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Rewatching One Direction’s This Is Us

For the first time since 2013, I sat and rewatched One Direction’s This Is Us from start to finish as a part of my daily routine of watching a movie I haven’t seen before and rewatching a movie I have seen before. Its no secret that One Direction has been my favourite band since a long, long time, and solo music is no replacement for five boys singing together. I’ve always been upset about how they suddenly became so far apart from each other once Zayn left and everyone else went their own separate way.

Here are 5 things I felt strongly while rewatching This Is Us:

1) Goosebumps: Watching my favourite boys singing together and practicing together has always given me goosebumps and to be honest I didn’t think I would still feel the same with the same intensity. But I still did. The movie has them touring their second album and recording their third one and it made me feel like a teenager all over again.

2) Anger: Many parts made me feel weirdly angry at the boys. For example, in one scene they’re sitting around this campfire and Zayn asks if they would stay friends after all this is over and Harry says of course they would. They seem so innocent and young in this scene and it really killed me that it doesn’t really seem true now.

3) Love: I think I can never stop feeling immense love towards any of these boys, especially Harry. Watching them stay together every minute of every day, being tourists together, pranking each other made my heart swell so much.

4) Sadness: Obviously a movie about the boys I’ve loved for years makes me sad when I’ve to watch them together when they’re not really together. Rewatching it made me so sad because it hit me that I’d never see them like this again and that they would never be this close to one another again.

5) Unbelievable joy: Felt this crazy emotion to such a level that I had tears (which is so normal for me actually). One Direction songs have always made me emotional but I remember the movie making me even more emotional. Rewatching it after so many years made me feel this stupid happy feeling just by looking at them in their absolute prime.

3 thoughts on “Rewatching One Direction’s This Is Us

      1. Yeha, it is hard. Two of some of my favorite 1D songs would probably be Half a Heart and If I could fly.

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