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Shazam! (2019)

Shazam is a DC movie. A superhero movie, in fact. Now before my brother showed me the first teaser released for this movie, I only knew one Shazam – that crazy music app that identifies what music is playing.
Shazam at the outset seems like a children’s movie. It also seems like a big joke and not really a DC superhero movie.

It is.

Shazam is a children’s movie because Shazam, our superhero, is a child. But Shazam is also a really good movie with a great script and some really good dialogues.

Shazam (not-so-secret citizen name: Billy Batson) is played essentially by two actors, both of whom do complete justice to the superhero. Zachary Levi is Shazam and Asher Angel is Billy Batson (and is so adorable!).

This movie, surprisingly has everything. It has humour, sarcasm, action sequences and love. The basic story line revolves around Billy Batson who runs away from every foster home he’s placed it in search for his birth mother. When he finally lands in a decent group home, various circumstances lead him to a mysterious cave where he inevitably becomes Shazam.

The movie progresses at a decent speed and has quite a good ending (with two post credit scenes so don’t miss out on that!).

Overall, Shazam packs a punch in the good way and is definitely a watch if you thought the DCU was getting nowhere.

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