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Recap: Supernatural Season 5, Episode 3

Supernatural has been my favourite for a really, really long time now (10 years, yup). A while back, I started contemplating re-watching the whole thing; especially since its running on its last season right now. Being stuck at home and watching Netflix has become pretty mundane and so last week, I did finally start Supernatural all over again.

My first time around, Season 5 was my favourite season – I still stand by it, Season 5 is an emotional ride in itself. Over this last week of Supernatural, I’ve realized that I have forgotten bits and pieces here and there. And thats how I realized that I had forgotten what an absolute gem Season 5 Episode 3 “Free to Be you and me” was.

Its the first episode in which Sam and Dean are separated voluntarily after Sam tells Dean that he thinks he should take a step back and Dean agrees saying that worrying about Sam was making him inefficient at the job. The episode sees Cas and Dean team up when Cas comes asking for help in trying to find the archangel Raphael. Cas and Dean have been in each other’s life for almost over a year now, and its so easy to see how much they’ve already impacted each other; how much they’ve changed each other. So when Cas comes asking for help, even though Dean seems reluctant he agrees.

The episode basically is a mini tribute to what Cas and Dean will become for each other in the years to come (especially since you already know). So many firsts happen in this episode. Its the first time Cas impersonates a FBI agent along with Dean by his side.

Its the first time since they’ve known each other that they spend real quality time together – like friends. While waiting on Raphael, when Dean finds out that Cas is a virgin, he takes it upon himself to ensure that Cas does not die a virgin and the two of them take a trip to the local strip club. In a hilarious turn of events, Cas and Dean end up running out of the place with Dean in a fit of laughter and watching it made me realise that I hadn’t seen Dean Winchester laughing in a long time.

The episode also does follow Sam and what he’s been up to, but seeing Cas and Dean team up for the first time, puts everything else in the background. Cas has been looking for his father (God) for a while now and this is what he needs Raphael for. When Raphael strongly suggests that God is dead, Cas looks broken. Dean has never been one for emotional conversations even when he feels every emotion so strongly. He constantly dodges them with Sam, Bobby or anyone else important to him. So believe me when I say, it will melt your heart to watch Dean ask Cas “Are you okay?” and then go on to tell him that he understands what Cas is feeling and if you already haven’t fallen in love with this friendship, you will when Dean gives Cas heartfelt advice to help him keep looking for his father.

Its not hard to miss how much Cas has changed Dean, but its not hard to miss how much Dean has changed Cas too. Just before disappearing again, Cas asks Dean if he’s okay, if he’s doing fine without his brother and in just over a year, Cas has gone from a soldier following orders to a worried friend.

“Free to Be you and me” remind me why Season 5 has always been my favourite – because its just the beginning of a friendship that it going to survive so much more than anything else survives on this show. The episode ends with Cas going back to looking for his father, Sam getting a dream visit from Lucifer who confirms that Sam will be his true vessel, and Dean driving back alone. But the episode is just the beginning.

Rating: 8/10

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