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Actual Binge-Watching

I’m not really a fan of Binge watching. It makes my head hurt and keeps me away from civilization for so long that I’m not a complete fan. This however does not mean that I haven’t binge-watched anything because I have and here’s a list of those lucky shows:

1) Thirteen Reasons Why Season 1 – I watched 10 episodes in a single sitting and then decided to shut it just before had to attend my morning class. (I sat all night with this!)

2) Stranger Things Season 2: Watched the entire season in one day along with my brother and we were shocked at how fast we got through it.

3) Shadowhunters Season 1: I watched 12 episodes in a single day (this season has 13) – I started while eating lunch and never stopped. Also, side note – this was two days before my final exams (I should be ashamed but I’m really not).


What have you binge-watched?  


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