“My Inspiration’s Run Dry”

Its been a whole week since college started (second last year of law school – self high five!), and to be quite honest, I’ve handled things pretty well.

My new goal for this 10th Trimester is to be happy and stress free – to accept things and still not get crazed and angry. Seeing as only 6 days have gone bye, I can’t really say how well this has been going. However, I have been coping!

In other news, I seem to have lost all and any kind of inspiration. My thoughts and ideas have vanished and dried up and there’s really nothing going on to blog about. On the bright side of all of this, I’ve been staying really healthy – both mentally and physically, and let me tell you, it is the best feeling ever. My acne has improved so much, and my brain isn’t continuously muddled with crazy thoughts about anything and everything. Also, my reading is on an all time high and I’ve read some really exiting books this summer (Case in Point: Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball by Haruki Murakami)

This post is quite pointless other than the fact that I really, really wanted to write and couldn’t really come up with anything to write about.



P. S – I’m actually not hating college that much right now!


Last day Friendship

To me, he was always the ‘cute guy’. Right till the first half of the day he was supposed to leave, he was the ‘cute guy’. It was that second half of the day that changed everything.

It was his last day at the internship and our boss decided to give him a little farewell and take all of us out for cupcakes. Before we all went out, my boss, ‘cute guy’ and I, we sat finishing the last bit of our work. It was probably the most fun I ever expected to have at work. We laughed, and joked and then when we went out for cupcakes, we had the greatest time.

So in a space of three and a half hours, he went from being ‘cute guy’ to someone I was joking with and laughing with.

And I think for that last day, we were more friends than I’ve ever been with anyone. Ever.