, internship was actually really resourceful and I enjoyed quite a bit.But, I found no time at all to post anything! I was completely overwhelmed with work on the weekdays and chilling with my brother on the weekends, and catching up on a million shows and watching movies all month.

For my lack of presence here, I’ve decided to make a post every alternate day starting from today for a week. So here’s today’s post and a quote!


This is by far my favouritest quote by Fitzgerald. I will never ever stop being mesmerized by it.

Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

A gigantic thank you to Tara for nominating me for this!

I missed out a day on this challenge because I’ve been SO swamped with college work! But everyone go follow her because her blog is pretty and cute and fun!

But now here’s my quote for Day 3:


Literally one of my favouritest quotes ever! I love nothing more than Harry Potter and I love no one more than Sirius Black. This quote is meaningful and I love the fact that Sirius tells it to Harry.

These are my nominations!:

  1. Mortisha
  2. Srijan
  3. Leah