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Music Shadowhunters gave me

Its so crazy how much Shadowhunters suddenly means to me. The show has given me SO  many new things to obsess over and SO many new things to feel. Here’s a list of amazing new music that Shadowhunters has given me and that I listen to almost daily because I can:

  1. Where’s My Love? – SYML
  2. Bridges – Aisha Badru
  3. Lovely – Billie Ellish feat. Khalid
  4. Wide Eyed – Billie Locket
  5. Fear of the Water – SYML
  6. War of Hearts – Ruelle

Go listen to these amazeball songs and then you can thank me.

2 thoughts on “Music Shadowhunters gave me

  1. OMG, same!!! Shadowhunters(the show) has made me fall in love with so many songs;) I am obsessed with War of Hearts (I mean it’s a Malec ship song) and Lovely!!

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