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What the Hell did Supernatural just do?

Supernatural aired its Season 14’s finale a few days back and I watched it two nights ago. Needless to say, it was a crazy shocker. Supernatural has been my numero uno show for years now: and yet Season 14 didn’t hold my attention as well as every other one has. The finale, however killed me and now I can’t wait for the final season.


The episode starts with Jack out of the box Dean and Sam trapped him and obviously, angry. The rest of the episode then is a race to find Jack (and kill him – I did NOT approve). Amidst all this, Cas stumbles upon none other than God (Chuck, played by Rob Benedict) making his first appearance since Season 11’s finale. I won’t lie, the minute God entered, I was ecstatic. Finally, they could have a real shot at saving Jack.

But then God comes up with a plan to kill Jack (Its your grandson you shameless character!). Not surprisingly, Dean agrees, Cas doesn’t. (Side Note: I have absolutely hated how the storyline in the last three episodes has created this rift between them. No.)

So with Dean all ready to end Jack (and himself in this process because that is how God’s weird gun works), and Cas and Sam struggling with this reality, we reach the last fifteen minutes of the episode. That is when things get really crazy.

Dean points at Jack.
Jack kneels down in front of him, apologizing and accepting that he deserves this.
Sam and God reach the scene.
Cas is begging Dean to not do it.
God is enjoying it all.

And then, Dean doesn’t shoot. Because really, he can’t. Jack is family, and nothing matters to Dean Winchester more than family. At this point, I rejoiced and cried good tears.

At this exact point, I like to think that the directors completely lost their mind and decided to do whatever the fuck they wanted to.

When Dean refuses to shoot, God loses it. The crazy man starts talking about how this isn’t the story and not how he’s written it. Then Sam loses it and blames God for treating their lives as a TV show and playing around with it. With everyone shouting at God, God decides he’s had enough and with a snap of his stupid fingers, he kills Jack. Once, that is done and dusted, he disappears (that’s usual) but before going says,
“You want the end? This is the end.” 
And all kinds of rubbish occurs and the episode ends with Dean, Sam and Cas surrounded by zombies coming to kill them. Good times.

CW announced in January that Season 15 is infact the last season and will probably air around October, 2019. I am excited and devastated.

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