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Obsessive Lyricist Disorder

Over the years of being obsessively obsessed with a number of boy bands and playing tons of songs on repeat; there comes this time where I actually start to understand what the words are saying. Some of these songs have GREAT lyrics – lyrics so meaningful that you keep listening to them again and again!

Here are some of my absolute favourite lyrics from songs that I listen to on a daily basis:

“Thought I’d let a couple years water down what I’m feeling about you” -Back to you, Selena Gomez

“I’ve told a million lies but now I’ll tell a single truth. There’s you in everything I do.” – I bet my life, Imagine Dragons

“Like a drum my heart never stops beating for you.” – Gone, gone, gone, Philip Philips

“I’ll find any way to your wild heart.” – Wild heart, Bleachers

“Lately I’ve been thinking, I want you to be happier.” – Happier, Marshmello feat. Pompeii

“I never knew anybody till I knew you.” – Born to be yours, Kygo feat. Imagine Dragons

“Science and progress do not feel as loud as my heart.” – The Scientist, Coldplay

“You’re the song my heart is beating to.” – All of the stars, Ed Sheeran

“I know this love is pain.” – Lets hurt tonight, OneRepublic

“You were the light for me to find my truth.” – These Days, Macklemore feat. Jess Glynne

“If we’ve got nothing, we’ve got us.” – Something I need, OneRepublic


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