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Netflix Binging!


I’ve spent my last two weekends super productively I’d like to think because I’ve successfully finished new seasons of two shows I’d been eagerly waiting for and these are my thoughts about them:

  1. Mindhunter Season 2 – I had been really desperately waiting for the second season seeing how the first one had ended; for anyone who doesn’t remember, Holden goes to visit Ed Kemper alone and ends up having a massive panic attack. Simultaneously, internal affairs has decided to look into the BSU and the members are dealing with the repercussions of this.  I watched four episodes together and the fourth episode was the one that actually blew me away. The storyline of the season is as captivating and engaging as the last one was and so many episodes make me desperately feel for Holden. If you’ve seen the first season, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t watch this one. Unfortunately, the ending will again make you want to know whats going to happen next desperately.
  2. 13 Reasons Why Season 3 – I’ll admit that I actually liked the second season a lot more than I did the first one. This was maybe because of already reading the book, I wasn’t a huge fan of the picturisation. When I first saw the trailer for the new season (with the recurring theme of who killed bryce walker – I was SO excited). The new season introduces a new character named Ani. Ani directs the narrative of every episode and I didn’t like her right from the start. The season starts off really strong and then in the middle falls a bit flat just before picking up again. I shall not deny that one of my absolute favourite part of the season is Clay telling Justin “I’d do anything for you.”, and Justin replying with “Same”. The third season revolves very strongly around personal relationships, around classmates becoming family and ultimately doing anything and everything for each other. I was mildly disappointed and upset with the reveal of the actual killer because it killed me to see who it was, and yet overall I think it was a good season.



Are my reviews enough motivation for you to watch?

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Why you should watch The Society –

Netflix’s new original The Society is a 10 episode show about high school students in the town of West Ham who go on a camping trip only to come back before it starts because of a storm. Turns out, the students come back to a town where everyone has disappeared and the only people left are the students themselves!

The Society is unlike any show you’ll ever watch. With a crazy good cast and crazy good storyline, the show quickly becomes addictive as you cant help but know whats going to happen next. The show runs with various sub-plot lines – the gay best friend deciding to father his best friend’s unborn baby, or the town loner setting up house with the town bad boy.

Like every other show I’ve watched, I’ve made favourite characters and couples here as well – Kathryn Newton’s Allie Pressman is by far my favourite: with her sarcastic dialogues and her constant need for validation by the people she cares about instantly makes me like her much, much more than I did in Detective Pikachu. Jack Mulhern plays  Grizz Visser. Grizz is a football player and automatically falls in the “protecting everyone” category. Grizz however is a big softy who always knows what exactly to say to people and you can’t help but be excited everytime he comes on screen!

With the last episode ending with atleast 5 different loose ends, the show ends with the exact same excitement that you start with.

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Actual Binge-Watching

I’m not really a fan of Binge watching. It makes my head hurt and keeps me away from civilization for so long that I’m not a complete fan. This however does not mean that I haven’t binge-watched anything because I have and here’s a list of those lucky shows:

1) Thirteen Reasons Why Season 1 – I watched 10 episodes in a single sitting and then decided to shut it just before had to attend my morning class. (I sat all night with this!)

2) Stranger Things Season 2: Watched the entire season in one day along with my brother and we were shocked at how fast we got through it.

3) Shadowhunters Season 1: I watched 12 episodes in a single day (this season has 13) – I started while eating lunch and never stopped. Also, side note – this was two days before my final exams (I should be ashamed but I’m really not).


What have you binge-watched?  


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What the Hell did Supernatural just do?

Supernatural aired its Season 14’s finale a few days back and I watched it two nights ago. Needless to say, it was a crazy shocker. Supernatural has been my numero uno show for years now: and yet Season 14 didn’t hold my attention as well as every other one has. The finale, however killed me and now I can’t wait for the final season.


The episode starts with Jack out of the box Dean and Sam trapped him and obviously, angry. The rest of the episode then is a race to find Jack (and kill him – I did NOT approve). Amidst all this, Cas stumbles upon none other than God (Chuck, played by Rob Benedict) making his first appearance since Season 11’s finale. I won’t lie, the minute God entered, I was ecstatic. Finally, they could have a real shot at saving Jack.

But then God comes up with a plan to kill Jack (Its your grandson you shameless character!). Not surprisingly, Dean agrees, Cas doesn’t. (Side Note: I have absolutely hated how the storyline in the last three episodes has created this rift between them. No.)

So with Dean all ready to end Jack (and himself in this process because that is how God’s weird gun works), and Cas and Sam struggling with this reality, we reach the last fifteen minutes of the episode. That is when things get really crazy.

Dean points at Jack.
Jack kneels down in front of him, apologizing and accepting that he deserves this.
Sam and God reach the scene.
Cas is begging Dean to not do it.
God is enjoying it all.

And then, Dean doesn’t shoot. Because really, he can’t. Jack is family, and nothing matters to Dean Winchester more than family. At this point, I rejoiced and cried good tears.

At this exact point, I like to think that the directors completely lost their mind and decided to do whatever the fuck they wanted to.

When Dean refuses to shoot, God loses it. The crazy man starts talking about how this isn’t the story and not how he’s written it. Then Sam loses it and blames God for treating their lives as a TV show and playing around with it. With everyone shouting at God, God decides he’s had enough and with a snap of his stupid fingers, he kills Jack. Once, that is done and dusted, he disappears (that’s usual) but before going says,
“You want the end? This is the end.” 
And all kinds of rubbish occurs and the episode ends with Dean, Sam and Cas surrounded by zombies coming to kill them. Good times.

CW announced in January that Season 15 is infact the last season and will probably air around October, 2019. I am excited and devastated.

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Series Finales v/s Never ending shows

With Shadowhunters series finale airing tonight (but tomorrow for me and all international fans), I’ve suddenly found myself wishing that I was still following shows that were ongoing, or maybe shows that didn’t seem to be ending in any recent future. Since before Shadowhunters I was mostly watching various shows that were releasing new episodes every other week, and would continue doing this for the next few years (Eg: Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, How to get Away With Murder).

With Shadowhunters ending, I’ve begun thinking about how I haven’t felt this way in a long time – how I haven’t dealt with something I love ending in a really long time. To be honest, I am scared. I am also excited because an ending means it’ll be 90% happy, and that I can sleep with. I remember looking at this meme years ago: this was when Supernatural had just finished airing its 7th season and I’d have to wait months for another one. This was the first time I was experiencing this crazy feeling and then I found a random relatable meme –


The thing was I knew Supernatural would be back and this feeling wasn’t permanent but suddenly Shadowhunters is permanent. I was sitting in my room and thinking, “I’m not ready for this. I know my favourite couple will be happy, but God, I’m not ready.”

I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love with shows that are absolutely gut-wrenching but mostly never ending (Eg: Again, Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy, also One Tree Hill for many years) – Shadowhunters is absolutely gut-wrenching but completely temporary. However, there is SO much I’m grateful for with this show – music, adorable dialogues that make me question the lack of love my in life, brilliant acting, a new book series, a new favourite TV couple that I will carry to my grave, and the million crazy emotions this show has put me through.

Fittingly, the show runners most used hashtag is #ShadowhuntersLegacy.

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Top 10 Malec Moments – Part 2

Starting off this post, I am super content to say that Malec is now engaged! I’ve already watched the proposal scene more than a 100 times and I cry every single time and I love it absolutely. Naturally, the series finale will now have a wedding, however, here I’ll just update my list as per episodes that have already been released.

6) Season 3, Episode 1: “On Infernal Ground” – Alec tells Magnus about his new job and that he doesn’t want to leave him and go. bae8654a2bb023c88a94920defd4ac98

7) Season 3B, Episode 12: “Original Sin” – Alec reminds Magnus that they need to live in the moment.


8) Season 2, Episode 13: “Those of Demon Blood” – Alec apologizes to Magnus.


9) Season 3, Episode 10: “Erchomai” – Magnus promises Alec that he will come back from Edom.


10) Season 2, Episode 15: “A Problem of Memory” – Magnus tells Alec about his past and Alec tells him that there is nothing ugly about him.


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Top 10 Malec Moments – Part 1

Freeform’s Shadowhunters distributed by Netflix in India is on its last three episodes now. The show is based on popular fantasy book series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and follows the life of Clary (sixteen-year old in the books, eighteen-year old in the show), and is based in the magical world of the shadowhunters battling demons.

My favourite part of the show (and clearly the best part of the show) is the relationship between Alec Lightwood, a shadowhunter and Magnus Bane, the high warlock of Brooklyn (fondly known as Malec).

The hardest part about this show ending is thus obviously the fact that I’ll get to see no more of those precious Malec moments and this is why I have a list of my favourite Malec moments over the course of four seasons!

1)  Season 2, Episode 10: “By the Light of Dawn” – Malec Says I love you for the first time.


2) Season 2, Episode 18: “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen” – Flashback to Malec talking in bed


3) Season 2, Episode 6: “Iron Sisters” – Malec’s first date


4) Season 2, Episode 20: “Beside Still Water” – Malec gets back together


5) Season 1, Episode 12: “Malec” – Alec kisses Magnus after leaving Lydia at the altar


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High School and Netflix –

Netflix has a crazy, huge range of shows based in high school, and despite being in college for the last five years – I am completely not ashamed to say that I LOVE my high school shows. The drama content is so high that there is no way you won’t get addicted to all of it.

Over the last year, I’ve watched SO much Netflix and a lot of it has been sappy and intense high school drama and I have loved (and cried for) every bit of it. Here are three shows I have binge watched over the last year and then couldn’t stop thinking about!

  1. Everything Sucks – Everything Sucks is a Netflix original based in the 1990’s. The show was sadly cancelled after one season but the one season it does have is absolutely great. The show actually made be really obsessed with Elton John’s Rocket Man. The show follows the lives of students at Boring High School but the show is no close to boring!
  2. Greenhouse Academy – Greenhouse Academy is an elite school made especially for really exceptional students. The school is divided into two rival clubs that the two main leads of the show get sorted into. I absolutely fell in love with this show because it goes way beyond just having drama, romance and fights and has a completely crazy mystery behind it. The best part about the show is that it seems like you can trust no one because every episode makes a new person a small part in a huge conspiracy. Greenhouse Academy has two seasons and I know that after that second season finale, everyone is waiting for the third one.
  3. Degrassi: Next Class – I randomly came across Degrassi and started watching it and then inevitably fell in love and binge watched four seasons in a span of three days (it is completely worth it, I promise!). Degrassi is a huge franchise with various different shows starting from way back in the 1980’s. Degrassi: Next Class is based after events of Degrassi: Next Generation and includes a lot of the main characters from the last two seasons of Next Generation (including my absolute favourite couple Miles and Tristan). Degrassi definitely has the highest level of drama from all the shows I’ve watched and I am an absolute sucker for it. It got cancelled after the fourth season, but to be honest the season four finale is really worth it.

The best part about all these shows is that they all have 25 minutes episodes and with zero heavy content make for really easy binge watching material.

Go watch! (Then we can cry together)

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Made In Heaven

Made in Heaven is the new amazon prime original that I am completely in love with. It follows the story of two weddings planners running a company called Made in Heaven – every episode has a new wedding and every wedding has something off going on (for example, the groom’s parents ask for dowry just before the wedding actually happens). The show also regularly follows the private lives of both these main leads and the problems they are facing on a daily basis. Usually, every wedding is successful but not without one of the planners getting their way.

The show has nine episodes and in my personal (but completely biased opinion), this show is great. The producers do not hold back in showing a lot of things and not much is censored and censoring usually takes away a ton of the fun. The stories of most weddings are exciting and unique and though some are cliché, the crazy twist in the episode makes up for them.

I’ve realized that ever since amazon prime started streaming in India, they’ve made some extremely kick ass content (Example: Breathe) and Made in Heaven just falls under that!

4/5 definitely. 

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Saying Goodbye to Michael Scott.



Back when I was interning in September of last year, almost ever single one of my co-interns was behind my life to get me to start watching The Office. I guess I wanted to – my brother had recently finished all of nine seasons, but it didn’t really feel like my cup of tea.

Then around October, my brother and I were having dinner and we couldn’t decide what to watch online. He suggested The Office. I agreed. And that is how we started watching three episodes every night along with dinner.

Three days ago, we finished season seven. Season seven is also the last season with Steve Carell playing his iconic character – Michael Scott, the branch manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company where he worked for over nineteen years.

The last episode that Steve Carell plays his character in is the 22nd episode of the seventh season named ‘Goodbye Michael’. It’s a normal day in the office and Michael tells all his staff that it is his second last day at work. The truth is that it is Michael’s last day but it does not want any drama and he clearly is not a fan of goodbyes and thus he decides to not let anyone know. He goes around in the episode saying goodbye to every single employee individually and I bet you, you will cry when he says goodbye to Jim and Dwight.

The episode is known as one of the best and the most emotional Office episodes – and it lives up to all of its hype. Michael ends his role with a very well placed “Thats what she said” (almost like he has done always) and the episode is suddenly over so quickly that you can’t believe that you won’t hear any more degrading Michael Scott jokes again.

For anyone who hasn’t ever watched The Office, I would recommend it fully and completely.