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Diwali when celebrated NOT in India –

This weekend is Diwali and without being overly religious, Diwali always makes me very excited. I love how the city lights up and I love dressing up. I’ve never really considered Diwali a huge festival though. And that might be because I have always been home and never considered not being with mom for Diwali. Since this is my first Diwali not in India, I made a mental list of what I’m desperately going to miss this Diwali:

  1. Family Pictures: I love the fact that everyone is dressed up and we spend HOURS taking pictures on Diwali day. My mom is so good at taking (and posing for) pictures that I just know how much I’m going to be missing it this weekend.
  2. Rangolis: I will very proudly admit that I am the one who makes the rangolis at home all the time (and I violently encourage everyone else to participate). Rangoli making has always been a huge part of Diwali for me and not having a rangoli outside my apartment feels really weird.
  3. Lighting Diyas: The lights are definitely my favourite part of Diwali. I love placing those oil filled diyas in a huge plate, lighting them and then walking around the whole house placing one in every room. With only two diyas that my roommates and I are placing in the apartment this year, I’m missing out on how I spend all my evenings for the days during Diwali.
  4. Holidays: Diwali being the biggest festival in India means that we get a nice break from work, school, university (usually a week or so). With being in a different country, I’m really missing out on a Diwali vacation I’ve gotten so used to.


Though I am really nostalgic about not being home for Diwali, I am really excited to see what different new thing I do this year while still being wholesome Indian!

4 thoughts on “Diwali when celebrated NOT in India –

  1. Me gonna miss u more princess. Never the less explore new things and they will open up a whole new world for me . N mom’s always gonna be there 🤗

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