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The last 4 BuzzFeed Quizzes I’ve taken:

I’m a sucker for BuzzFeed Quizzes because really they’re so ridiculously stupid that you can’t help but enjoy how a breakfast choice can decide who your soulmate will be!
So here are the last 4 quizzes I took on Buzzfeed!

1) The Emojis You Use Most Will Reveal Which “The Office” Character You Are – Find out!

2) Wanna Know What Hogwarts House You Really, Truly Belong In? Tell Us Your Music Preferences To Find Out – Find out yours.

3) Eat As Much As You Want At This Buffet And We’ll Reveal Which Avenger You Are – Are you Thor?

4) Pick Your Favorite Italian Foods And We’ll Give You A Netflix TV Show To Watch – Go watch it!

So if you have absolutely nothing to do, go take these and a million more buzzfeed quizzes and believe me, you shall not regret it.