13 Reasons Why;

There are two types of people currently reading this: People who’ve watched Thirteen Reasons Why and people who haven’t. If you fall in this later category, drop everything and watch it; right now.

Thirteen Reasons Why is an original netflix series based on Jay Asher’s novel of the same name published back in 2007 (if you haven’t read that either; READ IT!) The show is about Hannah Baker, a 17 year old girl who commits suicide and then leaves 13 tapes with 13 reasons recorded on them stating why she committed suicide.

If you have read the book, you would’ve been as excited as I was when you heard about this series – the book is brilliant, and the show would be as well. I watched the 13 episodes in 3 days and I cannot stop recommending it to everyone! The show is powerful and heartbreaking. It is 95% like the novel and is amazingly made into thirteen one-hour episodes that show you precisely why you should think twice before saying anything to anyone.

This show will make you cry. And make you cringe, and make you hate characters like you’ve never hated before, but it is most definitely a must-watch, and that novel always has been a must-read.



Thanks for getting me overly-attached

I have this friend at college who in the past few months has became way too important to me. And the worst part is that he’s overly nice, and overly happy, overly cheerful, and overly friendly and just makes me happy whenever he’s with me.

I also fought with him in January and cried over him tons and tons and that’s when I realized how much he means to me; much, much more than so many other people that I know.

What I usually get sad and disappointed about (and then start overthinking about) is that what if he eventually gets tired of me? What if he decides to get more ‘happening’ friends, or spend all the time he spends with me with people much more interesting? And then I realize that the amount of power his opinion has over me is ridiculous and I want to slap myself hard for getting this overly-attached; for making him matter so much to me when it might not even be two-way.

Right now, at this point, he is one of my favouritest people and I’m perfectly happy with that – What I’m not happy with is how could I let myself be so stupid as to become so overly-attached?

Puffy Eyes

I keep reading how people get ‘red, puffy eyes’ after crying a lot. And I’ve never really understood it. I mean, what are puffy eyes? So yesterday, when I had finally finished my 9 episode marathon of Grey’s Anatomy, for the first time, I realised what red, puffy eyes really are.

I’m home all alone for three days so when I started my marathon yesterday I had complete and full freedom to cry, and cry ALOT over my favourite character’s death. I probably choose the 9 worst episodes ever for a marathon that ended at 2:30 AM the next morning. My evening was literally filled only with tears and tissue papers and ice cream.

Spoilers if you haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy Season 5

So my favouritest character in all of TV world, George O’Malley died, and Izzie Stevens almost died. I was a wreck. It sounds funny and artificial to sob over fictional characters death, but it was so heartbreaking!

Now I FINALLY know what it really means when you have puffy eyes cause I slept at 3:00 AM and woke up at 5:00 AM for college and all I had were sad, puffy eyes because George O’Malley died and I’m a sucker for TV shows.