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Why you should watch The Society –

Netflix’s new original The Society is a 10 episode show about high school students in the town of West Ham who go on a camping trip only to come back before it starts because of a storm. Turns out, the students come back to a town where everyone has disappeared and the only people left are the students themselves!

The Society is unlike any show you’ll ever watch. With a crazy good cast and crazy good storyline, the show quickly becomes addictive as you cant help but know whats going to happen next. The show runs with various sub-plot lines – the gay best friend deciding to father his best friend’s unborn baby, or the town loner setting up house with the town bad boy.

Like every other show I’ve watched, I’ve made favourite characters and couples here as well – Kathryn Newton’s Allie Pressman is by far my favourite: with her sarcastic dialogues and her constant need for validation by the people she cares about instantly makes me like her much, much more than I did in Detective Pikachu. Jack Mulhern plays  Grizz Visser. Grizz is a football player and automatically falls in the “protecting everyone” category. Grizz however is a big softy who always knows what exactly to say to people and you can’t help but be excited everytime he comes on screen!

With the last episode ending with atleast 5 different loose ends, the show ends with the exact same excitement that you start with.

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