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Birthday Wisdom –

Around two weeks ago, I turned 22. *cue Taylor Swift* – To be completely fair to 2018, my year from 21 to 22 has been not that bad. Sure, there were tough days and long nights, but overall it was quite a good transition.

Here are a few things that I’ve learnt in this last year:

  1. Grudges should be temporary: As I’m getting one step closer to graduation every day, I’ve slowly realized that absolutely nothing can be gained from holding grudges over people. Anything that has already happened cannot be changed, and rightfully so. Its very important to learn to move on from people and fights.
  2. Don’t force your opinions on people: No matter how hard this hits, it is the truth of life that 90% of time, people will not agree with you. You will always find that one person who says completely opposite of what you say. The trick to a happy day is learning to let these people be. They need their opinions.
  3. Skin care is the best care: Take it from someone who has had HORRIBLE skin – nothing in life will make you smile as hard as amazing skin will. Take care of those cheeks!
  4. Connection is a two-way street: Staying in touch with people is so important, but really you cannot do it alone. It has, and always will be a job for both sides. If you feel someone isn’t putting as much effort as you are into a friendship or a relationship or partnership, really just let them go.


So this is the older and more wiser me –

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