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Binging Shameless and saying goodbye to Fiona Gallagher

I finished Season 10 of Shameless US last night, and let me tell you that if you’re looking for new things to watch and get hooked to – Shameless is it.

Running a total of 122 episodes spanning over 10 seasons (with the final season set to debut in November, 2020), Shameless is a re-make of its UK version on air since 2011. The show spans across the lives of the Gallagher family as their eldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum) raises her five siblings in the absence of their drug addicted mother and their deadbeat father Frank (William Macy).

I’ve thought about watching Shameless all of last year but always thought that 10 seasons was a long commitment and I didn’t want another long show to sit through (Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy). So this year, I debated over two days whether to watch it or not – and this debate with myself began after quarantine had begun. It is now safe to say that starting Shameless was one of the best decisions I’ve made during this time.

Every season has 12 episodes (with the exception of Season 9 with 14), and episodes run for an hour. Every single Gallagher faces various problems throughout the seasons and most seasons have you following a separate storyline for each family member. With a variety of really good supporting actors (Joan Cusack, Noel Fisher), Shameless never disappoints you with anything – dialogues, plot twists, monologues, romance, nudity.

Season 9 ends with Fiona leaving and moving on from her family. Fiona is 28 in this final season and correctly realizes that she’s done everything she could have to raise her siblings. The finale of Season 9 will hit you SO hard – whether Fiona has been your favourite Gallagher or not. The whole episode follows her around debating about leaving and when she does finally leave, you won’t not cry.

I’ve always had mixed feelings for Fiona. Emmy Rossum portrays her complex character to perfection and so many episodes have always left me in awe of her (when she gets a full-time job, when she gets the kids back from child services, when she stands up to the racist neighbour), but I also mostly hated Fiona during various seasons. Its very hard to completely hate her especially seeing all she does for her family and thats why saying goodbye to her is even harder.

If you’re also sitting at home and have a ton of time on your hands, watch Shameless because you will not be disappointed.

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