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Hair cuts and hair stylists

Every single time I go visit my hair stylist, he tells me the exact same thing he tells me every other time – “You need a hair cut! Atleast a trim; just remove your split ends.”

To be quite honest, I’m always really confused when I get this advice – Does this man who’s spent his money learning to cut other people’s hair really care about my hair? Or is he just looking to make more money? Obviously, everyone wants their business to flourish but would you give me terrible advice and risk spoiling my only USP? What would you get out of it hair stylist? Though on the flip side, if you do give me terrible advice and my hair does get messed up, I will come back to you – so there’s your reason!

I’m still left wondering because every time you go to a hair stylist they invest so much of their time and expensive products into making your hair look beautiful and then ask you to get a hair cut? Do you really want me to get a hair cut because I’m incapable of taking care of my hair, or do you want money?

The last time I got a hair cut was back in September, and my hair hasn’t grown a lot over these months. Inspite of that I’m actually quite happy with how my hair looks currently; and still my genius hair stylist tells me: Its been quite a few months, you should cut it! Excuse you, let my hair grow atleast you crazy man!

At the end of the day, I’m still so confused – Do hair stylists really care about the well being or my hair, or the well being of their business?

14 thoughts on “Hair cuts and hair stylists

  1. It’s his business he cares about not your hair . He will Always suggest this . It’s u who has to decide n take a call about how first how tour hair look to u and second what do u want to do with them . Period.
    Get a hair cut , go to another stylist the very best day and he is gonna suggest another trim to u !!!!

  2. I would say that the best hairstylists care about you, their clients, over the welfare of their business, because you’re loyalty and positive experience there is enough to keep them in business. Still, interesting thoughts xx

  3. I think the answer to question lies in whether u really care if the hair stylist cares about your hair or not…. 😝

  4. As a long time hairdresser I’ll speak from my own understanding about this. I want you to feel your best when you leave my chair and I also really enjoy my clients and their hair. I offer a service and charge accordingly and their repeat business is how I pay my bills. I suggest things to my clients because they want to know what’s best for their hair, I don’t push but I do suggest services and products that will help then achieve the hair they left the salon with. I educate each client about their hair and how to take care of it, if their hair looks good on a daily basis then I look good, it’s a win win for everyone. Not every stylist is out to sell you something and if you felt that way then why not find a new stylist who cares about you and your hair?

  5. As a professional, behind the chair, I would never tell a client they needed a cut if it were not the truth. I want them to trust me. Even when growing your hair you should ‘clean up’ the ends to keep them healthy and prevent breakage. If you wait until there already is damage then you’ll end up taking a step backwards in your overall goal of getting more length. I agree with … not every stylist is out to sell you. At least not the good ones!

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