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The saddest Shameless US episode ever:

Ever since I’ve started watching Showtime’s Shameless, I’ve been hopelessly in love with it. The story follows the life of the Gallagher family with their alcoholic deadbeat father and six kids who have to learn how to live by themselves. Its a remake of the UK version, but this one is SO SO much better.

It has 10 seasons with 12 episodes each and almost every other episode will make your heart bleed. Every single Gallagher member goes through problems of their own and it’ll be a miracle if you don’t end up falling head over heels for at least 2 family members. [I obviously have a favourite Gallagher and a favourite couple and a favourite season].

Season 5, Episode 6 is the most heartbreaking episode I have seen in a drama series in the last five years for sure. Titled ‘Crazy Love’, the episode finds the family and Mickey looking for Ian who’s kidnapped a baby and run away in a car confirming everyone’s fears that he may in fact be bipolar. I read this article that said that Season 5 was Cameron Monaghan‘s season to shine, and shine he does. After being mostly absent from Season 4, Cameron Monaghan brings Ian through in so many ways this season, with the best being in Episode 6 because watching it, you will never believe that Season 5 Ian and Season 1 Ian are the same – and that is exactly what acting is.

The whole episode is nothing but a huge emotional turmoil for the Gallaghers, for Mickey, and for you watching it. With a few other storylines progressing, nothing seems more important than Ian and his disease. The episode ends with the family finally finding him and admitting him in a psych ward and this gives the best Ian and Mickey moment ever since the show has started.

In another great moment, Mickey leaves an unbearably emotional message for Ian that brings along with it the first I love you for Gallavich and you will be kidding yourself if you think you haven’t waited forever for it. In a span of three seasons, Noel Fisher‘s Mickey goes from just beating people up to becoming the three dimensional character you know he can be.

All in all, the 58 minute run is an emotional rollercoaster that will remind you once again why you absolutely love Shameless. Plus, Season 5 is probably one of the best seasons the show’s produced.

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