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Thanks for getting me overly-attached

I have this friend at college who in the past few months has became way too important to me. And the worst part is that he’s overly nice, and overly happy, overly cheerful, and overly friendly and just makes me happy whenever he’s with me.

I also fought with him in January and cried over him tons and tons and that’s when I realized how much he means to me; much, much more than so many other people that I know.

What I usually get sad and disappointed about (and then start overthinking about) is that what if he eventually gets tired of me? What if he decides to get more ‘happening’ friends, or spend all the time he spends with me with people much more interesting? And then I realize that the amount of power his opinion has over me is ridiculous and I want to slap myself hard for getting this overly-attached; for making him matter so much to me when it might not even be two-way.

Right now, at this point, he is one of my favouritest people and I’m perfectly happy with that – What I’m not happy with is how could I let myself be so stupid as to become so overly-attached?

12 thoughts on “Thanks for getting me overly-attached

  1. Well, something just like this happened with me too, though my story didn’t end on happy note. But eventually I realised it’s all because I valued her more than myself……
    Having said that, your story could be different. Just don’t lose yourself……
    That’s all I learnt from my experience

  2. But he chose to hang out with you for a reason. If he’s all that cheerful and happy and lovable, he must know a ton of people. Still, he chose to hang out with you. You are the kind of interesting person he’d want to hang out with.

  3. This is so beautiful & very soon(by the end of the year) you’ll have a book that is based on same theme.I am working over a story based on friendship although my target is to get it publish near to friendship day.
    Stay connected with him as its easy to lose many things in life & hard to find real happiness. Stay blessed😇😊

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