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Over the years, I’ve realized that I LOVE Terribly Tiny Tales content. Their micro fiction and their long dedicated stories are amazing. Everyday their writing surprises me. When I was clearing my laptop of junk, I found this one where I had saved it and kept it because it spoke volumes to me.


Sometimes I can’t help but relate to thoughts like this one on an institutional level.

Other days I’m obsessed with Gone, Gone, Gone by Philips Philips.


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I genuinely see no point in ending a month without a quote;

Anaida 20140328_233828

Major, major throwback to when I read The Book Thief and cried loads!

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Clearly, I’ve been very, very irregular (I swear I have nothing to blog about)
But just so everyone knows I’m still here: Here’s one of my absolute favourite quotes from John Green –