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Niall Horan: Heartbreak Weather

Niall’s second studio album, Heartbreak Weather released on 13th March, 2020 and completely hooked me and I honestly feel that this album is much, much better than his first one. The songs and the music feel a lot more like him and have this amazing Niallish feeling. (You have to listen to it to know it).

A few songs have already been around for a while but even the rest of the album is equally mesmerizing. From his music videos, to his interviews, right up to the lyrics of the songs, every thing feels perfect in this album.

The first track is the album-titled Heartbreak Weather. It also has a music video and I absolutely love both.
Put a little love on me is this beautiful slow song that’s really been making me cry.
Black and White has the following lyrics:
“Yeah, I see us in black and white
Crystal clear on a star lit night
In all your gorgeous colors”.

– There is no way brilliant writing like this doesn’t make you want to listen to this song again and again!

My favourite song of the album is definitely No Judgement. The song, quite frankly, has every thing – good lyrics, great music, super fun music video.
Really, there’s not one song on this album that I’m not playing on loop. Through every single song you can hear Niall’s voice so crystal clear that I can’t believe there used to be a time when you could barely hear him in One Direction songs.

8.5/10 for this great second album!

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