Overcrowded Spaces and Happy Music!

Hi you guys! I had such an amazing night yesterday I think I’m going to cry while reliving it!

I went to watch The Vamps performing! (They’re one of my favouritesssssttttttt bands)

So, recently The Vamps collaborated with this Indian music producers duo called Vishal-Shekhar and released a song called Beliya (which I LOVE), please go listen to it and love it along with me :”)


After the release of this song, they made the best decision any band I love could ever make: They decided to come to India!

So, The Vamps are here, in the same city as me, breathing the exact same air and living in the very same timezone that I live in! (I don’t sound like a 20 year old any longer)

And thus I went and saw them! They performed at his place called The Hard Rock Cafe in Andheri(W) and I went by myself, but God, I had such a great, great, great time! Once they came and started singing, I was transformed into a squealing 13 year old hormonal girl and I have zero apologies for that.

The performance wasn’t as long as I’d want to see their perfect faces for ( ideally, all my life ), but but but, it was beautiful! I sang and screamed and took pictures and was so so content and proud of myself for going. Towards the end of their performance, James took of his shirt and blessed us all with his beautiful bod. Heaven x 69

Here are some of the pictures from my amazeballs night! ❤







3 thoughts on “Overcrowded Spaces and Happy Music!

  1. Woah GOD!!!! this is sooooooooooo amazing…….
    I can feel the energy….
    Must have been rocking.
    Even Coldplay is coming this November….
    Hope I’ll be able to make it to Mumbai this time….

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