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One year on: Malec & Shadowhunters

Exactly an year ago today, I sat and binged through Shadowhunters’ first season and a few days later binged the thing in its entirety and totally loved it. Shadowhunters gave me a lot of new things – new music, new couples to fangirl over, new actors to ridiculously follow and new books to read [because I actually sat and read all the Mortal Instruments books just to see what content got made into the show.]

One year on, I am weirdly proud to say that I still sometimes re-watch a ton of scenes from Shadowhunters, I still listen to the music from the show on repeat, and I still fangirl over Malec.

I’ve actually always been a fan of shows tjat end properly and don’t get cancelled abruptly. As much as I loathe a show ending, a great ending is something I’m always on board for. After Shadowhunters ended, I was not disappointed one bit – mostly because Malec got their much deserved happy ending, but also because the ending was quite good [completely opposite of the books – but good.]

If you’ve also absolutely loved Shadowhunters on some level, here are shows you can watch to deal with Shadowhunters withdrawal:

  1. Merlin
  2. I am not Okay with this
  3. Stranger Things
  4. Supernatural
  5. Teen Wolf

Happy Quarantine Watching!

5 thoughts on “One year on: Malec & Shadowhunters

  1. Hahaha, I’m not dealing with Shadowhunter withdrawal well(currently rewatching it) so thank you for the show recommendations;)
    Everything you said about Malec was very true and I’m happy that they got their happy ever after! While I wish the show continued, they did wrap it up nicely. Also, how was it reading the books after watching the show? I had been a long time Mortal Instruments fan before the show even came out and despite the show not following the books word from word, I still love the show!

    1. Reading the books after watching the show was actually quite weird. I knew most of the major plot lines but it disappointed me so much that there was very less Malec in the books.

      So glad you’re re-watching it! I love re-watching things and getting excited all over again!

      1. Yes, it’s sad the books have less Malec but, Cassandra is writing a series on Malec right now which I love ❤️

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