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Series Finales v/s Never ending shows

With Shadowhunters series finale airing tonight (but tomorrow for me and all international fans), I’ve suddenly found myself wishing that I was still following shows that were ongoing, or maybe shows that didn’t seem to be ending in any recent future. Since before Shadowhunters I was mostly watching various shows that were releasing new episodes every other week, and would continue doing this for the next few years (Eg: Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, How to get Away With Murder).

With Shadowhunters ending, I’ve begun thinking about how I haven’t felt this way in a long time – how I haven’t dealt with something I love ending in a really long time. To be honest, I am scared. I am also excited because an ending means it’ll be 90% happy, and that I can sleep with. I remember looking at this meme years ago: this was when Supernatural had just finished airing its 7th season and I’d have to wait months for another one. This was the first time I was experiencing this crazy feeling and then I found a random relatable meme –


The thing was I knew Supernatural would be back and this feeling wasn’t permanent but suddenly Shadowhunters is permanent. I was sitting in my room and thinking, “I’m not ready for this. I know my favourite couple will be happy, but God, I’m not ready.”

I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love with shows that are absolutely gut-wrenching but mostly never ending (Eg: Again, Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy, also One Tree Hill for many years) – Shadowhunters is absolutely gut-wrenching but completely temporary. However, there is SO much I’m grateful for with this show – music, adorable dialogues that make me question the lack of love my in life, brilliant acting, a new book series, a new favourite TV couple that I will carry to my grave, and the million crazy emotions this show has put me through.

Fittingly, the show runners most used hashtag is #ShadowhuntersLegacy.

2 thoughts on “Series Finales v/s Never ending shows

  1. I’m happy to know someone else who loves and appreciates this show!!! I got Hulu for the sole reason to rewatch this show;)

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