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Elite Season 3

Elite is Netflix’s Spanish original about a private school that is gripped with tragedy and suspense right from Season 1.

Season 3 dropped last night and as I expected from myself, I started and finished in half a day. If you’ve seen the trailer then you know that Polo dies in this season and we’re obviously dying to find out who kills him finally ending the whole Marina disaster.

This season has eight episodes and in my personal opinion, this is the best season that show has produced in these last three years. You will be hooked from the very first episode and every single new revelation will keep you guessing about who actually did it.

There were a few things that I absolutely LOVED about this new season and I was really glad about how they progressed through the episodes.

1) Lu and Nadia’s friendship: This is a friendship I’ve been dying to see happen since the very first time I saw them on screen together. When it finally did happen, it did not disappoint one bit. Lu and Nadia have come so far from when they first met and it shows so clearly in the last episode. (Spoiler: I cried)

2) Samuel and Carla: Only my second favourite couple on this show, Sarla (as I call them), barely have screen time with each other in this season but the few times they do – they are beautiful and they are totally meant to be and all I cared about was the pure hope that ending gave them.

3) Omar tells Ander he’d stay with him for a 100 years: Who am I kidding when I say I’m NOT totally in love with this couple from Day 1. They’ve been through so much and they started so randomly that I cannot help but cheer for every small thing they achieve or overcome together. This season hits them really hard and as always, they come out on top. Daam, I love them.

4) Guzman tells Samuel he never thought he’d be glad to see him: What has this season not given to me? Samuel and Guzman’s friendship did start last season but this season makes them one. They support each other, they stop each other from making stupid decisions and they’re always there for each other.

If you’ve never watched Elite, then PLEASE, just start.
And if you’re waiting to binge the new season, then just do it!

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